3 Ways To Make Money – Without Starting Over

*Guest Post*

Cutting costs may be the fastest way to get your spending budget in-line, but it isn’t the only way to balance cash flow.  In addition to shaving spending obligations, increasing your household income can also correct financial shortfalls.

Each person faces unique financial concerns, responding to personal priorities and financial limitations.  When cash flow problems do set in, the causes are usually traced to one of two types of financial pressure.  Short-term inconsistencies, for instance, may call for a temporary income boost, until equilibrium is achieved.  While persistent, long-term budget problems may require more permanent solutions.  Whichever difficulty presents itself, use these and other money-making ideas to reclaim your financial health.

Create Passive Cash Flow 

Making money without putting-in hard work leads to increased cash flow, without expanding your time commitments.  And while it may be easier said than done, it is possible to generate hands-off income – even as you sleep.

The key to successfully orchestrating passive income opportunities is recognizing your limitations and knowing up-front what you’re getting into.  Real estate, for example, typically isn’t a passive income source, unless all of the work is left to property management professionals.  Unfortunately, hiring-out landlord services also undermines profitability, quickly eating-up buy-to-let investment income.  Online sales, on the other hand, can yield side income, without constant monitoring. 

If yours is like most UK households, your living and storage spaces are cluttered with unneeded belongings.  To generate quick cash, consider selling-off things you seldom use, and then apply the proceeds to correct cash flow inconsistencies. Collectibles, clothing, niche products, and your own one-of-a-kind creations can attract attention (and buyers), using sites like eBay to stimulate sales.  If volume warrants it, fulfilling orders through your own website can streamline the process and save money on third-party seller fees.

Act Like an Entrepreneur

Launching your own start-up business presents unlimited upside potential, but there is substantial risk associated with most independent ventures.  If are a self-starter, backed by a sound business plan, you may be able to wade-in slowly, getting your feet wet without major financial commitments.  Even if you generate only modest returns during the early days of your upstart money-maker, adding income is a step in the right direction. 

When it is time to go “all-in”, you may need outside capital to get your fledgling venture off the ground.  In addition to crowd funding and other alternative financing options, online resources highlight loans and terms offered by various lenders, presenting several forms of personal and business financing.  Bring a strong credit score for the best results landing conventional terms, or expect to pay higher rates for loans carrying greater lender risk.

Learn More to Earn More

Your earning potential is closely tied to your knowledge and abilities.  As a result, expanding your skill set can result in higher pay.  Do you have opportunities to move up the ladder with your present employer?  Does your human resources department offer funds for education and training? Are you the “go-to” problem solver in your organization? 

Reflecting on these and other considerations can help you shape your career path for maximum earnings.  Staying in close contact with hiring managers and supervisors, for instance, gives you the inside track on job openings and promotions.  And if your employer reimburses education expenses, there is no good reason to pass-up the opportunity to boost your earning power.  For the most direct path to prosperity, model your education after successful contemporaries, earning the credentials obtained by those in desirable positions.

When your personal finances fall out of balance, there are two ways to address the problem.  Cutting costs, of course, can help offset spending overages, but trimming your budget isn’t the only way to make ends meet.  Earning a higher personal income can be combined with money saving moves for maximum effect.  And under the right circumstances, a side venture or start-up gives you a run at unlimited earning potential.

WHATS YOUR FOBA? That’s Fear Of Being Away, by the way!

We plan a nice holiday, pack our bags, jump on the plane and then a terrible case of the FOBA’s hit you hard. Did you leave the oven on? Are the bins out? Did you leave enough cat food for your neighbour to feed Tiddles with? All of those ‘What-If’s’ and ‘Did-I’s’ race through your mind.

FOBA- Fear Of Being Away. What’s my FOBA? Other than wondering if I left the windows open (and coming home to a burgled house/squatters/a cold pad), I always have a mad panic about my cats trashing my house plants. Probably not up there on the Family Fortunes leader table, but that’s it. When we came home from Cornwall the cats had tipped over my windowsill propagator and turned the big house plant upside down. My brother-in-law was popping over to feed them, so we could only assume it happened just after he closed the door for the last time on cat sitting duties. SOIL.WAS.EVERYWHERE. I shudder thinking about it now.

Panasonic have my back. The all new Smart Home monitoring system can give me a care free summer holiday, giving me more time to relax. The Smart Home system is easy to install and is simple to operate, all controlled via your smart phone. So instead of searching for Pokémon while on holiday, keep an eye out for burglars or your worst FOBA scenario from erupting. There’s no monthly subscription fee, and you can adapt the set up to extend and suit your home.

The Panasonic Smart Home system features include controlling your lights from your phone (The police recommend leaving a light on at home to deter burglars while your away). You can keep an eye on 4 cameras at once and even take snap shots or start recording at the touch of a button.

So, do a Dave. Take a care free holiday this year and leave your FOBA’S at home (with the cat).