Keep Your Dog’s Coat Looking Fresh

Dogs are beautiful creatures, and make incredible pets. They’ll be your new best friend and never leave your side. – You should do the same for them, and that includes taking care of them because they can’t always do that themselves.

Our boy Scrap. Photo: Keith Newhouse / photoplatform

One way you can take good care of them is by making sure their coat is healthy. Not only will they look great, but they’ll feel even better.

Whether your dog’s fur is long or short, smooth or coarse, you want to do all you can to make it look as luxurious and ravishing as can be. Shiny hair means healthy hair. Here’s what you need to do.


There are so many different types and brands of dog food out there, it’s hard to know which one to believe. Most of them all claim to do different things, while believe it or not, they all contain similar ingredients. When buying their food, make sure you do the right research based on their breed, age, size and any other health factors that may be relevant.

Fleas and Ticks

Take the appropriate steps to prevent fleas and ticks working their way into your animal’s fur. Tick and flea treatment for dogs consists of medication, ointments, shampoos and pills. Keeping them away from your pups will give your dog a stress-free life from constant itching, redness and swelling, meaning the fur can grow naturally how it should, without any disturbance. We get tailored flea, tick and worm treatment on prescription from our Vet. Scrapper is weighed so we know the exact right dosage, perfect for him.

If you find a tick in your dogs fur, don’t try to remove it yourself. The tick’s head could be left under your dog’s skin and cause serious infection or disease. Take your dog to your vet, where they will be able to remove the tick safely and quickly.


If your dog is allergic to something, it may affect their skin and fur because of all the scratching. The more they scratch, the more the skin becomes tender, resulting in damaged tissue which will prevent normal hair growth, leaving it looking thin and unattractive. Bathing, shampooing and conditioning can help with this, but you should go to the vets and figure out what the real cause of the allergy is. That way you will have more of an idea on how to treat the problem.


Regularly brushing your dog’s fur will help distribute their natural oils back into their skin. Brushing will also help remove any loose or tangled fur that if left, can end up in hair loss from knotting. Make sure you don’t just use any old brush though; there are different types depending on your dog’s fur type and length. Another wonderful benefit is that it creates a bonding moment between you and your buddy, which is, in doggy terms, known as grooming. You may find that your pal licks you as you brush their fur – this is them grooming you back. I like to brush Scrappers fur outside in the summer,if possible! If I end up brushing him inside, I know that I need to have our pet hair friendly vacuum cleaner at the ready!

Our little Scrapper.

As you can see, keeping your dog’s coat beautiful will not only benefit their fur, but their general health too. This will also keep your dog’s stress levels down because they don’t have any irritation or discomfort. Stress itself will cause your dog to gnaw away at their fur, so as long as you do all you can to bring up a happy pup that gets plenty of exercise, water and lots of love, there’s no reason they won’t grow up to be a stunning stallion with a coat that you could only ever dream of.


4 New Babies Join Our Family

Not human babies!

On Olives birthday 24 days ago, we placed 6 fertile eggs (gifted from a friend and fellow bantam owner) under 1 of our hens who had gone broody. Fast forward to July 4th and our little eggs started to hatch!

Just hatched!

From the 6 eggs under her, 4 eggs hatched out the tiniest, fluffiest and darn well cutest little chicks ever. It was a bit hit and miss as to how many would actually incubate correctly and even hatch. Just 2 days after our foster broody hen started sitting on the eggs, our large and cumbersome White Sussex Hen also wanted to play mum. They shared the role, both sitting on the eggs at once.

Now the chicks have hatched, both hens have taken perfectly to sharing motherhood. It’s an interesting set up, but all 4 chicks are doing wonderfully!

Breakfast time.

Have you thought about keeping hens? They are a super easy pet to keep and they are so friendly with the kids. Hatching chicks may not be for everyone, but luckily for us, we are in a perfect position to allow the odd batch of chicks to arrive. Who can resist these fluffy bundles of cuteness?!

Do you keep chickens? Let me know in the comments box.