Welcome Home Betty- The Vintage Folding Caravan

This weekend we made a huge decision as a family, to purchase a caravan. We had been looking for one for a few months, keeping our eye’s peeled on various selling pages and websites and nothing suitable caught our eye. Until Friday night. An advert on the selling page Shpock popped up, showing a beautiful and well looked after retro folding caravan. Meet Betty La Boheme, isn’t she unique?!

Now, we are a large family of 6 and this caravan is a 3 berth. It has been modified inside to only fit a double bed, as originally there would have been a double and a single. We are going to recreate extra sleeping space over time, with some DIY sleeping space. The caravan also came with huge awning, for extra sleeping space. I can imagine it shall be a while until we take her on the road, but for now, we are enjoying her in our back garden as extra living space.

The kids have had breakfast, lunch and tea in her since she arrived Sunday afternoon, and I am also using her as my office during the day time. I am sat in my caravan writing right now! It’s a lovely quiet space, with no distractions. I normally write in the lounge, bent over the coffee table with Jeremy Kyle for company, but sitting in Betty gives me the perfect distraction free time I desperately need.

We were told that Betty is from 1985 but having asked on a few forums, and doing my own research it is more likely that she rolled out of the factory in 1978. Betty folds down into a trailer for when being taken on the road. But once at a destination, the roof is simply lifted and the sides locked into place. Such a simple design! We also have the original paperwork. Check out these wonderful photos of a La Boheme in all of its new fandangled glory!

The previous owners had loved her greatly and out lots of restorative work into her and taken her away on serval holidays too. We are truly lucky to have found such a rare and much loved caravan. They were a little sad to say goodbye but they wanted the money to buy a new caravan. I have promised that they can come visit her whenever they are passing 🙂

I can’t wait to put my own stamp on Betty and fill her with my own little vintage trinkets. I am already in the process of crocheting some bunting for the inside. I shall pop to the haberdashery later this week for some floral print fabrics to make tablecloths, curtains and cushion covers. I am so excited… and in love! Can you tell?

I plan on not only taking Betty on cheap caravanning holidays but also joining the Retro Caravan Owners Club and taking her along to some meet-ups and public events. We often see vintage caravan when we visit Hot Rod shows throughout the summer, where we often take our vintage prams.

Would you love a vintage caravan? Have you ever seen a folding La Boheme like ours? Let me know in the comments below!

4 Places To Visit In Honduras


When people think about visiting a country in Central America, places like Mexico and Costa Rica tend to come at the top of the list. Honduras often doesn’t figure on travelers’ radars, and if it does, they often have a bad impression of it. But there are plenty of positive reasons why you should consider a holiday to this country including its lush green rainforests, beautiful sandy beaches and friendly welcoming people. Let’s look closer at some of the top places to see if you do decide to pay Honduras a visit.


Lake Yojoa


The largest lake in the whole country, Lake Yojoa is a stunning green basin which is fed by tributary rivers. Just some of the sights that you can experience nearby include archaeological grounds, volcanic peaks, cloud forests, and pineapple farms. There are plenty of mountain treks that you can enjoy in the surrounding area on foot, and you can even go into the river for a swim if the weather is right.


Pico Bonito National Park


The winding Río Cangrejal sits at the entrance to the Pico Bonito National Park, home to some of the best white water rafting in the entire region. It is also the best place to spot a host of wildlife including puma, jaguars, and toucans. While you are here, you should certainly trek up to the Río Zacate waterfall, where you can spot hundreds of species of bird fluttering in the trees above. And you certainly won’t forget the views you can see at the top in a hurry.


Bay Islands


Even though Honduras is the second biggest country in the region, it is also the least visited. Even areas which are crying out for visitors like the Bay Islands remain underdeveloped – which makes them all the more appealing. Utila is the one that you certainly shouldn’t miss out on visiting, and if you are into scuba diving, this is certainly the place to come. If diving isn’t your thing, you can simply sit back and enjoy the scenery with a cocktail in hand.


Copán Ruinas


The most well-known attraction in the country is certainly the Copan Ruins – remnants of the ancient Mayan society which used to live in this area. Everything is so well-preserved that you will feel like you have stepped back in time. In fact, this is one of the most celebrated archaeological sites in the world, but it is often overlooked in favour of places like Machu Picchu and Angkor Wat. Well, if you are taking a trip to Honduras, you certainly can’t miss out on a visit.


If you plan on visiting Honduras, the capital city is usually the place to start, and the Tegucigalpa Marriott Hotel is a great place to stay. As you can see from this blog post, there are plenty of places to visit.


Seeing lesser-known countries like Honduras is a special experience for any traveller, and you are likely to receive a great welcome during your time here.