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Bumbo Stages Safari Review

You may have seen our recent post reviewing the super popular Bumbo Floor Seat (you can read that post here). There is another awesome new product from Bumbo that we would love to tell you all about. The all-fun Stages Safari is a wonderful activity play centre to use with the Floor Seat, Multi Seat or even on it’s own.

Jimmy is now 4 months old! He is just starting to learn how to play with toys, which is beautiful to watch. Due to his Syndacyly, he does struggle to hold toys or open his palm wide enough to pick them up. But despite this, Jimmy certainly is enjoying his new Bumbo Stages Safari.

Bumbo Stages Safari

The Bumbo Stages Safari is a wonderful multi-use activity centre toy. It can be used with other Bumbo products, such as the floor Seat and Multi-Seat, or it can be used on it’s own. The Stages Safri never needs to be boring, as it has 2 different sides to choose from containing 8 different sensory toys. The legs can easily be adjusted for play, where ever your baby is. Suitable for sitting play, tummy times and even standing play once your child is older. The Stages Safari is made from easy to clean PVC, BPA and Phthalate free plastics.

Adjusting the legs is super easy. Unscrew the knobs either side of the play board, and put the legs into the position needed, then simply screw secure. There is no risk of the legs slipping out of place as there are interlocking pegs which hold the legs in place, and tightened with the screw. We even removed the legs completely, so Jimmy could play with the activity toys on the sofa. Jimmy discovered that the jingly bells make a great teething toy!

The Bumbo Stages safari features 8 adorable sensory-play toys, on both sides of the toy. So many different toys means that play never gets boring! There is a spinning mirror, with the super cute Bumbo elephant on the other side, a twisty clicky lion, 3 teething rings (twist the lion and the rings magically move up and down!), a spinning ball with jingle bells, a 2 tone coloured spinning ball, 2 cute leaves and 2 cogs on a screw to twist up and down. Jimmy especially loves the jingle bells and teething rings.

My Favourite Features

  • Long lasting play, from early newborn days to toddlerhood
  • Lots of different positions, for play. Tummy time, standing, and best of all- sitting in the Bumbo Floor Seat!
  • Very easy to clean and disinfect.
  • So many toys, so play never gets boring.
  • Super lightweight and disassembles for storage.
  • Bright and colourful.
  • Strong and sturdy plastic.

For more information on the Bumbo Stages Safari toy and the other amazing products from the Bumbo range, visit the Bumbo Website here. Next week I shall be reviewing the super useful Bumbo Multi Seat!

* The Bumbo products featured in this review were gifted to us in exchange for an honest review.

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