Got A Toddler? Get a Good 1st Aid Kit.


I have 2 toddlers and they are constantly falling over, bouncing off of tables, pushing each other over and trapping fingers in cupboards. Its what they do and gaining a great tarmac graze is just a way of reminding us that they are adventurous and brave explorers.

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At home we have a well stocked first aid box. I am very hot on the case with my first aid, as I used to work in health care as a HCA. I regularly had to update my training, and even put all of my knowledge into practice many, many times. After having my 2 girls I then trained to be an infant first aid trainer- working towards delivering first aid classes to parents, teachers and playgroups, but unfortunately I never continued to work as one after falling pregnant with baby number 3- due in just 7 weeks!

But, in the car (and even in my changing bag) my first aid stock is running very low indeed. We have a very outdated first aid kit in the car and the most I carry in my changing bag is a few plasters and a gauze. Not good.

I decided that we needed a nice new child friendly first aid pack for when out and about on day excursions and long drives. One that contained the things we could need if a little fall-over-and-cry situation should ever occur.

kids plasters steroplast

It is important to stock your first aid kit with the essentials. Plasters in a variety of shapes and sizes are a must, And if you have kiddies try to choose a fun pack of plasters that will lighten their mood. You can easily buy funky multipacks of plasters from supermarkets with their favourite cartoon characters or animals on. A few pods of Saline solution to wash any wounds (and flush eyes if needs be) is also a good idea, along with some gauzes to gently clean any grub out. A gauze can also be used to press against wounds to help slow bleeding. A sterile dressing tape to fix any small dressings in place, Vinyl gloves for infection control are very important when dealing with bodily fluids and make sure that you wash your hands before and after putting them on! A good mix of different sized and shaped bandages, thermometer, alcohol free cleansing wipes, safety pins, eye patches, tweezers and even a chid friendly antiseptic cream are also useful to keep in the pack. Remember when dealing with burns that you shouldn’t apply any creams onto the wound. Keep creams as a relief for simple grazes.

first aid kit for children

You can easily buy ready prepared first aid kits from many places. I decided to buy one readily made up for children that contained lots of extra room to add my own extra bits in too. This Steroplast first aid kit can be found on the Premier Healthcare & Hygiene LTD website and is created specially for kids. It also has a very useful carry handle and attachment strap so you can easily attach it to your belt or bag- great for days out walking or to the zoo! At just £4.60 it is so affordable ensuring that you never need be without.

kids first aid kit

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Pregnant And Suffering With Indigestion

I’m now 32 weeks pregnant and indigestion is a common daily thing with me. Not just once a day but several times a day. It sucks, big time.

This is the worst I have ever suffered with indigestion. I Had it a little with my other 2 pregnancies but this one by far has been awful. I can only assume, according to the old wives tale, I shall be giving birth to Chewbacca within the next few weeks.

I must admit, The season to be jolly didn’t really help the situation either though. Too much chocolate, cheese and Christmas Pudding kinda made the whole thing a lot more intense.

I have discovered something special though that is actually helping me. ActiMint from the fab team at Acti-Biotic, seem to give me the relief I need, while being packed with lots of other fab benefits. And its all available as a handy pocket mint which also freshens breath too!

actimint review

While its minty-ness gives me relief from my heartburn and indigestion, The friendly bacteria in the mints help good digestive health. This is down to its probiotic  ‘Lactobacillus Acidophius’ which stimulate the good bacteria levels in our get and also helps boost calcium absorption. Pretty cool!

The mints come in a handy little pocket sized pot, and you get 60 per pack. Convenient to take at home, at work, or just to throw in your hand bag when out on the move.

They have a pleasurable minty taste, that isn’t too strong or overpowering and the minty-ness stays in your mouth for a good while, reassuring me of a fresh breath. They are chewable too and not at all hard so you don’t need to worry about damaging your teeth trying to crack through them as they are actually quite soft and crumble easily on the tongue.

Oh, and did I mention they contain no artificial flavouring, no preservatives, no aspartame, are suitable for vegtarians and they are sugar free!

Acti-Biotic Actimint tablets are available from The Nutri Centre, Holland and Barrett, John Bell & Croyden, All good pharmacies and independent health stores and online at at just £5.95 RRP.

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