Cats V Dogs: Who Will Win?!

Cat V Dog? Will we ever have a true answer? Probably not. I own 1 dog and 3 cats. Cats outnumber dogs in our home, but who realllly is my favourite? It’s a close call.

This is just a short list of why dogs are way better than cats, and a few reasons why cats are better than dogs (Just because I am so indecisive).  Yeah ok, cats are cute but is a dog a far more superior pet? It’s never going to be an easy choice, is it?

Just for the record, if your family doesn’t have at least one of these pets then you are seriously missing out!  Children and mums need a best friend so consider your options. (Buy a dog, I mean cat, I mean dog…)

Ding! Ding!

1: A dog is known as man’s best friend for a reason.  They have a connection to us like no other animal.  They can communicate through expression and understand our emotions.  They feel with us.  Unlike cats.  Cats are the opposite.  They are disdainful and independent, unless they want something.  Then they love you.  If you don’t give them what they want? They will find someone else to love. Cats just f**k off for a few days, act like nothings wrong and love you to death (for food). Poopy Cat Blocks review

  1. Dogs are natural protectors and will want to keep their family safe.  Unlike a cat, who will happily be protected, but doesn’t really care what is happening to you.  You are just a handy feeder.  Although you aren’t the only one. I’ve seen them flirting with the neighbour, praying for food.
  2. Dogs very rarely do horrible things.  Ok so they might do that strange thing with their bums, but even when they fart they look instantly full of remorse.  You cat will happily cough up a hairball on your dining table and then look at you whilst it cleans its behind.
  3. Cats don’t care if you buy them a new bed.  In fact they will go out of their way not to use it.  Whereas you hounds go wild for personalised dog beds and will show you how happy they are by rolling over and wagging their tails whilst IN their bed.  Happy dogs. See that nice pile of clean, ironed and folded laundry… yeah, Cat wants that bed. That’s the best bed. They don’t care if you’re covered in hair for the important office meeting in the morning.
  4. A dog will love you every single day.  A cat will love you when it is hungry.  That is it. There’s a definite food/love theme here.
  5. Ever seen the dog videos of soldiers coming home from war and being greeted in the most awesome way?  Ever seen a cat video like that? No.  Because a cat will look at you and say “Oh, did you even go away? I didn’t notice” then saunter off.  Probably towards the kitchen.
  6. A dog thinks it’s Christmas every time you feed him something.  It doesn’t even matter if it is a corner of your sandwich.  You will be his best friend in the whole world forever. scrapper2
  7.  Your children need a loyal friend and with a dog, they will have just that.  You need one too, especially if you are a stay at home mum.  Finally someone will be there to witness the 10 million things you do in the day! Cats just walk all over the kitchen surface that I anti-bac’d 10 minutes ago.
  8. Dogs have a huge range of interests and games.  But one of those isn’t dragging in the dead body of their latest victim and then putting it in the exact place you lay your foot first thing in the morning.  You think a cat doesn’t plan that stuff?  You’re wrong.

Cat v Dog? Whos better? DOG. There.  Conclusive.  Get a dog and your whole life will be much better.  

I feel kinda guilty for saying that….

#BLOGTOBER DAY 11: My Favourite Type Of Animal

Today’s #Blogtober16 question asks ‘What is my favourite type of animal?’

Oh. This is hard. I don’t know. I love all of them. Genuinely, I really do. Even the ones I actually hate, I still love them (spiders for example). They all have a job to do and we should respect them for that. Although I do hate wasps. Why do they exist?! I still couldn’t hurt one though. I did once and I still feel guilty.

I have cats, dogs and chickens at home. So I am biased when it comes to those 3. I also have a great history with horses and they join the top 4.

Our little Scrapper.
Our little Scrapper.

Animals are amazing beings. They are kinder than humans, they commit no sins, they never speak ill of anyone and they shall forever be loyal (except for cats. Cats are b*****ds). This is why we decided to stop eating meat nearly 2 years ago. We couldn’t justify eating our mates any more. My chickens are my mates, and I could never eat them.

My 2 dogs love me to pieces. Suzie is naughty but she’s still a baby. Scrapper is the most loyal dog around. He’s amazing with the kids too and always has their backs. The cats just look cute, but they do smash a lot of stuff. Our Poppy was a model once and she has never dropped her Diva status. The chickens… well they give us eggs every day, in return for cuddles. It’s a winner all over really.