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#BLOGTOBER DAY 13: Whats In My Fridge?

Quiet honestly, nothing much. Not because we are poor and we can’t afford food but we just don’t really use it that often. When we decided to become a much more self sufficient family, we got rid of quite a few things. The microwave went as it just wasn’t being used. We gave away our electric kettle and swapped it for one we could head on the hob or over the fire, and we downsized our fridge freezer. It was a waste of electricity as it just wasn’t being used that often. We have a big chest freezer where we buy most of our food in the 10p reductions and bring it home to prepare and freeze.

We stopped eating milk and dairy, so the fridge was no longer home to a pack of ham, milk or cheese. Fruit and veg is eaten so quickly in our house that it doesn’t need to be sat in a fridge for longer periods of time. Instead we keep it in our nifty retro larder cabinet, which is only really used to keep the flies away from it. We do still have a fridge, but I am now considering swapping it for an even smaller one. Just a little counter top beer fridge style would be enough for us. So, to answer your question: What is in my fridge (ATM)…

  • Vitalite
  • 7 tins of Strongbow
  • A pack of mushrooms (that I MUST freeze before they go mushy)
  • Some floppy swiss chard (that I MUST give to the chickens)
  • A jar of chutney
  • A Jar of pickled beetroot
  • A cabbage
  • Alpro yoghurt
  • Jars of homemade quince jam
  • Cough syrup.


Ta Da! Told you we were boring.



Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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