Running A House Is Tough- So what happens when things don’t go to plan?

Running a household is no easy task for any of us. There is always something that needs managing, organising or simply just tidying away. But our homes are our sanctuaries and our biggest assets, so there is no surprise we want to ensure we take care of things, that means the finances, the interior and the exterior. So I thought I would share with you some of the things that could take you by surprise when it comes to running a household. Perhaps it will help you spot the warning signs in the future or better prepare ourselves.

Needing paperwork and not finding it

One of the biggest things we can be faced with is not being able to find something when we need it the most. That might be your driving license, your recent bill and account numbers, or simply something you want to pay or file away. This is when you could run into problems if you don’t have a filing system in place. Make it much easier to find those things by keeping them organised in a cupboard or filing them away in a folder or drawer. Next time you need that specific piece of paper or document, you will know exactly where to look. We recently had a good sort out of our paperwork (throwing away some payslips, near 10 years old!) and it’s surprising how much you clutter and collect. All our important stuff is now in appropriate folders, in a good strong storage box.

Appliances failing on you when you need them the most

Remote in washing machine
Which broke? The machine or the remote? One of my baby brain moments a few years ago.

Some of us can grow reliant on some of the appliances we have in our home, from a fridge for keeping food cool to your washing machine and kettle. They can all be necessary features of your home ,and too often we can take them for granted, that is until they break on us when we least expect. Don’t worry too much, as finances may not be in a position to fork out for those things places like Swift Money do have options you could consider. Or alternatively, think about an insurance plan that covers appliances and could be replaced under your plan. This may cost you each month but could be worth it in the long term.

Also, seriously consider what you really do need. We ditched our microwave because it was no longer being used. Save space and money for items that you really do need and love, and create a more clutter-free home by eliminating those items that you don’t need.

Missed communication

Being a family ensures that each one of it’s members has your own place to be and appointments to get to. Not to mention school runs, after school clubs and family time. When I’m not running errands I’m in the garden clearing space for our vegetables or I’m decorating the house. Sometimes things can happen when you don’t communicate with one another such as missed appointments and neglected groups. So get organised with everyone and have a wall calendar or planner to hand to ensure that you all stay up to date with times and where you need to be.

Batch cooking and meal planning

Too often we can all be guilty of heading to the shops and buying stuff we don’t need. This can cost us more than it should and can end up in a lot of food wastage. As you know, we are on a mission to grow our own food in our back garden which means things like batch cooking and meal planning will be more important to ensure we don’t waste any of our efforts. Things can get hectic during the week, so having a plan to ensure you all get a good healthy meal is a great tip to keep you on track. Plus it could save you quite a bit on your food shopping bill as well. We recently realised that we can food shop for £10 a week, or less… the key is definitely a good meal plan and sticking to it.


#BLOGTOBER DAY 6: Favourite Christmas Present Ever.

#Blogtober16. A post everyday through the month of October.

I remember as a 15 year old kid knowing about a week before Christmas that my nan and granddad (who I grew up with) had got me a mobile phone. I saw it through the plastic of a carrier bag one day as she came in off the bus shopping to Milton Keynes. I pretended that I didn’t see it. But I knew it was there. A Nokia 3310. I could text Kylie (my BFF) and play Snake all night long! I could have awesome monophonic ring tones, and be send those superb pixilated moving text messages. Life was good.

Image courtesy of an old Bizarre magazine from the dark depths of my house. The mag was full of these adverts.
Image courtesy of an old Bizarre magazine from the dark depths of my house. The mag was full of these adverts.

She hid it in her bedroom, under her bed. Pillow end to be exact. Don’t know how I would have known that. Nope. Not a clue.

Christmas morning came, and I was so excited. That was also the Christmas morning I puked on the bottom of the stairs, as I had eaten far too much crap the night before. I was hardcore. I ate breakfast and sat in front of the open fire in our front room (the front room was only for special days and guests, the rest of the year was spent in the old back room/ kitchen) preparing for the big reveal. I didn’t have to pretend to be surprised when I opened my present. It was the Nokia but I was just so pleased to have it in my hands my face spoke a thousand words of happiness. I got nan a new eyebrow pencil and granddad received an Airfix kit. If you were wondering.

I do remember a photo being taken of me sat at the dining table, holding up the Nokia in one hand and an orange Bacardi Breezer in the other. My first Xmas drink too. That was a special day. I don’t have the photo any more. I think my mum must have it. But I can still see it when I close my eyes.