Todays guest blog post comes from a personal friend and placenta magician Beverly Gazy.

A week in the life of a placenta remedies consultant, sounds long winded but in a nutshell I help women who wish to consume their own placenta after they have birthed their baby’s. I have been helping women as a Doula (Birth companion) for most of my adult life and after having finished having my family of 4 wonderful humans I am supporting women and their families at the most  important time of their lives. I got into placenta encapsulation and making remedies from them  almost 3 years ago, I found a lot of my clients were talking about it, after much research I decided to train so that I could answer an obvious need in the community. I have personally helped approximately 150  women in this time and had a 100% positive feedback from those women. I always seem to hear back from my new mothers that they have so much energy, and they do seem to recover from the birth a lot quicker, less chance of suffering from post natal depression and  have a plentiful milk supply for their baby’s. I now train people myself I am happy to announce that  I am the owner and director of PlacentaUK.

Our heart shaped placenta.
Our heart shaped placenta.

So, as far back as the 5th century it was indeed the norm for women to have a nourishing broth made from their placenta to ensure healing of the womb, lessen bleeding, and ensure a good milk supply for the baby. It was known as a brew to renew and give them energy after the birth. Come the 20th century and it started to wane in popularity and was then either fed to pigs, dogs or any other animal with a view to them serving their masters with a full belly. In recent times it has been buried as a ritual for many indigenous tribes and a book called ‘Placenta, the Forgotten Chakra’ written by Robin Lim educates us in the various uses over the last century. It is indeed a compelling read and one of my favourites.
The Placenta is indeed a wonderful temporary organ and usually ends up being burnt in the hospital incinerator. This is one of the most important organs for natural recovery from birth  that is full of nutrients, vitamins, hormones, stem cells and 128 growth factors. All animals, with the exception of Camels, marsupials and sea mammals consume their placenta as a matter of course, it is a natural thing to do so why not humans?

placenta capsules

Many, many women in the last 6 years since I started helping women have chosen to use their placentas in capsule form, tinctures, mother essence, homeopathic remedy, smoothies, and also have their placentas turned into creams and balms for healing. What an amazing organ the placenta is. Unfortunately we have to state that even though more than 5,000 women have used their placenta in this way and had excellent feedback as proof that it does  enrich and improve maternal health we can only state it as anecdotal evidence as there has been no real medical research to substantiate the claims.
There is a funded study that is happening in Germany, they are using a state of the art laboratory and using gifted placentas for the research, we hope to have results from this in 2017.

placenta remedies
Lots of celebrities  such as January Jones, Kim Kardashian and Coleen Rooney are singing the praises of placenta capsules and in turn this has raised awareness to mothers who would otherwise not known about placenta encapsulation. So in conculsion a week in the life for me is usually helping women decide which remedy they would like and discussing their needs. Each woman has very individual requirements and I educate them thoroughly before they choose. So I do spend lots of heartfelt time listening and empowering women, who would otherwise not be aware of how powerful and potent their placenta is. I really do wish I had this support when having my children. The Traditional Chinese Medicine capsules are so strong that they can be used during menopause as they can be frozen for later use, how clever is that? If only I had known this!! you would like more information please get in touch with me, Beverley Gazy  at info@placentauk.co.uk

Beverly also creates amazing Placenta Keepsakes.
Beverly also creates amazing Placenta Keepsakes.

A Beautiful Placenta

Our heart shaped placenta.
Our heart shaped placenta. The Tree Of Life.


I finally got to keep my placenta! Yay!

With Willow, I had these amazing plans to keep the placenta and bury it with a Willow tree in our garden. Of course we got distracted, and forgot to pick it up from the hospital.

With Olive, I had to have my placenta removed after the delivery under anaesthetic because my body didn’t want to release it naturally. It was whisked away whilst I was under.

But this time, I proudly left the hospital with a goodie bag… containing that magic one-use organ! An organ that I grew, just for my baby. It was used for 40 weeks and kept our baby alive. It attached my baby to me. And when she was born, so was it! Pretty cool, huh?!

I created some fab prints of the placenta for us to keep and took some stunning photographs of it to share. It’s not something that we all get to see. Some of us have babies and never look at our own placentas, never knowing how big they were, what colour it was or even seeing how it attached itself to us life givers.

Its a beautiful organ, that should be respected. After all, without it we wouldn’t have our children! There are lots of uses for a placenta. You can read more on what to do with the after-birth, after birth here.

umbilical cord

amniotic sac placenta
The amniotic sac, cord and placenta. this side of the placenta was attached to my womb.