7 Helpful Floor Repair Tips

Repairing wooden floors can be tricky. But we have created this guideline in form of useful tips that will help you repair floors with great ease.

  1. Understand the Finish

The first thing to do before you start repairing the floor is to understand the type and nature of finishing of the floor. As we know there are different kinds of finishes that are done on the wooden floors including the oil and water based. Do a complete inspection of the floor if you have no idea of how the floor was made.

  1. Clean the Trouble Spot

There are multiple ways to clean the trouble spot. There can be spot or damages on some parts of the floor. So you can clean either the whole floor of the room or just clean the areas surrounding the spots. Use only water with a piece of cloth to clean the spots after removing dirt and dust. Use wax remover if a coating of wax has been applied on the floor.

  1. Treat Scratches Carefully

There might be few scratches on the wooden floor. This kind of damage needs to be treated carefully. You can use any solution for these. Markets have so many liquids and solutions that remove the scratches and stains on the floors. If you have any home-made DIY, that will be great as you know it will not spoil the floor decorum.

  1. Use Finish Restore

As said earlier the floors may have stains and scratches and they need to be repair with great care. Finish restore helps maintain the balance of colors on the floor. Due to scratches and while repairing them, you may notice different colors so this finish restore will help you create a harmonized balance of the color.

  1. A New Coat of Finish

This is really helpful to bring back a floor to its first and original look before it was damaged. After completing the repair work and fixing the scratches, you should apply a new coat of the paint or color already used. If you had done the floor work, you will know what type of material was used so you purchase that and prepare the floor for new coating. This will bring the floor in its original form and look.

  1. Worst Scratches?

If your floor has a lot of scratches and they are hard to repair, you can take your time and fix them slowly. For this you will need sand and the material used for coating. Mix these items together and prepare a paste. Apply it on the floor where the floor received scratches. Once it is done, let it dry. Now you can refinish the floor in order to make it look like the original.

  1. Badly Damaged Floor?

It can happen in worst cases that your floor was damaged badly and the patches have been displaced. There is an easy fix for this as well. You will need to remove the damaged patches and bring wooden material of the similar type. Fix the new patches after removing the damaged ones and complete the finishing work. Your floor is ready just like it was before damage.

If you want to have a flooring that requires less maintenance, you can look into laminate flooring.




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