Our Night At The UK Blog Awards 2017 As A Finalist!

Back in January it was announced that The Newhouse Family Blog had been chosen as a finalist in the UK Blog Awards 2017. Fast forwards to Friday night (21/04/17) and the big night had arrived! Full of nerves, and my nails painted for the first time in what feels like forever, we made our way to the luxurious Westminster Plaza Hotel in London for the most glamourous event of the blogging year.


I was a finalist in the Green and Eco Individual category alongside some other amazing blogs. Eco Fluffy Mama, Incredibusy, Thinking Country, HungryCityHippy, Tracing Green, Kate On Conservation and Make Wealth History.

The evening was sponsored by Odeon cinemas and the theme was Blog Hero’s and Heroines. Stepping into the venue, the lights were dimmed and a pop up cinema rolling trailers for the hottest upcoming movies were ready for viewing. Staff were busy bees buzzing around with free flowing drinks, popcorn, and nibbles. I allowed myself a glass of wine and then stuck to orange juice for the rest of the evening, due to being pregnant with baby number 4!

odeon cinemas ukba

After an hour of networking and chatting to some amazing other bloggers, posing for photo’s and enjoying the buffet, it was time for the awards ceremony to start. Check out all of the evenings winners and their awesome blogs here.

ukb programme

It quickly came round to my category, Green and Eco and I cannot deny that I was nervous. The winner for my category was announced as the lovely Tamsin from Eco Fluffy Mama, and I was so happy for her that I let out a rather loud ‘whoop!’, Tamsin fully deserved the award and I had been saying to several people in the lead up to the awards that I fully expected her to win it. I have been a follower of Eco Fluffy Mama for a few years now, and Tamsin truly is an inspiration.


After the awards had all been announced it was time for more food, drinks and posing for even more photographs. Unfortunately we couldn’t hang around for too long as we had a train to catch back to Bedfordshire, but we had time to grab our goody bags and take a steady stroll across Westminster Bridge soaking up the sights before catching our tube train back to Kings Cross.

We finally got home just after 1am, we were exhausted but still buzzing from a wonderful evening. I am hoping that we get to do it all over again next year… and I might even be able to take advantage of the free champagne next time!

We managed to have a quick look through our special goody bag before bed. Books, phone cases, emergency phone chargers, Festival essentials, sweets and even an adorable rubber duck. The coffee came in handy on the train home…


I would just like to take this moment to thank every single one of you who originally voted for me to be considered for an award, and again for those of you who all voted for me when I was announced as a finalist. A MASSIVE thank you for the judges Michael Perry (Plank Geek) and Janey Lee Grace (TV and Radio presenter) for all of the many hours you spent reading our blogs, judging and filling out forms. You did a fantastic job!

So… here’s to next year!



balloonHere are some of my favourite posts, that sum up 5 years of TheNewhouseFamily Blog! Oh, and this year we have been announced as FINALISTS in the UK Blog Awards. I must find a red-carpet worthy frock…

  1. I shocked my readers by declaring a toilet paper ban in my house! No Toilet Paper For 1 Year!
  2. We told our secret- How We Feed Our Family On £10 Per Week.
  3. You could have a baby on a zero budget if you followed my How To Have A Baby For Free guide!
  4. I tried to find the ingredients of a disposable nappy and got nowhere. I did eat a bit of one though. What IS In A Disposable Nappy? gnappies glen lassie
  5. The world saw my placenta, something which many mums admit they have never seen! My Heart Shaped Placenta.
  6. I created a collage with 40 women (and one man!) to show my readers how beautiful breastfeeding is. A Breastiful Collage.
  7. Jay and I stayed at Ox Pasture Hall Yorkshire for a romantic break away.
  8. We’ve become regular visitors and delivering write-ups for Gardener’s World Live, The Baby Show, The Natural History Museum and many local attractions.

    Outside there was a veggie patch to explore.
    Outside there was a veggie patch to explore.
  9. I encouraged ladies to think about their health in my article- Is Your PERIOD Poisoning You?
  10. Instagram got a little more attention, from TheNewhouseFamily’s Insta page!