Cycle Fever: My Pledge to Spend more time Outside

I recently heard that the Tour de France was set to be the most popular yet. The “Grand Depart” (the start of the race) is going to go from Leeds, and travel through London and Cambridge.

According to the BBC, it will generate somewhere in the region of £100m for the region. An amount of money desperately needed in these difficult times, and not to be sniffed at!

I’m no cycling enthusiast, but I do like to go for a bike ride every now and then.

I had an email come through yesterday from Eversure Insurance, giving details about a campaign they’re running to get our kids playing outside again.

Now, Willow spends quite a lot of time outside, but she also spends a lot of time in front of the TV. Eversure asked us to pledge some time to spend together as a family, out and about, and so, we’re pledging the time we’d normally spend in bed on a Sunday morning, watching Cartoons. With the weather picking up and the mornings being lighter and fresher, I’m looking forward to a nice bike ride / stroll up the road and back again, to energise us for the rest of the day.

I’ve added their badge to my site, if you want full details of their campaign, or want to download the press pack, you can click it below:

CycleFever Blogger Badge

Mouldy Space Duck

We love our novelty bath toys in our house! We had Cat-Duck, Square-Penguin, the Yellow Submarine, Union Jack Duck, Bath dolly and….


This is Space-Duck. Space-Duck is awesome…. or at least he WAS!

space man rubber duckAs parents, we have all heard horrifying stories of black mould filling our kids bath toys. A few items in our house have gone a bit manky, and I have always just chucked them straight in the bin. “Mummy Fssssh”…”Sorry Willow, Fishy is gone… He’s gone on holiday!” AKA: Its in the bin!

The mould may not be a killer, but like any other funky bacteria it can cause upset tummies. Have you ever emptied the bath, and squeezed the toys to get the water out and you notice the black sludge that can often squirt out into the water? That’s mould. Gross! The reason I wrote this little post was not to provide you with conflicting information on this bath time mould, but to just show a simple photograph, which explains just why exactly I throw these toys away. Poor Space-Duck, lost his head in a horrifying Space Rocket decapitation incident…

spaceduckmouldAnd that is the reason why I choose to throw them all away, rather than trying to wash or bleach them.