WHATS YOUR FOBA? That’s Fear Of Being Away, by the way!

We plan a nice holiday, pack our bags, jump on the plane and then a terrible case of the FOBA’s hit you hard. Did you leave the oven on? Are the bins out? Did you leave enough cat food for your neighbour to feed Tiddles with? All of those ‘What-If’s’ and ‘Did-I’s’ race through your mind.

FOBA- Fear Of Being Away. What’s my FOBA? Other than wondering if I left the windows open (and coming home to a burgled house/squatters/a cold pad), I always have a mad panic about my cats trashing my house plants. Probably not up there on the Family Fortunes leader table, but that’s it. When we came home from Cornwall the cats had tipped over my windowsill propagator and turned the big house plant upside down. My brother-in-law was popping over to feed them, so we could only assume it happened just after he closed the door for the last time on cat sitting duties. SOIL.WAS.EVERYWHERE. I shudder thinking about it now.

Panasonic have my back. The all new Smart Home monitoring system can give me a care free summer holiday, giving me more time to relax. The Smart Home system is easy to install and is simple to operate, all controlled via your smart phone. So instead of searching for Pokémon while on holiday, keep an eye out for burglars or your worst FOBA scenario from erupting. There’s no monthly subscription fee, and you can adapt the set up to extend and suit your home.

The Panasonic Smart Home system features include controlling your lights from your phone (The police recommend leaving a light on at home to deter burglars while your away). You can keep an eye on 4 cameras at once and even take snap shots or start recording at the touch of a button.

So, do a Dave. Take a care free holiday this year and leave your FOBA’S at home (with the cat).

You Must Read This Post Before Buying A Family Car

Family car buying can be a drag. Unfortunately, when you have kids, there’s no way to avoid it. You’re going to need a vehicle to drive everyone around in. So, it’s time to head out and shop around for the most suitable one.

Before you rush into any purchases, make sure you consider all of the things in the guide below:

Safety First

The first thing to consider is safety. No ifs or buts, your family car needs to be safe. My advice is to check out the safety rating of any car you’re looking at. You can do this online, and it takes a couple of minutes, so it’s not difficult. Then, you should look at the safety features of the car. These days, cars are built with so much cool tech bundled inside. There are so many things that come together to make a car much safer than one bought a decade ago. For this reason, there’s a big argument for buying a new family car. However, you can still get ones from a couple of years ago that have top class safety technology. Either way, check the safety features, and make sure you’re buying a safe car.

Look At The Tyres

If you’re buying a used car, then you have to look at the tyres. Car tyres are very important, especially in a family car. Buy a car with the wrong set, and it can be unsafe to drive. What you’re looking for is signs of general wear and tear. If the tread is too worn down, then you’ll need new tyres for the car. Also, check that they fit the car properly. Some people buy tyres online and fit them to a car themselves. Often, they pick the wrong size, and it can impact comfort and safety. Make sure you check the tyres and wheels before you purchase a used family car. Sometimes, you can pay for one and then have to pay loads more to sort out tyre issues. The problem with choosing a car and not checking tyres is that it can cost you lots of additional money.

Size Matters

When it comes to buying a family car, size really does matter. You can’t buy a car that’s too small, or it defeats the purpose! It has to be big enough for you and all your kids. This way, you can fit everyone inside it and go on family cruises. Plus, it makes the school run a lot easier if your car is big enough for all your kids. You can do it in one go, without the worry of separate trips. When looking at cars, take a look at the number of seats. Be careful, some cars will only have four seats when you think they have five. Be on the lookout and ensure you make the right purchase.

Make sure you take all three of these things into consideration before buying your family car. Believe me; you need to make the right decision here! Put safety above everything else and get a car that you can afford.