The Baby Preparation Checklist: Lifestyle Issues That Can’t Be Ignored

Pregnancy is the most exciting time in any mummy or daddy’s life, but it is also a period that requires immense responsibility. That means ensuring that the right preparations have been taken.

Preparing for what’s in store on a physical front is vital. However, it’s equally imperative that you learn to take care of the life issues that will influence your ability to give the baby the best start in life. Use these questions for guidance, and you will not go wrong.

Where Will We Live?

The addition of a new baby will brighten up the atmosphere in any home environment. Happiness is nothing without practicality, though. Let’s face it; growing in numbers may mean that moving to a bigger and more suitable property is the only viable solution.

Moving home can be a stressful process at the best of times, and you should allow at least 12 weeks for the process. When buying a home, you must also use building surveys to check for faults and problems. After all, taking the baby into an unsafe home, or a property that requires a lot of cosmetic work is far from ideal.

A great home shouldn’t focus solely on the property. The local area is hugely important if you want your son or daughter to grow up in positive surroundings. Checking the elements of security, pollution, and noise is key. It might feel a little premature, but the schooling situation is pivotal too.

Are We Financially Secure?

Money is a major source of worry for many people, and new parents are certainly no different. Aside from having an extra mouth to feed, there’s a good chance that income levels will encounter a drop. Acclimatising to those factors is one of the main steps to financial security.

Firstly, you must discover the full details of maternity and paternity leave. You should research the financial help which may be available via government schemes and funding. These tricks will go a long way to aiding your budgeting methods.

Adopting new spending habits, such as using coupons and price comparison sites, can work wonders too. Find out tricks to make your food shopping less too. When coupled with additional money making ideas, finding that secure platform should be far easier.

Are The Siblings Prepared?

If this is your first child, then you will not need to worry about this issue. However, parents who already have children will need to ensure that the existing kids are ready for a sibling. Otherwise, jealousy and animosity can cause major issues.

Full sibling can be enough, but children from previous relationships may feel even more threatened. It can be a delicate issue. Thankfully, this guide should put you in the best position. Make them feel excited about being a big brother and sister while giving them added attention during the pregnancy, and you will be just fine.

When you are blessed with one big happy family, all other issues should fall into place. With those elements under control, you’ll also be ready to concentrate on the pregnancy without those additional worries.


How To Survive Baby’s First Cold, with Snufflebabe

Poor Jimmy has his first cold. He’s a bunged up, snotty mess. I feel so sorry for him, as he hasn’t got a clue what is happening. His snotty mess seems to be worse at night, and we were desperate for a quick solution. No matter how many children you have or how many runny noses you have to wipe, as a parent it can be upsetting to see your baby suffer like this.

Luckily, family favourite brand Snufflebabe have 2 very handy products to help you and your baby get through this rotten time. Both are suitable from birth too, unlike many other products available to buy. Yippee!

Snufflebabe Nasal Drops

Newborn babies only know how to breathe through their noses, so when their tiny nostrils get bunged up with snot, it can be very difficult and frustrating for them to breathe. Snufflebabe have developed easy to use nasal drops to help loosen congestion and get their noses clear again. Suitable from birth, Snufflebabe Nasal Drops are a small bottle of saline solution that is gentle, safe and sterile.

Just 1 or 2 drops up baby’s nose works quickly to help clear their nose. Jimmy was more than happy to have the drops up his nose and worked very quickly. The drops that come from the bottle are tiny drips, and are easy to apply, perfect for nervous parents.

I used the drops before using the nasal aspirator (see below) and together the drops and aspirator cleared Jimmys nose, for a perfect night’s sleep.

Snufflebabe Nasal Aspirator

The award winning nasal aspirator gives instant relief and takes seconds to work. The Nasal Aspirator comes in 3 parts, which is easy to put together, and just as easy to use, even for nervous parents. Watch this video to see how to use the Snufflebabe Nasal Aspirator. 

The thought of sucking bogies from your baby’s nose may seem a little yucky, but trust me there is no way any snot will make its way into your mouth! I find the Snufflebabe aspirator a lot safer to use than the classic bulb style mucus extractors. The bulb style snot suckers at very hard to clean, and mould has been discovered growing inside of these gross gadgets. They can also be quite ‘sucky’ causing pain to baby! The Snufflebabe aspirator on the other-hand, is easy to clean and you control how hard you suck, so you know not to be too rough, eliminating the risk of injury to baby’s sensitive nose. The aspirator also isn’t put up baby’s nose, but placed just on the edge of the nostril so no need to worry about hurting baby that way.

This little filter stops any bogies from making their way up the tube!

I used the Snufflebabe Nasal Drops before using the aspirator to loosen all of the dried snot first. I left the drops to work for a few minutes then used the aspirator to suck out all of the snot and junk. The relief for Jimmy was instant and his feeding and sleep improved right away, as he could suddenly breathe much better.

The Aspirator easily comes apart for cleaning and can be washed in hot soapy water. The aspirator packaging comes with some easy to use instructions and clear illustrations.

Where To Buy

Snufflebabe’s Nasal Drops and Nasal Aspirator are available to buy from ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Boots, Morrisons and Superdrug.

*Snufflebabe kindly gifted me the nasal drops and aspirator in exchange for my honest review of these products*