Upgrade Your Bathroom Fast

There are many jobs around the home that can often sound much more complex than they really are. We’ve lived in our new home for nearly a year now, and every room needed attention. We know its hopefully going to be the final home we live in, the place we raise our family and the house that we complete our dreams in. The living room, kitchen and garden were the first places to be upgraded, after all those 3 spaces are where we spend the most amount of our time. But, the bathroom was definitely next on the list.

No matter what kind of experience or skill level you have, you will probably be surprised at just how simple and fast it can be to give your bathroom a complete makeover. Bathrooms tend to be small rooms, with just one purpose (OK, 2 purposes IYKWIM) so your mission should be relatively straight forward.  As long as you are following these basic steps, you should find that your bathroom can be upgraded in a matter of days at most, and for cheaply too. Let’s have a look at some of the essential and quick ways to give your bathroom a new lease on life.

Deep Clean

One of the most effective bathroom upgrades is also one of the easiest to carry out. Deep cleaning need not take much time, but its results can be profoundly staggering. It is also true that if you want to carry out any more particularly permanent or bigger changes, such as a total renovation, deep cleaning is a good first step anyway. So no matter how much or how little you are planning to do with your bathroom, this is a great place to start. Get in there deep, and really bring out the sparkle of your bathroom. It makes a huge difference to not only how it looks, but how it feels to use as well. What’s more, it can be strangely therapeutic.

Bleach works wonders all over the bathroom, and a microfiber cloth adds the perfect polish. Bathrooms tend to be dusty places, thanks to towels, talcum powder and other various products. Start with a good dust down and then bleach everything using a good sponge, finish by polishing surfaces with a decent microfiber cloth and some furniture polish.

I have high tiles in our bathroom, and I discovered that my floor mop (a flat head style mop- with squirty function, you know the style) gets our bathroom tiles sparkling with minimal effort. I splashed bleach onto the tiles and then wet the mop head under the tap, I then simply rubbed the tiles with the mop. Because the mop is long, It meant that I avoided over stretching and struggling with corners. The mop reached all of the tiles with ease. I used our shower head to rinse away the bleach and left the tiles to air dry. Shiny, clean tiles with no effort!


Update The Fixtures


Chances are, your bathroom has started to look like a photograph from an old catalogue. This happens all too easily after a time, but it is easy enough to get it looking modern and new again (although we all know that I massively adore the vintage look). For a fresh start in your bathroom, it is well worth updating the fixtures and fittings in that room. Start with the more important ones, like the shower or bath and wash basin. It’s easy enough to upgrade these areas, and there is a stunning range of shower enclosures to choose from if you want to really give it a new look. But even if you just install a new shower head, you’ll be amazed at what a difference that can make. Treat yourself to a new toilet seat, toilet roll holder, soap dish, bath mat  and shower curtain and you will instantly see a huge difference to the room.

Get Organized

The bathroom is one of those rooms that can extremely easily become prone to clutter and mess. Too many toiletries and not enough storage space soon becomes a hoarders paradise (and a dusty one at that). If your bathroom is guilty of this, then you’ll find that organizing the space a little can really improve the look and feel of the room as a whole. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to upgrade the room, then this is worth considering. It will only take you an hour or so, and it can really make a huge difference. If you’re struggling, it might be that you actually don’t have the space. In that case, go out and find some decent storage units that are suitable for your bathroom. That can really help with keeping the room in check, without sacrificing how it looks.

We have our airing cupboard in the bathroom, and I found a nifty way of organising our bedding. I used plastic storage trays for each type of bedding- pillow cases, duvet covers, bottom sheets and baby bedding. I wrote on each box in Sharpie what goes in each box. It keeps things simple and easy to grab when needed. I still want to add some extra shelving units in the cupboard for storing extra toiletries.


Outgrowing Pains- Expanding Your Home

Growing your family is a wonderful experience for the whole family. We have 3 small daughters and we are currently expecting baby number 4 in September. Unfortunately, the novelty and wonder of it all soon wear off when you realise you’ve simply run out of space- trust me, I am starting to panic. When yet another baby is on the way, and you’re already tripping over each other, some drastic changes might be needed around the home. Of course, this is your home- It’s the place you brought your babies home from the hospital to and the place where all of your most wonderful memories are being made. If there’s no chance of leaving, can you stretch a little more space out of it?


Most lofts in the UK have a pitched roof. Unfortunately, this means that head height is low and almost completely restricted in places. Still, there are opportunities for conversion. Take a look at the roofs of the houses nearby. If anyone else has popped a window up there, then there is a precedent for you to apply for the same. This doesn’t come cheap, and planning permission could take ages. You’ll also need to consider escape routes, and stair cases. A loft conversion though means you could gain an extra bedroom or office (and value to your home!)


Converting your garage can be a fun project to take on, and may offer you an annexe that suits an older teen. A closed friend of ours converted their garage into an annexe for an older family relative. We used to use the garage as a hide out when we were kids, but now it is a gorgeous whole extra living space. Of course, the trouble with garages is that they can become the general junk storage facility for the family! Tidying up and keeping it clear will be a bit of a challenge if you’re not providing somewhere to store the things you need to keep. But, why hold onto junk that you’re not using? It could be a good excuse to declutter and make use of all that extra space. The building itself may need to undergo a lot of changes to be fit for a living or sleeping space too. Speak to your local building regs department about what can be done.


As with the loft, you’re looking for precedent here. I would absolutely LOVE a basement. A friend has one as has turned it into a man cave (complete with miniature railway) and I admit that I am very jealous. Not all basements can successfully be converted into bedrooms, but they may make a second living space or home classroom, play den (clearing toys from my lounge sounds very appealing) or extra office space. Again, it’s expensive because access is so restricted. However, like the loft, it could be a huge space that you’re freeing up to become some sort of living or working space. Most basements already have electrics installed, and basement conversions can be achieved for less than loft conversions. The basement would be perfect for teens to move into- I would have jumped at the chance to live in a basement, when I was a sulky teenager!


Now regulations are more relaxed, you can build an extension without all the red tape of planning permission in some cases. You can even build it yourself if you’re up to the challenge. Plumbing and electrics will still need to be certificated by a qualified engineer. The entire project will also need to be signed off by Building Regs. You can install a flat roof with materials from a roofing superstore without the need for much specialist equipment. You will likely need a digger, though to prepare the plot. If you have a garage attached to the side of your property, you could consider building an extra room above it, that’s joined to the upstairs of your house (something that we actually plan on doing one day!), A conservatory can make a gorgeous extra living space- such as a dining area.

Interior Reconfiguration

Most interior walls of your home are not load bearing. That means they could come down. If your dining space simply isn’t big enough for another high chair at the table, then why not go open plan? Even if the wall is load bearing, you may be able to find a builder to install a supporting joist or pillar so you can still open the space up. You can do the same with bedrooms. Of course, upstairs, you may need to create more rooms. Changing the dimensions of each room could be possible.

How will you create your space?