3 Weeks Of Mental (Holidays, Trains, Hospitals and Babies)

Oh My Goodness! What a crazy couple of weeks. You may have noticed that there hasn’t been much activity on my blog or media pages recently. I’ve been a bit quiet on you all. So where have I been? Well… it’s been a crazy journey… literally.

Right now I am sat on the floor of a Virgin train traveling to Edinburgh. I am sat on the floor because I have my pram with me, containing a sleeping Jimmy. There are no seats available… it is rammed. It’s OK, I have good leg room and I don’t need to be sat next to some lovely-old-dear who just wants to chat to me for the next 4 hours. I’m quite happy with my corridor floor space.

Rewind 3 weeks. My husband was admitted to hospital for several days due to a really nasty infection in the veins down his right arm. That sucked. Then the day after he was discharged from hospital, Jimmy ended up in hospital too. We were taken in by ambulance, with flashy blue lights because his breathing went really weird. I was very, very scared. Then 3 days later we went off on holiday to Tyneside. While we were on holiday, we took a day trip up to Scotland to see my sister who was due her 1st born in a week’s time. We then spent the rest of the week getting some much needed relaxation time as a family. We played on the beach, went rock pooling, walked to lighthouses and around castles, we took trips to the museum and had a wander around the towns (or should that be Toons?)

We came home on the Friday and Saturday we were off out again to see 2 friends get married. It was NON-STOP. I then spent all of last week planning the school summer fete with my PTA minions. My sister decided to have her baby by complete (speedy) surprise on Tuesday. I couldn’t  get up to Scotland to see her because Wednesday was my 2nd born daughter’s 5th birthday, Thursday I was at Gardeners World Live in Birmingham, Friday was spent preparing the school for our fete, Saturday (yesterday) was our fete day and that brings us to today… where I am now on a 6 hour journey to Scotland to see my sister and my beautiful new niece. 

Phew… what a crazy couple of weeks. But I feel much better now for filling you all in (and explaining why I have been a little bit quiet on you all!). I am planning on traveling back on Tuesday. I can’t stay any longer as my poor husband is manning the fort (and child army) at home alone. But I am so so so excited to meet my first ever niece! It’s going to be a lovely few days, I can tell.

Forging A Home Your Family Can Love

Home life for any family can be a tricky thing to get just right. Most of all, you want to make sure that your family are as happy as possible in your home, and that can mean trying to keep quite a few people happy at once. Fortunately, there are certain factors you can consider which will make it much easier to keep everyone happy. Here, we will see what steps you can take to forge a family home which you will truly love.

Prioritize Comfort

If there is anything that most people want from their homes, it is to be comfortable. It is highly likely that your family want this as well, no matter their age. Of course, creating comfort in the home is always going to be important – but how can you actually make those changes which are going to help in the long run? As it happens, there are some essential little changes you can make which will soon add up to much more significant changes in the home. First of all, you might want to focus on everyone’s bedrooms. Treating everyone to Richard Haworth bed linen, or something of similar quality, is always a good start, as is ensuring that everyone has a bed which is suitable for their size. You’ll also want any shared living spaces to be comfortable, as this is something that affects everyone. Do that, and you are well on your way to a happier family home.

Allow Space

Everyone needs a little space to themselves, regardless of how close-knit the family unit actually is. If you want your family to be happy at home, make sure that there is plenty of space for each member. This means, first and foremost, that you don’t clutter up the home with furniture too much. But you also need to think about finding a way to make the most of each bedroom. These are important spaces for your family members, and paying attention to that will ensure that there is much less stress in the home in general. Make sure everyone feels that this is attended to – it will make a huge difference, and your family will be able to enjoy their time in the home much more as a result.

We have recently been on a huge decluttering journey. With less ‘stuff’ filling our home, more space has created. We all feel more relaxed and even if we are all sat in one room, we all have enough space to read/play/watch TV without getting in each other’s way.

Get Creative

It is also worth trying to make the home as personal as you can. Keeping it personal is a great way of making it much more of a communal space which makes sense for the whole family, so this is going to be essential. You might need to get a little creative in order to make this work, but it is the kind of project which everyone can enjoy together. Try to find unique and interesting ways of personalizing the space, and it is likely that everyone will feel much more at home in no time at all.

I love knitting and crochet. I really enjoy making blankets of all kinds to throw about the house. It doesn’t take me long to make a blanket or a throw, and YouTube can be great for beginners. It gives my house a vintage touch, personalises our home and gives it a real handmade-with-love feel.