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10 Cheap Toys For Kids This Christmas

Christmas is often an expensive time of year, and even more so if you have children. But your child won’t care how much you spend on them at Christmas, because money does not matter to them. Why spend big, when they can have just as much fun, for less?

I take a look at some of the best cheap toys available, that your kids will LOVE.

Tomy Hide And Squeak Eggs*

This classic toy is ideal for babies and younger children. Open the yellow egg box to find 6 cheeky chicks inside of their eggs! If you press down on each chick, they make the cutest little squeak noise. A simple toy, but is a huge hit with babies. They love opening the eggs, and making them squeak and helps them to perfect their motor skills and memory.

These wonderful Tomy Hide and Squeak Eggs are just £.9.99 from the Find Me A Gift website.

Boppin’ Bugz*

This superfast team of fun bugs are sure to get everyone giggling! We loved the choice of games that you can play with the Boppin’ Bugz and it got the kids off of the sofa and burning off some energy. Choose a bug, set him free and try to bop him, but be quick as these bugs move FAST!

Choose from 3 bugs to play with- Bella The Beetle, Fizz The Fly and Boris The Bookworm. Each bug is hilarious to play with and moves super quick, with crazy sounds and flashing lights. There are 3 different games to choose from and you can play with just 1 bug or join them all together with magnets to form a bug-tastic train. The bugs work by motion sensors in their back which detect if you are near. Try to bop them and they instantly run away!

Boppin’ Bugz had us all in fits of laughter on the kitchen floor for hours! It has taken a fair few hours of bashing already and it’s still looking good. Even the dog loved chasing it!

Boppin’ Bugz are exclusive to JML and cost £12.99 each.


Fingerlings Unicorn


Fingerlings have been a huge hit, and they are selling out everywhere- fast. BUT… there is a member of the Finglerlings team who is even cuter than the adorable clingy monkeys. IT’S A UNICORN, GUYS!!!!!! A UNICORN!

Fingerlings have sensors on their heads that react to touch, and if you hang them upside down (where monkeys love to hang best!) they may even give a cute giggle, one of the 40 different sounds that Fingerlings can make! These super adorable little pets love being played with, so try a range of ways to play and see how your Fingerling reacts.

The Fingerlings Unicorn is exclusive to Toys R Us and costs £14.99.


Virtual Pets*

A blast from the past! I remember virtual pets when they first became a craze. We 90’s kids had a whole range of pets hanging from our rucksacks, keys and even pencil cases. I remember my school banning them, so suddenly parents and guardians were left babysitting our virtual pets until we came home from school!

This revived Virtual Pet toy contains 32 different pets to choose from. Your new virtual pet will start life as an egg, and once hatched you  can feed, bathe, educate and play games with your new buddy! This Virtual Pets toy is super easy to understand and play with. My 5 year old found cleaning up her pets poop hilarious! Funnily enough, she doesn’t find cleaning up the poop from our REAL dog quite as fun…

This Virtual Pets toy is just £4.99 from

Nickelodeon Experimake Sludge and Slime

Children are going wild for slime at the moment. They watch slime videos on YouTube and then seem determined to make their own slime.


Created by scientists and made for fun, the newest addition to the Experimake range is this awesome sludge and slime set. There are lots of crazy and quirky things to make and do, such as make an invisible monster, sludgy goo and even monster bogies! Gross but fun!

The Nickelodeon Experimake Sluge and Slime kit is currently just £10.


Gifts marked with a * were kindly gifted to us in exchange for this post.



Hazel Newhouse

Hazel is a mum to 3 daughters and a son, she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, kids and pets. Hazel has written for various publications, and regularly works alongside popular parenting and gardening brands.

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