Olive’s Arrival- Tesco, Traffic Lights and Theatre

As a pre warning, this post will be quite graphic…. And my language colourful. But its informative (I hope!)

Here is the story of Olive Georgina Newhouse’s arrival. I tried to keep it as brief but informative as possible.


On Thursday 13th of June at 9:52pm, was when our second baby girl arrived into this world.
I had spent weeks of niggly pre-labour pains, uncomfortableness and even a few trips up the hospital. I had lost my mucus plug and had my bloody show a week before. I even had 2 midwives saying that they didnt expect me to carry any further than 37/38 weeks. And now, here I was, the day before my due date, in labour. It all happened very quickly! Nothing like how we all imagined it to be.
Thursday morning I had my friend come over to visit with her little girl, then at 3:30pm I had a routine midwife appointment at my local doctors surgery. I felt fantastic all day, with no aches or pains and even had energy to play with the kids. Now, here i was sat in the doctors surgery and having a few teeeny tiny crampy pains…. In my fanny! I thought nothing of it, as for a few days I had suffered with a little SPD. During my appointment, the midwife joked that she would be seeing me at home the next day (implying that I would have my baby overnight- ‘fat chance!’ I thought). After checking me over she confirmed that baby was fully engaged in my pelvis and said that I was even experiencing a contraction during the check.
I left the docs and headed to meet Jay from work and to go to Tescos to get a little shop.
As soon as we walked into Tesco’s BAM! the pains started. The midwife was right, this baby was coming! Today!
The contractions started as I was down the chilled meats aisle, rummaging about the reduced products shelf. I was DETERMINED to get that rack of ribs for my dinner! I was hanging off the shelf when a member of staffed asked if I was OK. I certainly did not feel OK! But I secretly hoped to have my waters pop and a baby slide out there and then, just to see if the rumours of free nappies for a year was true! When we got to the check out, I decided to call the delivery suite to let them know that I would be coming in, but told them it wouldnt be for a while as I had to get my daughter Willow picked up by my dad, and wait for Jays mum to come and take us to the hospital.
None of the contractions were in my tummy, I was experiencing them in my hips, such a strange feeling! It was later noticed that the baby’s head was facing sidewards (nose to thigh) which was causing such odd labour pains.

The usual 20 minute walk home took over an hour as we had to stop during every contraction. I ended up hanging off of garden fences, squatting down in the road and even scaring a little skater kid by saying “This baby is falling out of my f**king arse!”…. Not something any pubescent teen should hear, during his walk home from school.
We managed to get home and I tried to take myself upstairs to the bath, where I managed to get stuck on the landing on all fours panting! The pain was getting stronger and moving about harder.
Once in the bath, the pains became a little more manageable- water is a great pain relief when in labour! My dad and Jays mum were on their way, and I called the delivery suite to say we would be with them within the hour. My dad and my sister arrived and packed Willow into the car. I think I gave my 13 year old sister the best lesson in contraception in those few minutes that she was in my house!!
We headed off to the hospital in my mother-in-laws car, getting stuck behind a stereotypical granny driver, and then hitting every set of tragfic lights on route to Bedford hospital.
I arrived at 7:30 pm and put into a delivery room, by now my pains were at a constant 2 minutes apart but deffinatly stronger and lasting longer. I was examined and told I was 4cm dilated. I expected to be going home, but the midwife laughed and said that I wouldn’t even make it as far as the lift!


I was determined not to have any pethadine as last time, the drug made me feel very sick and the feeling was similar to drinking 10 pints of larger (something I would once have done for fun- pre kids! Oh, not any more!), but after just over an hour of being in the room, I really wanted that stuff… NOW! I managed to convince myself that I was asking something that I didn’t really want, and I would see how I felt after a few more contractions…. 3 pains later, I still wanted it! I was told that I would have to be examined again if I was to have the drug. When checked it revealed I was a full 10 cm dilated and was ready to push! My waters still had not ruptured, and the pressure from them bulging was immense, but I still didnt have the strong natural urge to push. The midwife asked if I wanted them broken (using a special needle called an amnihook- similar looking to a crochet hook!) I agreed and POP, away they came with a big gush, all over the poor student midwife…. All part of her learning curve I suppose!
With my waters broken came the massive urge to push…hard! I was on my knees leaning over the bed, which was the most comfortable position and a great position to help baby out, working along side gravity, as opposed to being laid on my back.

A few pushes and at 9:52 pm my baby girl was born, looking (and sounding) an absolute double to how her sister looked in her first few moments after her birth. They were identical.
Olive went straight to the breast and was having her first drink of colostrum fine. She remained there for a gull hour.
I chose to have delayed cord clamping, and had the amazing chance to touch the umbilical cord while it was still pulsing. Jay cut the cord once it had stopped pulsing, something he describes as a similar feeling to ‘cutting through tough chicken’! His words folk!
Now in a normal delivery the placenta would follow shortly after the baby, with a few pushes. But unfortunatly that didnt happen for me this time.
After half an hour and some vigorous tummy rubbing and ( a f**king lot of discomfort) it was noted that I may need some help to deliver the placenta. One midwife was gently tugging on the cord when I felt something give, which I assumed to be the placenta detaching from the uterine wall- how wrong was I?! It turned out that it was infact the cord that had snapped…. My ticket to a trip to theatre- and not the Am-dram kind.

I left Jay and Olive and was wheeled into the theatre, signed a fancy form and met my surgeon. He was the biggest German man, with hands like shovels, and I knew where those hands were going… Gulp! (I did manage to escape any tearing, cutting and stitching by the way!).
I was told to count to three, as the surgeon put me under. 1, 2…… And then I woke up, an hour and a half later and feeling like I had slept for a year and had my torso repeatedly jumped on by an elephant…. But I was happy. I had a healthy baby girl, another addition to the Newhouse family and despite the ordeal of the last stage of labour, I had a wonderful birth. I wasn’t fearful, I was excited. It did not hurt, it was just another experience. And most important of all, I learnt that my body could do amazing things! Unlike my last labour, I wasn’t induced, my body knew what it was doing and did it all by itself. 🙂


Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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