Maltesers Are Just A Big Arse

So, Maltesers have a new chocolaty snack out and available to buy… Simply called ‘Teasers’.

Maltesers Teasers

Is it just me or does the image that they have chosen to put on the packaging look like the imprint of a mans bum and his tackle? Almost as if he has had a cast made of his rear, just for us ladies to nibble on? Maybe that is the REAL reason they are called ‘Teasers’.

Nope… Just me!?


The ‘Removed-Off-Air’ 2013 Easter Bunny Aldi Advert

As some of you who follow my blog closely know that I have done a few product reviews in the past for Aldi, and I have always liked and respected Aldi, So I must admit I am a bit baffled about the new Easter advert being removed from air, as of noon today (14. March 2013). I had not even seen the advert on TV, but found it on Youtube and had to watch it via there.

Aldi UK posted on their Facebook page earlier:

”Thank you to everyone for their comments and feedback about our Chocolate Bunny TV advert.

Our Like Brands adverts are always meant to be light-hearted and humorous, and we support all endeavours to protect animal welfare.

We love hearing from you and value your feedback. We never intended to cause any offence, and after listening to your thoughts and feelings, we will be removing the advert from air. It will not be broadcast again after noon tomorrow.

Thanks again for posting and sharing your views. We’ll take your opinions on board when planning our future adverts.”

Personally, I can not quite see what the uproar was about. I am also not quite sure what the complaints made were. I must be missing something here surely!?

Here is the advert…. Enjoy!  and let me know what YOU think 🙂