My 3rd Week Vegan, Sweet Treats

I am in full swing now. I am finding this week, much easier than the previous 2. I now don’t think twice what I grab from the fridge and I find thinking of dinners easy peasy. I am finding lots of treats that keep me (and my sweet tooth) happy. Before I started my 30 Day Vegan Challenge I imagined that I would spend a lot of time with a rumbling tummy, and going to bed hungry. But I have been quite the opposite. I find I can eat more with less calorie damage, I also don’t find myself getting hungry as quickly as before, after meals. I feel way more satisfied. My body is finally using my full time to absorb nutrients, rather than just a small part of what I eat.

I have only 10 days left of my vegan challenge, but as I draw closer to the end, the more I am convinced that I will stay vegan. Or at least a mostly vegan diet. I most certainly will NOT be turning back to a meat diet. Why would I, when I feel this amazing?!

This week, I have been discovering sweet treats. Mylk tasty milk alternative drinks, Pulsin bars, Goody Good Stuff jelly sweets and Beond bars. All delivering a sweet treat, without the worry of straying away from my vegan diet. Who said we can’t have a sweet tooth, and not contribute to the suffering of animals?!

mylk coffee drink

Pre Vegan days, I really enjoyed supermarket bought Iced coffee. They were not vegan, so I’ve had to say goodbye to them. BUT, my happy liquid treat loving self was soon to discover Mylk. by Rebel Kitchen. These  dairy free, coconut Mylks use natural products and no additives or preservatives. Real ‘feel good’ food.

I first tried the coffee Mylk carton and it tasted like pure coffee heaven. I tried to savour the carton but I couldn’t help drink it fast, which I regret now. The cartons are 330ml and can be resealed, so I have no excuse. It was just tooo yummy. Ooops! I also tried the Chi flavour and found that its pleasant spices worked so well with the coconut milk and equally went down as well as the coffee flavour, even though it was a totally new flavour for my taste buds to try!

Mylk cartons are available from Holland and Barrett and are priced at £1.99.

Pulsin bars

Pulsin have delivered to us sweet toothed people, a natural and high protein, low calorie range of snacks and bites. Pulsin’s Protein Bite range include Mint Chock Chip, Vanilla Choc Chip and Orange Choc Chip and each contain 6g of protein each.  Pulsin also have a protein snack, The Maple and Peanut bar. It contains 13g of protein and is ideal for a pre-exercise boost, or great for busy mums like me that just need a little extra long lasting energy during these summer holidays.

pusin bars review

Each bite is chewy and yummy, And what’s even more wonderful is that they are dairy free, Gluten free, Soya free and non GM.  A full review of the Pulsin range can be found on my blog very soon.

Goodies Good Stuff Summer Peaches review

A really sweet treat that even the kids wanted to steal. Goody Good Stuff Summer Peaches jelly sweets. Approved by the Vegan Society these yummy sweets are gluten free, soy free, nut free and lactose free. They use all natural flavours and colours too. They are very moreish and the Summer Peaches flavour taste even better when sat in the sunshine now that our great British summer has finally arrived.

The Goody Good Stuff sweets range can be found in Holland And Barrett for £1.49. Also in the range is Cola Breeze, Cheery Cherries, Sour Fruit Salad, Strawberry and Cream, Sour Mix Match, Tropical Fruit and Kola Gummy Bears.

And finally…

Beond bars

Beond refuel us with a tasty raw snack bar, that’s only 55 calories. These bite size bars are ideal for keeping in your handbag for those ‘snack moments’ or even a healthy treat for kids school lunch boxes. Each bar gives you one of your 5 a day (although since turning vegan, eating my 5 a day has been a piece of cake- not a great analogy to use 😉 )

The organic Apple and Cinnamon Bite, is sweet and sticky. A perfect blend of flavours, and despite being a small snack size, I was feeling very satisfied after. It’s sweet and actually really good for you. Only raw and organic ingredients are used to pack out the bar. Guilt free and tasty!

You can find more tasty vegan food in the Holland & Barrett Free From range online. You can also search the Free From range by allergen as well as food, making sure that all individual dietary requirements can be catered for.

A Few Body Stats: Day 21

Weight: 10 st 9lb (< 5lbs since day 1)

BMI: 27.3 (Overweight)

State of mind and how I feel: Very positive. I am starting to get even more energy and my skin is clearing up. I think my body is working through a detox and is now running much better than before. Sluggish moments are dropping and I am digesting food much better.

Skin: A lot clearer. Less greasy and much more hydrated. I have upped my water intake dramatically since turning vegan.

Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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