Meet Poppy The Kitten

We rehomed a little black kitten 4 weeks ago called Boo! (You may have seen my post about her).

Well, this week we decided that Boo! needed a friend. Meet …. POPPY!



She’s just a week younger than Boo! And they love each other to pieces. Constantly playing around the house. You would think that we have a couple of fairy elephants as pets at times!


We Have A New Baby

Her name is Boo!!

She’s 8 weeks old, jet black and very very fluffy!!

Baby Boo joined our family last week and she has settled in puuuuurfectly!
She’s the first cat that we’ve adopted as a family even though I have had cats my whole life, except for these last few years whilst we lived in rented accommodation.
We chose the name Boo! because we picked her up at Halloween and being an all black cat , she’s quite spooky!!

The kids love her and are so behaved with her, but I most definitely think her favourite human is my hubby Jay! She won’t leave him alone 🙂

So, here she is…. SHES SO FLUFFFFYYYY!!