Astonish yourself with your spring cleaning this year

What if I told you that I had just discovered a range of cleaning products that work exceptionally well, are cruelty free, have been giving a seal of approval by the Vegetarian society and the Vegan society… and only cost £1. You’d call me a massive liar. Well, sorry sucker, I’m not lying.

astonish range

My regular readers will know that I like saving money. I keep my pennies tightly tucked away in my purse and they only come out when really needed. We also took part in a Vegan Challenge a few months ago and we still live a mostly vegan lifestyle. I take animal cruelty very seriously so I really get excited when I discover a new Happy-Product (my own penned term, because any product that tests on animals certainly isn’t happy. It’s a sh*t product) and in the 40 years that Astonish have been in business, not once have they ever tested on animals.

Astonish are a family owned British company who produce great working, and ethical cleaning products with a very very low price tag. For over 40 years, Yorkshire-based Astonish have been giving the house proud people of Britain nice shiny, dust free and great smelling homes.  From floor cleaners to hand washes, car cleaning products to grout whiteners, Astonish have every nook and cranny of your home covered, with their extensive range of products. I have been road testing (or should I say rug testing?) a few of their cleaners for the last few weeks, just to see if the quality has remained just as great as the first time I tried the brand a few years ago. I was not to be disappointed.

I had 2 friends round recently and they were having a good look at the range of products by Astonish that were sat on my kitchen side. We all ended up super hyper and finding strange things within my house that we could clean because we were all so  blown away ASTONISHED! Kids toys, dog beds, bottom of pans and even a wall clock…. yup, nothing was safe.

Window & Glass

With toddlers and pets, my windows and mirrors get pretty nasty pretty darn quickly. Sticky little fingers and wet noses (from the dog, and the kids) make unsightly smear marks. I’ve been using a green vinegar smelling product for years. And the 1 bottle has lasted me years. I pay a window cleaner to clean the outside of my home, so the inside is completely down to me. Just 2 or 3 squirts of Astonish window cleaner onto out very large glass pane, cleaned really well. There were no streaks left, it dried and buffed quickly and didn’t smell like pickled onions! Win!

As well as my living room window needing a regular clean from the kids and dog, my kitchen window gets grimy quickly. Grease can easily be splashed onto it, the washing up bowl water often finds its way there too so a tough clean is often needed. The Astonish cleaner worked very well cutting through the grease and grime, and left me with a very clear view down the garden!

I used a microfiber cloth with the window cleaner, as I find I get best results using microfiber. You can buy a bag of microfiber rags from most supermarkets now, for very very cheap. They last years as they wash so well and can be used on all different surfaces around the home.

  • Suitable for vegans
  • 750ml spray bottle
  • cruelty free
  • fast drying
  • streak free

Fabric Refresher

I have a habit of masking odours with incense sticks, but sometimes I just don’t fancy the smoky effects. With Spring on the cusp of arrival, I am well and truly in the mood for floral scents and freshness. Astonish Fabric Freshener, smells like clean linen. It’s a very pure smell, that actually smells clean rather than just like another ‘mask’. A quick spray in the morning (especially if I know I’m expecting visitors that day) on the curtains, sofa and dog bed gives me a lasting scent all day. I actually found the scent very uplifting and put me into a great mood for spring cleaning the house. I find it amazing how certain smells affect the soul, even more so when the sun is shining and I have a great CD playing, haha!

  • 750ml spray bottle
  • neutralises trapped odours
  • cruelty free
  • vegan
  • Spring Breeze scent

Grout & Tile

My kitchen windowsill is permanently under a lot of heavy work. From spring time, right through summer and even sometimes in the winter I use my windowsills to grow my seedlings for my vegetable garden. I currently have no less than 3 pots, 4 tubs, 2 bulb sets and various seeds soaking all on my windowsill. The grout can obviously be left looking grubby and tired from the pots being stood in the same spot for long periods of time. Just wiping down the surface never truly cleans the grout to a good enough standard.

Here is a picture of the tiles from my kitchen windowsill, before and after using the Astonish Grout and Tile Restorer. Please note that I am not a minger, I do clean my windowsills regularly… but the Astonish cleaner really did deep clean more than I have ever been able to before.

astonish grout cleaner

The Astonish Grout & Tile cleaner is really simple to use. It comes in a spray bottle, and just a couple of squirts sprayed onto the affected area and left for a couple of minutes gives an outstanding result. The mixture foams when sprayed, gripping all of the dirt and lifting it up and out. If used regularly the product will even help prevent the need for re-grouting, a laborious task that anyone will avoid if they can!

  • foam action so it sticks to walls, grips and lifts dirt brilliantly
  • 750ml spray bottle
  • vegan
  • effective on soap scum
  • gives a great shine to tiles
  • restores original grout colour

Oven & Cookware

I HATE having a grubby oven, and I am pretty hot on the oven cleaning duties. A clean oven creates a welcoming kitchen and tastier food. My gas hob does quickly loose its shine though, as the flames of the gas can easily burn any splashes, making a black crispy hob in no time.

The Astonish Oven and Cookware cleaner has sold more than 20.3 million tubs worldwide since 2007. The cleaner is a versatile, grey coloured paste is specially formulated to deep clean a huge range of kitchen and household items, such as ovens, cookware, bath tubs, taps and even patio furniture! As I briefly mentioned above, I had a couple of friends over and we because very giddy and quite hyper at the Oven and Cookware cleaner. We were pottering all over the house trying it on little blemishes within the 4 walls of my home…

astonish oven cleaner

It removed splashed paint from my light switches, it removed grease and food splashes from the side of my oven (you know, that annoying little gap that EVERYTHING falls down?!) and it even removed a strange red scuff from my kitchen flooring that had been there for months! A-FREAKIN’-MAZE-ING.

  • 500g tub
  • Cruelty free
  • vegan society approved
  • restores items to like new
  • made with vegetable soap and natural mineral abrasive
  • lasts ages!

uPVC Cream

Most houses today have a lot of uPVC attached to them, either around windows, windowsills being made from uPVC and doors being made from the stuff. It’s inside and outside and is often being battered by all weather systems and in need of a good regular clean. The uPVC that makes my windowsill is always covered with muddy footprints. The cats like to sit on the windows outside and meow at us through the glass, so every other day I end up having to wash and clean the windowsills just so they don’t look black from all of the mud. My chickens have also been known to sit up there too. So you can only imagine what they get like!

Simply squirt a little onto a damp sponge or cloth and wipe onto your uPVC surfaces and buffer in to a shine. It works really well, removing not only dirt but deep scuffs too from the plastic. The ay we moved into our houe just over a year ago, there was a strange black mark that just could not be wiped off. I have tried many different methods of removal, and all failed. A quick wipe of the uPVC Cream Cleaner and it was gone. Like, actually gone.

  • 550ml clean cap, squirty bottle
  • brightens whites
  • Cruelty free
  • suitable for vegans

In Conclusion

I have genuinely found Astonish cleaning products to be some of the best that I have ever tried. I’m not just saying that because I received a snazzy parcel of their products to review, I seriously am blown away. The effectiveness of their products is superb, and not only buying them would save you money (most of the items only cost £1) but you will be saving time too by using them. Everything was cleaned with just a quick wipe. No heavy scrubbing or waiting for chemicals to work, just simple effective cleaning.

Why spend up to 5x the amount of money buying something that only costs £1, and even more so when it does a better job than the more expensive competitor?

You can have a range through the whole Astonish cleaning range here. Don’t forget that they even sell cleaning products for your car too!

With over 35 retailers, you can buy Astonish products easily. Just pop to Tesco, Netto, Poundland, 99p Stores, B&M, The Range, John Lewis to name a few…. or you can order directly from the Astonish online shop via their website.

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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