Build a kitty playground with Poopy Cat

Sometimes something awesome happens to you. And when that something awesome involves playing with cats, it gets even more awesome. Because you know, cats are quite brilliant.

Poopy Cat Blocks review

Poopy Cat allows you to build your very own dream playhouse for cats. You simply build the blocks by folding and clicking them into shape, then stack the blocks in any way you wish to create a unique and super-fun play space for your feline friends. The blocks feature holes for the cats to climb through, slides to whizz down and bridges to cross, all simply made from extra strong recycled cardboard. A great 100% biodegradable eco-friendly product that has a reduced environmental impact, unlike may other conventional cat towers.

At first, I really did giggle at the idea of a cat toy made from cardboard. But it makes sense. When I purchased out last cat tower our kitties just sniffed the toy and then spent the next hour playing with the darn box the product came in. The tower has not been touched since.  Cats love boxes. We’ve all seen the ‘I fits I sits’ memes, so it stands to reason that any product marketed for cats, made of cardboard is going to be a winner.

poopy cat review

We had great fun setting up the Poopy Cat BLOCKS, spending just over an hour folding, clicking, batting off cats (and babies) and playing what felt like a giant game of Tetris making our own Cat-Castle design. The Poppy Cat kit contains a specific block that you can pop out the perforated cardboard so you can write a short word on the box. We noticed that the kit suggested the word CAT, but we decided to go with PURR. What would have suited our cats better may have been t**ts, but we have kids so we thought better of it.

Straight away our cats swarmed the completed tower. They were exploring the structure, climbing through all of the tunnels, batting each other on the head with swift paws emerging from hidden holes, and even our dog got involved… and was quickly told to hiss off by the cats. It was their fort now! The Poopy Cat kit is designed to beat boredom, stop unwanted bad behaviour, exercise your cat and create a safe space for your cat, as cats love to be up high with a good view, but hidden away in a quiet space. Or on your face. But you can’t comfortably fit your face into the box. Don’t try it. I did and I hurt my ears.

Poopy Cat BLOCKS are designed to be rebuilt again and again, so if you feel a change just take it apart and rebuild it in any new design that takes your fancy. The basic kit comes with 2x beams, 2x cubes, 1x tunnel, 1x bridge, 1x slide and a pack of 56 connectors all made of extra strong, biodegradable and even compostable cardboard.

poopy cat tower

If you fancy adding to your grand design Poopy Cat even sell canal forts (yes, really!), scratching posts, hammocks and soft sleepers. I have grand plans to fill our spare bedroom entirely with Poopy Cat BLOCKS to create a mega-fort, but sadly my husband has suggested that our baby has the room instead. Kill joy.

Because the kit is made of cardboard, you can decorate the boxes however you wish too. Jay wants to get his paints out and create a master-piece, I cant wait to see what he comes up with.

The basic Poopy Cat BLOCKS playhouse kit is £34.95 and is available from the Poopy Cat website. Check out their website for inspiration for building your own Poopy Cat Tower of Awesomeness!

poopy cat


Puddles The Homeless Kitten

On the 14th of November a lady found a fluffy kitten covered in mud, starved to death and eating dirt. The kitten was found by the train station and was near to death. The lady posted onto Facebook if anyone knew who the kitten belonged to, or if someone could help her find a temporary home until the possible owners came forwards.

The night that she was found
The night that she was found

Fast forwards over a week and a half, a massive vets bill, and a ceiling high pile of medication later, and the kitten has found a permanent home. WITH US.

The Saturday night that the kitten was found we offered to take her in with us just until she found a home. It was 10 pm and I stood in the middle of the street during a gale waiting for the lady to bring her to me. It was freezing cold and the winds were blowing at 50mph. We did not realise quite how unwell she would be. She was flea ridden and blood was in here eyes and around her little nose, that despite her grubby appearance was the most beautiful pink you would ever see. Every time she opened her bowels, she was passing bright red blood.

We were unsure if she was blind, and she was still very weak.

She spend Sunday curled up in her bed, unwilling to meet us. She was very scared and so fragile. She was eating well, but her tummy was bloated despite her bones being very visible through her fluff.

Monday morning I rushed her to the vets in town. She had a bleed behind her right eye and we were unsure if her sight or eye would be saved. Her eye was massively swollen and not reacting to light at all. Blood was also found in her ear and her head was tender. The vet was convinced she had been kicked in the head. She was lucky to be alive.  This makes my blood boil. I thought she was only about 6 weeks old, but the vet recons she was more like 12 weeks old, but just tiny because she was starved.

We went to the vets for the second time 3 days later and her eye is now reacting to light, and slightly less swollen (we have yet another appointment on Friday to see if the swelling has gone down anymore), the blood had drained from the back of the eye, she had put on weight, and all clear of fleas. Although she was still passing blood and round-worms in her faeces.

She is currently still on antibiotics and an armful of other medications, but she is happy and playing! The difference is amazing. Some kind soul anonymously posted £20 through our door addressed to ‘The found kitten’. That made me cry. There are some good folk around!

She's a happy kitten now!
She’s a happy kitten now!

I doubt anyone will come forwards for her now, and I’m sure I wouldn’t hand her over either. How anyone would toss a 12 week old kitten on the street, and KICK her is beyond me. She most certainly would not have survived the night, if she hadn’t been found on that Saturday. We have spent a lot of money out of our own pocket that we couldn’t really afford, but we just could not see her homeless. She now has a happy life at ours, sleeping on our bed and playing with our other 2 cats Poppy and Boo. This is her home now, and none of us would have it any other way.

she's a completely different cat now!
she’s a completely different cat now!

Have you ever rescued an animal? Let me know in the comments below.