Can I take A Hot Bath When Pregnant?

Nikki, 3 months pregnant, has posted onto a Wiggly Rascals page asking if it is safe to take a hot bath when pregnant.

My initial reaction was to shout “No! Don’t do it!!”

I have written my advice *here* for the lady, with loads of nice facts and pointers all about the dangers of taking a hot bath when pregnant and how to bath safely. I have also included the ways a nice warm bath can help you in pregnancy by reliving pain and even helping those with low amniotic fluid levels. It would be fantastic if you mummy’s reading could also and help me out with some great advice for her and even add your own opinion of taking a hot bath when pregnant.

Remember Mummy’s-To-Be…. Happy Bathing!

M- Montgomery Tubercles

For the letter M, I have written this short, and hopefully slightly informative blog about Montgomery’s Tubercles.

When you are pregnant, the your nipples change… a lot! you may notice that the nipples darken, get bigger and sprout weird little bumps over the areola. These ‘spots’ are called Montgomery Tubercles. To keep your nipples supple and moisturised these little bumps secreate an oily fluid (lipoid fluid).

They get their name from the 19th century Irish obstetrician William Featherstone Montgomery. During pregnancy the Montgomery glands enlarge and remain enlarged during breastfeeding. You can have as few as for or as many as 28 per areola. Montgomery originally described these glands as “a constellation of miniature nipples scattered over a milky way.”

It has been known that some women know they are pregnant, because of these little bumps, way before they have even taken a test or have any other pregnancy symptoms.

Don’t worry about this little pimples and do not try to pop them!!! They are harmless and just helping you body with motherhood. They will gradually go down after pregnancy (if you are not breastfeeding) or when you stop breastfeeding.