The 3 Best Breast Pumps For Home, Work and Occasional Use

Sometimes, owning just 1 breast pump isn’t ideal. A superb electric machine may be fabulous at home, but if you suddenly have to pump when on a day out it most certainly will not be your go-to pump. I have just given birth to our 4th baby, and if breastfeeding and pumping over the years has taught me anything, it’s that sometimes we need a few pumps for a few different jobs. Here is my round-up of my favourite pumps- for ALL occasions!

For Home: Nuby Natural Touch Digital Breast Pump

Electric breast pumps are superb for those who want to pump at home. Due to needing a power source and being a little noisy (but not too noisy!) electric pumps are best kept for using at home.

Family trusted brand Nuby have launched an all new electric breast pump that is ideal for mums planning on expressing every day. I like to pump daily so I have a good supply of milk in the deep freeze ready to grab when I head out of the door to defrost, and when weaning has started we can use my expressed milk in her porridge or even making breast milk ice lollies to soothe her teething pain.

Easy to read display.

The new Nuby Natural Touch digital breast pump has a series of special features. It has 2 different pumping modes. The first mode stimulates milk flow and the second is the active expressing function, both modes working on the breast like a baby would, meaning that you get more milk expressed in the most efficient way.

The new Nuby Natural Tough Digital Breast Pump is available for £89.99 and can be purchased directly from Nuby’s online shop. To read my full review of the Nuby Natural Touch Digital breast pump, click here.

For Out & About: MAM Manual Breast Pump

Unlike many other pumps available on the market, this pump has only 4 parts to assemble before use! Simply click the funnel to the body, then click the pump handle into place, attach the valve and then screw the bottle onto the pump. Simples!

The MAM Manual Breast pump has some wonderful features, which make it a firm favourite when pumping on the go. The pump has a soft cushioned funnel, that makes expressing a very comfortable experience. It also has a smart little selector dial to adjust suction strength- great for getting milk flowing, and adjusting when milk is flowing easily. It’s also very comfortable to hold, due to its ergonomic design. Many manual pumps can cause some hand-ache due to the repetitive squeeze-release action, but I found this pump so easy to use, that I only started to get a little hand ache after pumping for a very long time.

This clever dial adjusts the suction strength.

It is also a very quiet pump! I have used a few manual pumps in the past that have a really annoying ‘squeak’ every time the handle is compressed. The MAM Manual Breast Pump either hasn’t developed this yet (and I’ve used it lots!) or this really could be a squeak-free pump… gasp!

The MAM Manual Breast Pump is available online from the MAM website,  Argos (£39.99), John Lewis (£37.50), Babies R Us (£37.49) and many other stockists, so do shop around to find the best prices! To read my full review of the MAM Manual Breast Pump, you can visit my blog post here.

For Every Use: Haakaa Silicone Pump

The great thing about the Haakaa Silicone pump is that it literally has no parts, it is just one single piece of silicone. This pump is a unique design and super easy to use. The Haakaa pump really is superb and great for use at home, at work and just for occasional use! And it looks beautiful too!

The 100% food grade silicone pump is special. I often use it to catch excess milk when feeding my baby on the opposite breast. I simply latch my baby one side and attach the Haakaa to the other. Doing this, I often catch an extra 2-3oz of breastmilk, by doing nothing… no pumping, no plugs, no handles.

Simply squeeze the pump and place over your breast. As you let go of the pump, the suction holds the pump in place and draws milk from your breast. The pump is super soft, and sits well on the breast. The pump also has a really handy suction cup on the base of the pump, so stop any spillages. Crying over spilt milk is a thing!

I also have a beautiful stopper for my pump. Shaped like a flower, the stopper sits inside of the neck of the pump and creates a seal, meaning milk is kept sterile and away from contaminants for longer. It also means, if the pump is knocked over, you wont loose your precious pumped milk.

The Haakaa 100ml is available from the Haakaa website and costs £18.99 (with stopper).


Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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