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Back To Basics- Why Do We Live So Simply?

This week’s Best Boot Foward prompt is ‘back to basics’, something that I know quite well.

We live a very basic lifestyle. We don’t strive for fancy cars, expensive holidays abroad, every gadget under the sun and a house full of new desirables. We live a rather basic lifestyle, where we try to connect ourselves with nature as often as we can and spend most of our days outside. We strive to live our lives as our relatives did, without the woes and worries of social media, keeping up with the Joneses and (quite frankly) living a life that our grandparents once had.

Don’t get me wrong, I own an Amazon Alexa- I use her daily. I own a Fitbit- I like to run and walk. I scroll through Facebook while on the toilet just like anyone else! But there is no harm in enjoying those things when done in moderation. I like to spend my days at home, in the garden or baking. I quite often turn my phone off to 24hrs just to reset too. As a blogger, it’s quite funny that I unplug so often. Most bloggers write daily, and strive to be freakin’ awesome on social media. I just write when I want to. Admittedly though, I do love Instagram!

I encourage my kids to spend as much time as they can in the garden, either playing or helping me in the vegetable patch. I don’t like the thought of them vegetating in front of YouTube or getting some Vitamin D deficiency from hiding in their bedrooms. I hardly watch TV anymore, instead, I read or just sit and talk to my husband. We quite often sit and craft together too.

My whole family has a capsule wardrobe- meaning we only own what we regularly wear. It makes my life easier doing the laundry, never having huge piles of washing to manage. It also means that we always have ‘something to wear’. Every 3-6 months I go through our wardrobes and reduce what is in there if we have purchased new items in that period of time. It also gives me a chance to look at the kids’ clothes and see what they have outgrown, or ruined which needs replacing.

I have a huge fascination with 1930-60’s households and gardening styles. My home is packed with practical ‘antiques’ and some oddities. These I use daily, and are not just for show but used to make our lives more simple and easier. Our garden has a ‘wartime kitchen garden’ feel, with traditional beds and growing only the food that we all eat. We keep chickens and I read a lot of vintage gardening books. Time may have passed but the tried and tested methods are best. The war taught people how to efficiently grow as much as they could in a short time and cook with what they had- something I have been working at researching and reproducing myself.

It surprises some folk that as a family of 6 we don’t own a tumble drier or dishwasher. My laundry pile is reduced due to our capsule wardrobe, but I do use cloth nappies, CSP and lots of other reusables. These are all dried on our clothesline in the garden or on our Victorian kitchen-maid hung from the kitchen ceiling. Sunny days are my favourite! As for a dishwasher… I have my hands. I have no desire to own one ever. Oh and we don’t own an electric kettle… and in the winter we only use the open fire for heating. #Vintage! Ha!

So there you have it… our ‘Back to Basics’ lifestyle. How do you get back to basics? Let me know in the comments!

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Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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  1. we have a tumble dryer and a dishwasher but never use them, we just dont generate enough used items between the two of us to justify switching them on. I also blog just for myself and apart from one link sent out on all my SM sites I do no other promotion #bestbootforward

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