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Amazon Kindle Review

I am a self confessed book hoarder. And so is my husband. And so is his mum, his dad, his brothers and so are our kids. Books everywhere. We. Love. Books.

I was always interested in seeing how an Amazon Kindle fared against a physical book. But at the back of my mind I felt that even if I did take the plunge and get a Kindle, I would still end up buying books. I’m not sure there’s anything wrong with that, but it does almost seem to eliminate the point.

So, I took a brave step and opened my heart (and bookshelf), and welcomed a new Kindle into our home.

The Amazon Kindle allows bookworms of all ages to enjoy novels, magazines, biographies, newspapers and even comics anywhere and anytime. With no loading times, no fiddly buttons and no exhausting initial set up (it look literally 2 minutes to get going) anyone can be reading something they like within 2 or 3 minutes of opening the box.

Amazon Kindle review

The quiet life

I found, that unlike the iPad (iBooks) which is not  a dedicated e-reader, there were no distractions whilst reading, such as Facebook notifications, email or app interruptions. For this reason, I’ve yet to finish a book on my iPad, but have cleared several thousand levels of Candy Crush.

Style is key

Amazon Kindle review

The Amazon Kindle is a super light weight, thin and very stylish e-reader. Unique.

Let me start with how it looks.

It’s small. Very small. So small in fact, that it fits into my back pocket. For the last few days though, it has lived in my hand bag, and been by my side everywhere I’ve been. Super-portable.

The screen is smooth but non-reflective. It doesn’t show the finger prints or greasy smears you get on glass-screened readers. And more importantly, you don’t get the glare, even in the brightest of sun, which means you can use it in any day time scenario. The text remains deep black, no matter what angle you hold your Kindle at, so you’ll always be able to read the text with ease. You can easily change the font size in settings too, perfect for those with poor eyesight or just folk those who prefer a larger text.

amazon Kindle review

It’s body is boxy, but doesn’t look or feel cheap. It’s more like something from Star Trek (TNG, my husband tells me). It’s been finished in a flat black colour. Its beautiful. Not as beautiful as some actual book covers, but it’s still aesthetically pleasing, nonetheless. It feels strong, and sturdy, and looks like it could happily live in a students back-pack, survive the roughest of suburban bus rides, brave city life and the packed tube in rush hour, and never pick up so much as a scratch or battle scar.

Live long, and prosper (Battery)

The battery lasts weeks from just one quick, 4 hour charge.

Seriously, its crazy!

The Kindle doesn’t seem to eat into the battery life to maintain a page of text. This blows my mind. Although I did find that the battery lasts longer during extended reading periods if you turn off the Wi-Fi.

Compared to other devices that require charging every day – there’s just no competition, especially when you fly through the pages as fast as I do.

Whatcha looking at, kid?

Kindle for Kids is a superb feature on the Amazon Kindle. Your child can safely read and enjoy books while letting their minds grow and their imagination run wild, through parental controls and password permissions.

Every child has the right to enjoy reading, no matter who, or where they are. The Kindle runs with this concept, and creates a learning environment in which reading goals and achievements can be set.

amazon kids review

The Kindle encourages your children to expand their vocabulary, automatically saving any words they don’t know, and highlighting any similar words, allowing them a quick and easy way to learn new words. A neat feature is a flash card quiz featuring all these words! Something that a book can’t do!

Children can earn rewards and achievement badges when they reach their reading goals (set by themselves or you) and parents can generate progress reports – showing how long they have spent reading, achievements earned and the words they have looked up.

I would recommend starting with Treasure Island, so download it FREE (just one of the thousands of free books for kids) and give them something amazing to dive into.

You have such beautiful features

If there is any word you don’t know, just simply highlight it and the dictionary shall open, Or you can check out a word, place, or name on Wikipedia, so you never need not be in the know. All without leaving the page you are on, so you never need lose your place.

amazon kindle features review

You can even share passages from books by highlighting them and sharing onto your social media pages, just make sure that you don’t share any spoilers! All of your books are saved onto The Cloud, meaning should anything ever happen to your Kindle you won’t lose any of your books. Not that we hope you shall ever have to use that feature.

Bookmarks, translations and even the fact that you can carry your whole book collection around with you is just mind blowing. There are just so many different features that set the Amazon Kindle has to offer to really enhance your reading experiences.

That’s a nice outfit

Its nice to protect the things you love. The more you care for something the longer it lasts and you can customise your Amazon Kindle with a range of superb protective covers.

kindle protective cover

The slim design of the official cover, hugs your Kindle perfectly and is so easy to just pop on and off of your device. The cover is very light weight but feels very tough and strong, being made from durable polyurethane. Cleverly, the cover, when closed, puts your Kindle to sleep automatically and instantly wakes the Kindle back up again when re-opened.

The top cover folds completely back meaning that you can read one handed, with no achy wrists. The protective cover is available in 6 colours and priced £19.99 and available from Amazon here.

There’s always a beginning, a middle and an end

In conclusion, my first experience of the Amazon Kindle has been absolutely incredible. I have fallen in love. I love physical books, I love how they look on the shelf and I find nothing more therapeutic than buy a new story to dive into, BUT I have felt pure joy reading on the Kindle. You soon forget what you’re holding a piece of technology as you get sucked into a good book. The kids love it and I would recommend the Kindle to young and old alike. I was saying to my husband that I think my nan would have liked using a Kindle, as it is so easy to set up, and so simple to use – with no confusing buttons, and being so light weight she would easily have enjoyed carrying it around in her hand bag. There isn’t much I can say about the Kindle other than how much I have enjoyed discovering it’s amazing features. It is a must have for anyone who is a regular reader… in fact I would even say that it is a must have for those who just want to start reading more and waking up their imagination.

The Amazon Kindle is £59 and available from Amazon directly.

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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