Another Baby Girl Has Arrived

We did it!!!! We brought a new little baby girl into this world on Sunday, and her name is Ivy.

Say ‘Hello’ Ivy!

ivy newhouse

She arrived very fast, and is our smallest delivery yet at just 6lb 8oz. She flew out! Here is the low down…

I had planned a birthday party for Willow on Sunday 8th March. She was turning 3 on Monday, so we had this little party for close friends and family. I started cooking the sausage rolls and laying the party table (With awesome Frozen theme) when the first contraction struck. It was all in my hips, a very familiar feeling to when I had Olive… who’s hip contractions started when I was in Tesco. 5 minutes later another struck. These pains had a totally different feeling to the long build up contractions that I had been experiencing on and off for a few weeks. I just knew. Today was the day. And I was going to miss Willow’s party. I was going to miss cake.

I jumped in the bath to see if the pains would calm down a little. Taking a bath in early labour is a great way of seeing if ‘it’ is the real thing or just Braxton Hicks contractions. If the pains continue once in the warm and soothing water it’s likely to be the real thing, this was definitely the real thing! The pains were getting slightly stronger and all still in my hips. I called downstairs to Jay  suggesting that he should ring his parents and inform them that they would be hosting the party and we were going to have to make a move to the hospital. QUICKLY. I then called the delivery suite to let them know that we would soon be coming in. Pop the kettle on!

Once we had packed the hospital bags into the car we were quickly on our way. It broke my heart to say ‘Good Bye’ to the kids, all ready in their party dresses. They really didn’t understand why we leaving them when they were so excited. There have been a lot of road closures locally in the last few weeks on a couple of the roads leading to hospital. We ended up having to take a scenic route, which felt like a lifetime. Once in the car the contractions were coming every 3 minutes. I could feel a unmistakable pressure building down below, and hitting every red traffic light going I was starting to find it hard to maintain a steady mind and keep calm.

After leaving our house at 11am, we arrived at delivery suite at 12:10am!! I was shown into a beautiful room on the midwifery lead unit, Somewhere that I have been wanting to deliver since we had Willow. I was always too high risk to be allowed in the midwifery lead unit, but after 2 smooth previous births I was finally allowed. I was so excited!! I could see my birthing pool, and getting in there was a priority for me. The midwife asked me how I would like to have the room- as it was bright beautiful daylight outside I wanted the black-out blinds drawn, lights low (She brought out candles, oh I was in heaven!) and noise kept to an absolute minimal. I go into myself when in labour and have delivered quietly and peacefully with the girls, something that is important to me.

I was quickly examined to show I was at 4cm, but my waters were bulging and baby’s head was low. To deliver a baby you need your cervix to stretch to a full 10cm before baby can arrive. With first babies this can take some time, and midwives  tend to say you dilate on average 1cm per hour, but this can happen a lot quicker with subsequent babies. I (half jokingly) said to the midwife “Please don’t sent me home!” She reassured me that I wasn’t going anywhere. We did have a laugh!

She started filling the birth pool for me, and dimmed the lights in the pool room. It looked beautiful. As I was taking my party clothes off (My best dress and tights, for Willows birthday party!) I had one big sudden contraction that made me lean into Jay for his support, followed very quickly by another contraction which I instinctively placed one leg up on the bed. POP!! There go my waters! I had my waters broken by midwives during my previous deliveries to help labour along and I always wanted to know how it felt to have them pop naturally. It was an odd feeling. I felt them ‘pop’ quite high up behind my belly button and then an uncontrollable gush of fluid…. very strange. Despite being during an immense contraction I remember saying to myself “Here we go! It’s time” and being so excited!

water birth 3rd baby

The midwives were filling the pool as quickly as they could when my waters broke, and the midwife realised that she could see the top of baby’s head. I didn’t have long to get in that pool to receive my wish of a water birth. If I was going to be in the water, it had to be NOW. I wobbled over to the water, hopped in when another contraction struck. With the contraction came the familiar feeling of fullness. Her head was half out! The midwives were telling me to lean back and as I leant into the student midwife’s arms, baby Ivy came sliding out all in one big push and I got to catch her! The time was 13:17pm.

Ivy Water Birth

Oh, that feeling! Pure relief, Zero pain, a slimy and warm tiny human reaching out to me… Oh the memory makes me want to cry. I held her close for a few minutes until the cord stopped pulsing and then Jay cut the cord, something that he has done for all 3 girls. I had to get out of the pool quite quickly as I needed to have a managed 3rd stage (Just a quick injection to help placenta pass easily) due to my previous retained placenta with Olive.

From examination to delivery… 17 minutes. I was in the pool for just 4 minutes. I didn’t get to use the water as pain relief, I just didn’t have time. But I did have my wish fulfilled for delivery in the water. I had been practicing Hypnobirthing for a few weeks, which I also didn’t have time to use… I had brought along some amazing birthing MP3’s to listen to aswell! I was gutted! But, my positive mind thoughts had definitely helped me birth… and ROAR!! my baby out.

I hopped onto the bed and started to breast feed Ivy, and the placenta quickly followed with one little painless push. And that is when life as a family of 5 began. We ate, slept, cuddled and showered quietly and peacefully. The midwife described my birth as “Absolutely perfect and one that she wont ever forget!!


Absolutely perfect…. even if it all was a little speedy!

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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  1. Linda Watts says:

    Thank you for sharing these moments with us all. I’m now having a little cry as I find it all so wonderful. So glad everything went smoothly and you’re both safe and well. Welcome little Ivy, your mummy is an amazing lady and your daddy is handsome. Have a beautiful life with your little sisters, God Bless xx

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