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Sometimes we all need a little magic potion to help us through some hard challenges that we face, especially challenges that we face as mums. We need magic to fix sore bums, dry lips, and even eczema. Now, it’s a shame that I don’t have a cauldron and a broom stick. Although, some people may argue against this.

PurePotions have done the magic for me and created a fantastic range of products that can help us all with these everyday problems, Or should I call them magic curses?!

Pureportions came from just one mums kitchen, 12 years ago. Natalie Balmond set out upon her quest to help her daughter Lula who was suffering with such awful skin, that 90% of her body was cracked open and bleeding. None of the conventional treatments (even ones prescribed by her doctor) didn’t seem to be working.

Using a combination of perseverance, herbs and oils, dedication and experimentation she created her first natural slave. Soon, she noticed a huge difference in her daughters skin. It was working! She was inundated with requests  for her miracle ointment from the public after her story appeared in a newspaper. Of course all of her products are 100% natural, organic and perfume and paraben free.  And that is where it all began….



The Dry Skin Range

The dry skin range created by Purepotions has developed the Skin Salvation Intensive Moisturising Ointment, is deeply rich and moisturising. When applied it creates a semi-occlusive barrier and stops the irritation from any external irritants. My husband suffers from terrible eczema on his hand. It often opens up and bleeds. It looks so horrible and sore. We decided to give the Purepotions Skin Salvation a go on his hand to see if it would make any difference.

purepotions moisturising ointment

This was his hand before trying the ointment, and relying on daily (actually hourly) applications of a well known itch cream.

pure potion review


The Skin Salvation ointment is also good for people suffering with psoriasis, dermatitis, skin rashes and any other little skin emergency!

So, after just 7 days here is my husbands hand now. I think we can definitely say its worked some magic! It’s itching less, the skin has healed significantly and looks so much less angry and inflamed.




Skin Salvation is available from the online shop and come in a 60ml jar, priced at £7.99.


Baby Skin Care Range

The Purepotions baby skin care range offers so much more magic to mums and dads. The lavender nappy salve salve, is a daily use (if you want it to be!) ointment that should be a regular item in your routine. The ointment is once again 100% natural and contains no nasties such as parabens, petrochemicals or preservative, that can actually cause nappy rash!

purepotions nappy salve review

Lavendar is a beautiful healing plant, and Purepotions have managed to capture all of its herbal goodness in this little jar. When rubbed onto the skin, it doesn’t leave a greasy sticky residue unlike some nappy creams. I use cloth nappies, and I often worry about the affects that some nappy creams have on the absorbency on the cloth. I didn’t find any problems with the baby Skincare Lavendar nappy salve- my nappies worked just as great, and the lavender smell was gorgeous!

The salve also works great on dribble rash, chapped skin (A standard problem in our family during the wintertime as we spend so much time outdoors) and dry lips. I have actually been using the nappy slave as lip balm! I don’t feel guilty at all 😉 My lips have been so dry recently and it has helped so much. It also creates a nice shine to my lips so no need for a quick lap of lipgloss before I head out either! It is such a universal salve that can be applied as often as required, so its definitely a must in your changing bag / handbag!

The Purepotions Lavendar Nappy Salve is also available in a 60ml jar and priced at £8.99.


purepotions chamomile oil review

Purepotions  have also bottled some fabulous camomile baby oil. I am so in love with this bottle! But trust me when I say its fab for so many uses… including toilet time! Stay with me….

I also use reusable baby wipes instead of shop bought disposables. I like to store them in a little water with some essential oils so that the wipes are refreshing and beneficial to their skin at changing time, and I even like to keep some in the toilet for my potty training toddler to use- so that she is properly clean after toilet time.

Oil also makes a nice additive for the bath, as mentioned above my husband suffers from eczema and my kids have such sensitive skin too. Normal bubble mixture (even the ones designed specifically for babies) are often too strong for their skin and can leave them feeing quite sore and irritated. We like adding essential oils into the water at bath time to help wind them down and get them relaxed ready for bed. For myself, I added a few drops to a steamy hot bath, and it really eased a nasty cold that I was suffering from by easing my congestion and clearing my nose.

I am a huge fan of baby massage and from my girls being newborn, right up until now I still like to treat them to some massage. The chamomile bay oil, is fab for those healing and relaxing moments shared during baby massage.


So, this really is another hugely universal use product from the range. There are so many different ways of using the oil it seems it must deserve its place o the bathroom shelf at all times!

A 200ml bottle of the Purepotions Chamomile Baby Oil is £11.99 and also contains no nasty additives and is 100% natural.

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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