Silver Cross Wayfarer Review

We love reviewing pushchairs, and with another baby on the way (due September!) my mind has been wandering to which pushchair we would like for this new baby. A few years ago I was lucky enough to work with a popular parenting magazine reviewing pushchairs, but it occurred to me that despite running the review in the press I had never actually published a review on my blog!

Silver Cross Wayfarer

The Silver Cross Wayfarer is a popular choice of pram for many parents to be. The 1980’s version of the Wayfarer proved to become a very popular model, it was the best selling pushchair of it’s era. But is the new re-model just as practical, stylish and well quite frankly, as useful as the original? 


Looks are Important

The Silver Cross Wayfarer has some fantastic features. The pushchair looks exceptional, and can be customised with different colour hood and apron sets. The whole look of the pushchair has been very well thought out. There is wonderful detail on the whole system, such as the leather coverings on the handlebar and bumperbar, chrome on the handlebar and hood. Small decorative studs can be found on the foot-muff and carrycot cover, which simply catches the eye without being in-your-face. The pushchair can be used with a carrycot, car seat or seat, depending on the age of your child. With whatever you choose to put your baby in, the pram remains looking sleek and beautiful. Nothing is clunky and the whole design is sleek and looks very stylish. This pram is certainly for parents who want style as well as practicality when out and about with baby. The Silver Cross Wayfarer is available in 5 colours- black, sand, vintage red, vintage pink, vintage blue and finally, silver.

Carry Cot

For newborn babies, you can use a carrycot on the pram chassis. The carrycot comes with a lovely white mattress, and soft white sides which all easily zips on and off for cleaning. The carrycot mattress is firm yet comfortable and thick enough for baby to sleep in for a long time, such as overnight sleeping. We used the carrycot when staying over night with the in-laws and while baby is small it makes the perfect makeshift travel cot! When baby was asleep and the weather outside was bad, I could easily disconnect the carrycot from the chassis and bring baby inside to continue her nap. A very comfortable safe place for baby to sleep!

silvercrosswayfarercarrycot An extra handy feature is that the carry cot also can be folded flat for those that need a space saving option, and it folds back up again in seconds. Great when storage space is short! The carrycot also has a safety bar that sits across the carrycot. The carrycot cover has magnets inside the flap so it folds over the safety bar and is held down in place without the need for fiddly poppers or buttons.

The Chassis and Basket

 The chassis/frame is very easy to fold and unfold. When used with a carrycot, the carrycot must be removed before folding the frame. This is easily done with simple clicks of buttons either side of the frame. Just simply lift the carrycot off of the chassis in an upright motion and the two shall separate.

The chassis folds exceptionally well, and folds away small. To fold the chassis, simply push a button on the  side of the handlebar and loop your fingers through the folding-hoops (I have no other way to describe this!) and slide your fingers up, and the frame will fold. This is a very easy manoeuvre and is easy and fast to do! The chassis is lightweight and easy to fold down… ideal when looking for any pushchair. Great news for the Wayfarer.

The shopping basket is extremely generous on size and can hold lots of shopping securely. I managed to do a few food shops in town and fill the basket with all of my goodies. Nothing fell out either- bonus! The handle bar height is adjustable and this is managed by squeezing a trigger on the top of the handlebar. There are 4 heights to choose from- great if you’re short like me but your hubby is tall!

Despite looking chic and stylish, the wheels are very small and smooth, meaning that travelling over rough ground becomes tricky work. The small wheels are suited to town and city life, but once hitting anything remotely rural the wheels seem to catch and collect the slightest bit of mud and clog up. Don’t even attempt gravel!


The seat is suitable from when your child is around 6 months of age, and up to 25kg (around 3 years of age). The seat has a wonderful harness, that sits between baby’s legs, around their waist and over both shoulders. It simply clicks into safety with ease and is released by pushing the round button that holds the harness points into place. You do need to push with some force to release the buckles, but this is certainly a good thing. You don’t want baby getting themselves out of their seat mid-walk!

When using the seat on the chassis it can be rear or forwards facing. I prefer rear facing for young children because can talk to baby about our surroundings, encouraging speech and language development! The seat can be changed from forward to rear facing within seconds, but clicking small switches either side of the chassis and lifting the pram in a smooth upright motion. Turn the seat and simply click back into place. Easy 🙂 The seat is quite deep and holds a baby’s bottom in place comfortably. Some pushchairs that I have seen or reviewed, the seat has been very shallow and my girls have looked rather unbalanced.

The Hood

silvercross wayfarer review

The hood has 3 positions when in use and simply just clicks up and down to whichever position you choose. The hood stays in place well, even in strong winds. There is also a UV cover inside of the hood (this is the silver lining) and stops harms sunrays from getting to your baby. When folded back, the hood sits nice and flat against the seat and doesn’t seem too bulky. I would have liked to have seen a viewing visor inside of the hood, to check on baby when outwards facing, although this wasn’t much of a thought for me as I tend to always have baby forwards facing anyway.

In Summary

I think the pushchair had potential to be fantastic in every way, if the designers had not skimped on a few of its design features. I loved the way the pushchair looked- very modern, yet remained beautiful (as if we  ever expected none less from Silver Cross). The pushchair was fantastic when used with the carrycot for baby. It caught the attention of many eyes, and was super easy to push around the shops and through my home town of Milton Keynes when visiting family) but unfortunately the pram suddenly became hard work when used a pushchair for our toddler on board. When I fitted the pram seat and my 2 year old had taken her place the chassis felt rather flimsy. It struggled when going up and down curbs from the weight of her (and she isn’t a big baby at all). At times, I was concerned that the chassis was going to bend and break. For people who would mostly use the pushchair in shopping malls or on smooth pavements, it would be an all-round excellent buggy, but unfortunately for the area we live in, it gave us a little more than a workout!


Rate this model out of 5 for:

Value: 3

Practicality: 3

Quality: 4

Style: 5

Overall:  4

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Simplicity At Bed Time For The Kids

At the end of last year you may have read my thoughts on our new Smart Advance double mattress from Vegas Mattresses. We were very impressed and our quality of sleep has greatly improved since making the switch. Our 4 year old was then given the same treatment with her Bounce mattress, also by Vegas. She too was as equally impressed with her new bed. She has been sleeping much better and waking up less grouchy (she has never been a morning person!)

Now it’s Olive’s turn. Out went the old sprung mattress that had been her place of rest for the last year and a half (it was second hand, belonging to her uncle first). Whilst she  hasn’t used it that much it seemed nice to treat her to something new -for once- and let her enjoy her own ‘new mattress experience’. Olive was lucky enough to snuggle up into bed on an all new Smart Simplicity mattress from Vegas. For a 3 year old, this was a very big (and very grown up) deal indeed.


First of all, the mattress arrives shrink wrapped and needs 48 hours to puff up. This makes delivery really easy and doesn’t take up a ton of room in your hallway whilst you build a new bed, finish decorating or rearrange a bedroom etc. Just make sure you leave enough room somewhere for it to expand for the time needed, where kids will resist the temptation to lay on it as soon as it is out of the box!

Because the mattress is shrink wrapped I was nervous to open it, fearing that I was going to slice the mattress open when cutting it free or that it would instantly spring out across the room in some kind of slapstick comedic manner. Neither happened. The Vegas Smart Bounce comes with a handy opening too, a protected blade which cuts the plastic, but keeps the blade well away from the precious mattress inside.

The clever Vegas mattress opening tool!
The clever Vegas mattress opening tool!

Once open, the mattress didn’t leap out for freedom at all. It just stayed… well, flat. Now I understand why it needs to long to fill up with air before use. It was amazing how full the mattress became, once ready for use. It was hard to believe that it was so thin just 48 hours ago. Pretty impressive.

Super slim and shrink wrapped.
Super slim and shrink wrapped.

A few specifications…

The Smart Simplicity Mattress is available in a single size and measures 90cm x 190cm. The springless mattress is made from state of the art Smartflex material and is hypoallergenic. The mattress is protected by a very clever cover which unzips with ease into 2 halves (more on this further down) and is made from an antistatic material. Once the mattress has puffed up, it becomes 14cm deep and has a firm feel.

The Smart Simplicity mattress by Vegas.
The Smart Simplicity mattress by Vegas.

And when in use….

The mattress fit nicely onto our bedframe (a simple set of bunk beds) and our cotton bedding sat nicely onto the mattress material, with no slipping around. Something that we actually had problems with on her old mattress. The Smart Simplicity is a firm mattress that supports well during sleep. It took her a few nights to get used to it, saying that it felt strange but for a 3 year old she understood well when we explained to her that it often does take a little while to get used to a new mattress.

On the 3rd night she declared proudly that she preferred it to her old mattress because she didn’t feel like she was “getting swallowed by a monster”. I think she was trying to say that her old mattress was sagging and she was sinking further into it each night. Winning!

Cleaning the mattress…

Olive has been very good in big girl pants since she was potty trained a week before her second birthday, and she very rarely has wet accidents at night. But when the dreaded December sick bug hit our household she ended up having one. She was so poorly bless her that it was bound to happen. The very clever designers of Vegas mattresses have created a mattress cover (across the whole mattress range) that simply zips on and off. This means that you can wash one half of the cover in your washing machine, while you sleep on the clean side. It also allows you to wash the cover safely without cramming a lot of material into your machine at once, which can risk damaging the item during the wash. The Vegas covers can be washed at 60*c and is also tumble drier safe.


The mattress cover is also really thick, which keeps the mattress inside very well protected. When Olive had her accident, it wasn’t a small one. The cover didn’t allow any moisture to seep through and the mattress itself remained completely dry, leaving the cover to be washed and put back on (without a care in the world!).

In conclusion…

She has been using the mattress for a few weeks now and her sleep has improved. We are finding that she seems to be getting into a deeper sleep and sleeping for longer periods at a time. Although actually getting her to fall asleep still remains a military operation (Eugh- why do kids do this?!).

The mattress covers have been removed and washed a couple of times due to a few different reasons and with each wash they still hold their shape and we have had no bobbling or weak spot issues. Wonderful!

The Smart Simplicity mattress is currently £149 as Vegas have a super sale on their whole mattress range. The Simplicity normally retails at £199. Visit the Vegas mattresses website to place your order.

As I mentioned above, we also reviewed some other mattresses from Vegas. Check out our thoughts on the Smart Bounce single and the Smart Advance double.

Vegas simplicity review
Vegas simplicity review


*The kind team from Vegas did supply us with mattresses in exchange for honest reviews of their products.*