A Baby Girl And A New House All In One Day

What an amazing day!

Some of you may know that we are in the middle of a house move, and we have been patiently waiting for the keys to be dropped into our eager hands for some time now.

Some of you may also know that we have been waiting patiently for our 20 week anomaly scan, that would hopefully reveal what the baby will be. What is it Team Blue this time or was it to be another member of Team Pink?

Ofcourse it was yet another girl! 3rd member for the Newhouse team pink :) Obviously we only make girls!

It felt like the whole day was spent in either a waiting room, or on the road.
From getting the keys at 10am, until our scan at 3pm, we were between the new house and the old house shifting just a small amount of the boxes and doing a huge amount of cleaning! The new house is just perfect and as soon as the kids saw it, they were in love!
But we still have a long road ahead of us for decorating and such…. How exciting! I say now…… I probably won’t think it’s so exciting this time next week!

So, back to the baby scan…
Everything is just fine. She is growing perfectly and is a healthy little thing. We were in the scan a little loner than my previous scans with the girls as she was hiding her face and at a funny angle, giving the sonographer a big of a hard time to do her job! l have been called back for another scan at 36 weeks though as my placenta is anterior (at the front of my tummy) and slightly blocking the exit… Not something I wanted to hear.
Hopefully my placenta will shift upwards as my belly grows and my idea of a home birth can become a reality!
I don’t want a C section!!!!!

All in all, it was a good day! A new house for the Newhouse family and another Newhouse girl to join our Newhouse clan….
Now that’s a lot of Newhouse’s!


We Need To Move Now!

So it is now solid set in stone that we shall be moving again within the next 2 weeks. After 18 months in our little home, we need something bigger (and something that isn’t falling down…. Literally).
We have found a wonderful 3 bed family home that shall be our residence for the rest of our days!
We have always rented private properties as a family and we have never had to worry about painting, buying carpets or even worry about choosing an oven!
Suddenly we have had to grow up even more…. Gulp! And In all honesty, I won’t be buying a tin of Magnolia paint for a very very long time! Why are rented houses always magnolia?!

So with the new house just around the corner in time, I am sick to the back teeth of looking at cardboard boxes!
I just want that phone call to say that the keys are ready and we can go!

Will it be today? Tomorrow or next week? Sooner rather than later I hope!

I can say one thing for sure though, trying to pack up a house (near enough single handedly) with 2 toddlers constantly under my feet is exhausting and depressing. Not to mention the growing bump meaning that bending over at least 500 times a day is near impossible.
I wonder if I can pack the kids in boxes. Would it make my life easier?

Ps: How hard is it to choose between laminate or carpet?! I mean, realllly?!


A Poem About Having A Baby

It’s National Poetry Day today (2/10/14) and even though I am ABSOLUTELY rubbish at writing poems, I thought I would give it a go!

We will always remember the day we discovered,
A day of surprise, sickness and blubbers.
Are we ready for another tiny person?
With hands all sticky, touching everything they shouldn’t.

We went for our scan with dash and hurry,
We discovered that everything was sweet as pure honey.
It was the first time we saw you, a small wriggly bean,
I wish I could keep this moment forever, where is that Time Machine?!

Just the one in there? Oh please be sure!
I don’t think I can fit anymore shoes by the door!

So now I am well into my second trimester,
Will you be Rosie or Lucy or maybe Sylvester ?!*
My belly is big and getting more round,
I’m looking more pregnant with every damn pound.

It’s soon time to think and plan my birth.
I want to nice and calm and be at one with the earth.
As that baby makes it’s way and the time is near,
I know that I shall be calm, please God no fear.
My body has done this twice before,
But I know I can do it it with joy once more.

And when you arrive and placed on my breast,
I shall know that we all did our very best. **

And as I lay there as a mother, friend and wife.
I know that the Blood Sweat and Tears I shed, were THE BEST OF MY LIFE.


*dong panic guys, none of these names will be chosen!

** labour us team work! Thanks to my husband, the doctors, midwives and surgeons who have helped me deliver my babies.

DIY Halloween Bats For Toddlers

Halloween isn’t too far away. Ok it’s quite far but everyone seems so excited already, we just couldn’t resist making these cute little bats early!
These bats are perfect for toddlers to make as they are not too fiddly.
I liked to chat to Willow about bats when making these. Discussing how they fly, what they eat and even where they live. She was fascinated!

What you will need:

Tin foil, Black sacks, Black String, Googley eyes, Black and white paper or card, scissors and cellotape.

How to make your bats:

Start by taking a bigish sheet of tin foil and scrunching it up into balls. bats1

Get your black sack and cut out enough black bag to cover the tinfoil balls, with some extra to make wings.bats2

Wrap the bag around so it is nice and smooth then secure with a little cellotape at the back of the bat. Make sure that you have left some of the black bag loose either side of the ball. These are the wings. Now, take the wings and twist once (Like you would when wrapping a tube of smarties for Xmas!), secure in place with some black string. Just a simple knot will do. bats3

Now, stick on 2 googley eyes. If you don’t have any googley eyes cut some little round circles from paper and draw on some eyes, it works just as well! Then cut 2 triangles out of the black card, fold the bottom and stick them onto the bat as ears! Finally do the same with the white paper, for teeth! bats4

Finally, cellotape another long length of black string to your bats head and he is ready to hang up where ever you like!halloween home made decoration


That 3 Breasted Lady

Right, I’m a little confused.
Over the years I have heard several times (what seems like an age old question) if men would prefer a woman to have 3 breasts or one big tit. And most times I have heard men say “well 3 of course”.
Silly question asked to teen boys on the play ground, silly question asked between drunk blokes at the bar- with me awkwardly pulling them a pint as they ponder, and even a silly question that I myself have asked my husband as we lay in bed.
Always the same answer. Three big chachas.

Here is my confusion. With all these blokes dreaming of 3 boobies to play with (even Busted said that it would happen by the year 3000) why are there so many negative comments towards the young lady dominating social media this week who actually went and did it.

Jasmin Tridevil (fab stage name if you ask me) and her three boobies have received some pretty darn nasty comments –
People (men mostly) on FB/Twitter/Reddit are wondering if she has genuine psychological issues. They are calling her gross and even saying that she should have ‘spent her money sorting her mingin head out’! Another calls her a ‘fame hungry twat’. And the golden comment “I wish I had three hands…. So I could give them three thumbs down”.
All of these are genuine comments that I pulled from FB in ye space of around 20 seconds. I didn’t even have to ‘show more’ on the comments box on the page LADbible to find them.

All seem a little harsh when last week I’m sure as hell of a lot of men (and women) had a fair few fantasies about a three breasted woman… All fantasies now blown of course!

Personally I think so what, go for it! Infact, I might book myself into the Harley St to have my 2 average sized boobies made in to one huge tit.
Now that could be fun. Would ruin my chest tattoo though.

But of course, if you hadn’t heard the news this morning, it was all one big elaborate hoax.
According to TMZ news, After her baggage was stolen at Tampa airport it was reported by police that inside the bag was a breast prosthetic worth around $5k according to Tribreast herself.
Well done lady, you blew the minds of a generation (and got them all pretty peed off and confused at the same time) in the space of 3 days.