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Let babies bums look beautiful this Christmas with gNappies

Having your small ones dressed in their very best clothes over the festive period is what I consider quite important to us. Its nice for them to look good in photographs, look pretty for the visiting family, and just to look presentable on Christmas day. I have always made an effort to wear my finest when we sit around the dinner table and pull a few crackers!gnappies1

We use cloth nappies and wipes 100% of the time and we tend to go for practical nappies rather than pretty (although don’t get me wrong, I do love a pretty print!) meaning many of our nappies are second or third hand an a little on the boring side but for Christmas time I do like a pretty nappy on show. Its the baby ideal of a gorgeous accessory! I treated myself to some special prints not too long ago, as there is always a nappy out there to decorate your little one’s bottom stylishly with.

gNappies have just released an all new stunning range of gPants. The Glen Lassie and Glen Laddie are ideal for making your baby’s bum look Christmas-Photo ready at all times! gNappies always take pleasure and pride in finding materials that are hard to find and that exude style way beyond the cars and dinosaurs or fairies seen in most childrens’ departments, making gNappies once again leading the trend for stylish bottoms. Glen Laddie and Glen Lassie are inspired by the highlands with a traditional tartan design for the cutest of wee bairns whichever clan you belong to, ideal for St Andrews day. Although St Andrews day has been and gone this year, this timeless nappy can be worn year after year in celebration… and of course all year round!

gnappies glen lassie

gPants are an easy-to-use 2 part nappy system. The nappy is made up of the outer cover (the patterned bit, which you can see) and a 100% biodegradable disposable insert. The insert sits inside of a waterproof pouch and is simply thrown into the compost bin if just wet or binned if poopy. I prefer to not throw anything in the bin, so for folks like me there are cloth inserts also available from gNappies that can be washed again and again. The disposable gNappies inserts however only take 50-150 days to compost down into rich fertilizer to be used on your garden. I was more than happy to chuck the wet insert into my composter along with my veggie peelings and chicken poop!

gnappies disposable insert

I got to try out the disposable inserts and was very impressed with them. Disposable nappies take up to 500 years to decompose, sitting in landfill smelling for all of that time, so a nappy insert that can be chucked like a disposable but is 100% biodegradable seems like a great idea. They held a lot of wee, never leaked or burst and were super easy to change. If a poop soils the waterproof pouch you can change that bit also by simply popping a new pouch and insert in place, meaning you get to look at the pretty cover for a lot longer before washing is needed unlike many of my nappies that are in my cloth stash already that tend to only be worn once before the whole nappy is needing a wash. A pack of the gRefills disposable inserts are £8.95 and come in packs of 40 for newborn and small sizes and 32 for medium and large sized gPants. The waterproof pouches are easily washed by hand when in a rush, and can be rinsed under the tap when needing a re-fresh. I found the pouches also air dried in 10 minutes too, so no need to hang around for long! Extra pouches are also available to buy from the gNappies online store.

I felt a little odd doing the nappy up with the Velcro tabs at the back of the nappy (unlike most reusable and disposable nappies doing up tightly at the front) but there is a reason for this. Firstly there is no uncomfortable rubbing on little baby tummies, with no Velcro digging into them when they are sitting or playing and when gNappies are on older children who have a habit of undoing their nappy by themselves, like Ivy has started to do, they find it much trickier to escape from their nappy. I also didn’t have to do up the nappy as tightly as I would with a front fastening version. If you pull a gNappy up too tightly, you run the risk of getting leaks as the pouch inside will bunch up and let the contents escape. Not nice for anybody.

gNappies gPants are ideal for newborn babies and toddlers alike. The nappies are breathable, trim fitting and made from a sort cotton, so no irritation or red marks where the nappy sits against the skin. With beautiful patterns made for little boys and little girls there is a print / colour suitable for everyone and every outfit.

The Glen Lassie and Glen Laddie gPants are £17.95 each and are available from the gNappies website. Check out their huge range of other beautiful patterns, types of inserts and accessories including cloth liners and shopping bags!

gnappies red

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Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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