Frank Carter Relentless Energy Drink Advert

As a housewife, my day mostly consists of picking up toys, wiping snotty noses and hoovering. But imagine my delight, when I look up at the telly (during an ad break from This Morning, a small luxury that I watch while my 14 month old takes a nap!) and what do I see???? Frank Carter (ex Gallows singer- and the second love of my life) doing a Relentless energy drink advert.


Any of my punky lady friends will know I’m a little bit in love with the cheeky ginger. I even have a half sleeve down my left arm tattooed with some of his artwork from the Gallows, Grey Britain album. Conclusion….. Happy housewife.

watch it here


Maltesers Are Just A Big Arse

So, Maltesers have a new chocolaty snack out and available to buy… Simply called ‘Teasers’.

Maltesers Teasers

Is it just me or does the image that they have chosen to put on the packaging look like the imprint of a mans bum and his tackle? Almost as if he has had a cast made of his rear, just for us ladies to nibble on? Maybe that is the REAL reason they are called ‘Teasers’.

Nope… Just me!?