Putting My Best Boot Forward

Firstly, Thank you to Kate On Thin Ice for inviting me to write this post and joining in with her #BestBootForward linky.  We want to talk about New Years Resolutions and how you can forget about failure and concentrate on one small area of your life that you want to change. Grab a notebook and some pretty pens and take 5 minutes getting back to basics. Don’t beat yourself up or set unrealistic expectations, you will inevitably feel down about them when they don’t go to plan.

Below you can find 4 easy (and open) questions. You will find my personal answers. Jot down these questions and think about your own answers.

Happy New Year everyone, and whatever you want to achieve- GOOD LUCK!!

1. What would you like to change?

I would like to change how much I rely on supermarkets for our daily goods. Admittedly, we are more frugal than most and grow lots of our own food. We no longer need the supermarkets to buy items such as nappies and sanitary items. I also try to preserve my own garden produce for jams etc. We still shop at the supermarket picking up reduced food (to reduce food waste and bring down our food bills) but I would love to buy less and less of this stuff, and focus on creating more of our own. Bye Bye ASDA!

2. How do you feel this change will enhance your life?

I believe that it shall make us appreciate all of our hard work producing our own food. I can be very modest at times about how much we have changed our lives so far, but it is easy to forget to pat myself on the back when I have worked so hard. This change will also help us save more money. We want to buy our house from the owners, which is so important to us. Finally, this change will get us even closer to our goal of living as self sufficiently as possible. A huge challenge that will take years, but reducing our supermarket shops will certainly get the ball rolling faster.

3. Who can support you as you make this positive change?

The people who I share my home with- My husband, 3 daughters and son. We want to change our lifestyle for them. I don’t want my kids growing up just expecting food to come from a packet or the supermarket shelves. I want them to appreciate the hard work and effort that comes from growing your own. I also want them to consume organic, fresh food that has created a minimal impact on the environment: air miles, carbon emissions and even the power used to keep the supermarket open.

4. What is the first baby step you can take to make this change?


Chilling out with a good gardening advice book in the evening. I live such a busy life, that not only can I kick back and relax but I may as well absorb some more information while I am at it. We can never stop learning, and knowledge is key to success.

But today… It’s a sunny day out there. I am off to pick up all of the rubbish that Storm Eleanor scattered across the garden!


No matter what your personal goal is, take it steady. You will likely face some tough challenges, things may go wrong or you may feel like you have failed completely. But don’t worry! You’re only human. Keep trying and you will get there.

And what are my favourite pair of boots? You guessed it… My WELLY BOOTS!

What a glorious day … #muddy #rain #britishweather #britishproblems

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Tired Of Counting Sheep? Try These Simple Solutions For Getting A Good Nights Sleep

We all know that feeling, you’ve got an early start in the morning, and you know how important it is that you get a good night’s sleep, and yet, no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to drift off. You try different positions; you kick off your covers; you wrap yourself up in a blanket burrito; you even try counting sheep and nothing works! It can be so frustrating which in turn makes it even harder to finally get off to sleep. If you find yourself staying awake well into the night wishing you could just fall asleep, here are a few simple tips that you might want to try.

Blackout your room

There’s nothing more irritating when you’re trying to sleep than some kind of light. Even something as tiny as the standby light of a TV or computer, or the light of a streetlamp can end up being incredibly annoying when you’re just trying to get some much-needed shut-eye. One of the best ways to try to get to sleep is to minimise those kinds of distractions by blacking out your room. Make sure that any standby lights are covered and get a set of Montgomery made to measure curtains so that you can be sure that you’re able to shut out as much light from the outside world as possible. Being in total darkness is often a great way to rid yourself of any distractions which can help you drift off much more quickly.

Ditch the gadgets

We all love our gadgets. From smartphones and to tablets to laptops and gaming consoles, most of us spend the vast majority of our time staring at screens. And while there’s nothing wrong with that for the most part, it can cause serious issues when it comes to time to settle down for the night. The truth is that the light given out by a lot of screens can trick your brain into thinking that it’s daytime which makes it much harder to get to sleep. The best thing that you can do is to put away your gadgets at least an hour before bed and stick to reading a book by lamplight instead.

We don’t have a TV in our room, and the only device I allow at bed time is, occasionally, my Kindle. By TV’s, iPads, Phones and Games Consoles are a big no-no in our home.

Tired Little O after a busy day.

Get up earlier

Now, this is going to be something that a lot of people really aren’t going to like hearing, but if you’re struggling to get to sleep, then you might need to start getting up earlier in the mornings. It hardly takes a genius to realise that getting up late means that you’re going to end up going to sleep late. Over time this feeds into a cycle that makes it harder and harder to drift off. Getting up earlier means that you’re going to be more tired when it’s time for bed, which will make it much easier to get to sleep at a reasonable time.

Of course, if you’ve tried all of these things and you’re still struggling to sleep then it might be a sign of something more serious. If you think you might be suffering from serious insomnia, then it’s important that you go and talk to your doctor right away. A lack of sleep can be incredibly dangerous for both your physical and mental health.