WIN- Off On An Adventure With Tommee Tippee

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I visited The Baby Show recently, and I couldn’t resist popping along and seeing my buddies Tommee tippee.

Tommee tippee are the UK mums favourite choice of bottle, and mums are about to get even happier… They have released their best cup collection yet. Specifically designed to keep little ones happy and hydrated, from their very first sip to going on their first big adventures!

The new range includes cups carefully designed for each developmental stage, for ages 4 months to 3 years. A new non-spill, one piece valve helps little ones develop grown up drinking skills without the spills and makes cleaning easy for Mum. The unique soft, flexible spout protects gums and the introduction of straw cups and removable handles will help if tipping is a challenge. Plus, the range carries unique, fun and colourful designs Mum and baby will love. All tommee tippee® cups are BPA free.

mix and match

I find the tommee tippee cups so great because you can mix and match handles and spouts between all of the cups. So, if your child have a favourite cup they just wont let go of, you can adapt the cups to their age range, from sippy cups at 4m, right through to the awesome sports spout at 3 years!

There is just so much to choose from, the range is so ide there really is a bottle/combo perfect for every little adventurer.

tommee tippee sippee cup 4M - weaning (product)

For when your little one is ready to start having sips of water or away from the bottle , the sippee cup, suitable for 4m+ is a great starter cup. It has a soft spout, which is gentle on baby’s sensitive gums, easy-grip handles and a non-spill valve. If tipping is a little tricky, try the straw cup in the weaning range. The colour schemes are stunning for babies, bright and easy for them to see too. Making weaning fun!

tommee tippee straw cup 6M - weaning (lifestyle)

The next stage up is designed for when your baby starts sitting, playing and rolling around. The cups have a slightly larger capacity and comes with the sippee and straw cups that will keep baby hydrated, especially with the summer months starting to roll in. The detachable, easy-grip handles help encourage baby to grip cups using grown up skills. Suitable from 7m+.

tommee tippee straw cup 7M - training (product)

The cups then go into the 12m+ range, designed for babies and toddlers on the go. With easy-grip sides, soft spouts and non-spill valve, these cups are perfect for a big toddler adventure! The sippee cup and straw cups are also insulated to keep drinks cool while on the go, a very clever design feature I am so impressed with. The pictures on the cups look so fun too, keeping the tommee tippe cups looking fun and funky!

tommee tippee insultated sippee cup 12M - active (lifestyle)

Tommee tippee designers listen to mums, after many said they found the valves a little tricky to clean. They acted on this and have created a super simple 2 part valve system that easily pops off and cleans in the sink, with no fiddly bits to loose.

You now have the chance to get your mitts on a fab range of cups for you little adventurers! Just follow the simple instructions to be in with a chance of winning this set of cups.

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Open to UK residents only. Competition ends on 5/6/15 ad midday. No prize alternatives. We want to hear about your big adventures. It could be a wild west, fairy princess, holiday or a day out adventure. Post your favourite big adventure pictures, videos and stories on the tommee tippee® Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #ttbigadventure.

tommee tippee logo black star

WIN- One of 2 Silver Spoons with Sudocrem

Not all of us are born with silver spoons in our mouths. But, you could be in with a chance of winning one of 2 gorgeous silver spoons made by Christopher Hamilton, commissioned by Sudocrem, the fab barrier cream behind Care & Protect.

Sudocrem Care & Protect asked parents to consider the advantages and disadvantages of being born with a “silver spoon”. The results were fascinating. For most parents, the greatest privilege wouldn’t be fame and fortune but the chance to use their power and influence to make a difference to others. The biggest disadvantage is lack of privacy and spontaneity. Would they change places? The answer is no. It seems that an ordinary life has a lot going for it and the greatest gift of all is to be born into a caring and protective family!

To celebrate the birth of HRH Prince George, Sudocrem commissioned Theo Fennell to make a charm bracelet with a tiny pot of Sudocrem, which was auctioned for the charity and to celebrate the birth of Princess Charlotte these stunning spoons have been released and up for grabs.

silver spoon

Each spoon shall be engraved with your baby’s initials, and arrive in a stunning black lined box with certificate of authentication. Just precious, like your little one.

Because, every baby is special and deserves a silver spoon!

Competition is open to UK residents only, and closes midday on the 1stof June 2015.

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Keep It Clean With Mrs Gleam

A few weeks ago I popped along to the Bedfordshire Baby & Toddler Show and met a superb couple of ladies, who promised me easy cleaning. HA! What’s that?!

I was given a demo and naturally I was sceptical. I always have been of so-called ‘miracle products’. Miracle face cream, miracle foods, miracle cleaning products. But, I was proven wrong. I watched a product actually work. It didn’t have a hefty price-tag so I treated myself. I was actually impressed. So impressed in fact that I came home, put it straight to the test, watched it work, told all of Facebook about it, called my Mother-In-Law, told her about it… and then sat and wrote this. OK, get the picture?

mrs gleam carpet cleaner

Mrs Gleam’s Carpet And Upholstery Cleaner packs a punch with carpets, sofas and even curtains. It is so simple to use and just needs a sponge to work its magic. The super powerful upholstery cleaner contains no peroxide, no bleach and is totally safe on skin. If your little darling or fluffy pet was to crawl across the rug just after you have just used the cleaner, you wouldn’t need to worry about skin irritations or nasty reactions. Superbly, a little really does go a long way, with only one or 2 squirts of cleaner.

You simply just spray a couple of squirts onto the stain, and let the foamy liquid soak in for about 30 seconds – 1 minute (it doesn’t matter if you leave it longer though, it doesn’t have anything that will melt you carpets away, don’t worry) then using your damp sponge rub the stain away. You don’t have to use excessive elbow grease, just a good firm wipe and the mark will be gone. Literally. No need to pat dry or rinse, the cleaner doesn’t leave any residue and it has no smell either.

magic carpet cleaner

I first tested the product on a stubborn hard black mark on our cream rug. The mark had been there for the last year and I believe it was old play-doh completely trodden into the rug. I had tried various methods to get rid of the mark but nothing seemed to shift it. I was happily surprised. The rug is quite dirty all over as it is now used as a ‘dirt catcher’ underneath our dining table while we wait for our new laminate to be fitted, but I still like it to look clean!

There are lots of other fabulous products from the team at Mrs Gleam’s such as the Stainless Steel Cleaner, Oven Cleaner and the brilliant new range ‘Little Darlings’ which give parents absolute peace of mind that kills 99.999% of germs. There is a high-chair cleaner, potty spray and car seat and buggy cleaner, all safe and eco friendly.

The full range is available from Mrs Gleam’s online shop, and in some retail outlets, including TKmaxx, The Co-Operative, Lakeland and is a regular feature on shopping channel QVC. A bottle of Mrs Gleams carpet and upholstery cleaner is just £5.99 (RRP)

Understanding Febrile Convulsions

Worryingly many parents don’t know much about febrile convulsions, it’s even more shocking that many parents have never actually heard of them.

Febrile convulsions (or febrile seizures) are fits in children due to a rapid rising temperature. A fever can be the result of the body fightin infection, commonly the flu, chickenpox or even inner ear infections. A febrile fit can cause children to seize up, lose consciousness and go stiff. Their arms and legs may even twitch. Some even wet themselves (this is known as a tonic clonic seizure). Surprisingly they are actually really common, and are normally completely harmless, despite appearing very stressful and upsetting to see. According to the NHS Website, 1 in 20 children suffer at least 1 febrile convulsion at some point in their childhood years.

There are actually 2 different types of febrile seizure. One is a Simple Febrile Convulsion which includes Tonic Clonic fits and doesn’t reoccur with 24 hours of the fever and fit. The second kind is a Complex Febrile Convulsion, a less common kind of fit. The fit will last longer than 15 minutes, has 2 or more fits within a 24 hour period of illness and previous fit, the child doesn’t fully recover from the seizure within 1 hour from the fit and the child is only affected on one part of the body.

But would you know what to do when your child is running a very high fever or during a fit?

If a child is running a rapidly rising fever

As a rule, a child under the age of 5 who has a temperature above 37.5*c is classed as having a fever. Fevers are so common in children, and are normally never something you should need to panic about. But the higher the temperature rises, the higher you begin to worry. Having a good, branded family thermometer in your home is essential, especially when you have children.  Willow had a temperature of 40*c last year. While I tried to stay calm, I knew something was not right. I called 101 who called an ambulance for us, and she was taken into hospital for observations. Luckily she was OK, and it was just a high fever. She was back home in the early hours of the morning and gradually perked up. I remember feeling sick with worry, especially as I had to stay at home with our other baby, while my husband joined her in the ambulance. The paramedics advised us how to keep a feverish child comfortable and reduce the chances of a fever rising further, by stripping the child down to underwear or loose clothing, just a thin blanket would be enough to keep her cooler without dropping her body temperature too rapidly.

febrile convulsions

Skin to skin is also an amazing way to regulate body temperatures in infants and young children. Literally both of you stripping down and placing your child on your chest and cuddling. Keep fluid intake up, with regular sips of water. If you are still breastfeeding, offer them a feed. This not only comforts your child, but the skin to skin will also help the fever, not to mention the antibodies found in breast milk can help fight any nasty bugs, making your child feel ill.

Keep an eye out for dehydration, which can exacerbate any fevers. Look out for dry mouth, sunken eyes, reduced urination and a sunken fontanelle (the soft spot on a baby’s head)  which are all signs.

If you wish to, try using a child specific paracetamol suspension to help lower the fever, such as Calpol. Never mix medicines unless advised to, and never give Aspirin to a child.

What to do if your child does have a febrile convulsion

Firstly, and it is hard, try to stay calm. This will help your child feel a little more comfortable and reassured. Place the child into the recovery position. If you are dealing with a baby, use the infant recovery position.




Take a note how long the fit is lasting. if the fit lasts longer than 5 minutes you should call an ambulance right away, if the seizure only last a few seconds to 2 minutes, call 101 for advice right away. Its unlikely that there will be anything wrong or any lasting damage but it is always best to be sure and seeking medical advice. Remove any dangers that are around the child, you don’t want them knocking themselves on anything or anything being knocked over, causing possible injury. Don’t try to restrain the child, or hold a finger in their mouth. This can cause choking. If the child has been sick during the seizure, by putting them into recovery position will ensure that any vomit can easily drain from their mouth.

After the seizure

The child will expectedly be upset and scared after a seizure, naturally. The best you can do is comfort them and show them that you are there for them. Don’t offer them any food or water until the seizure is completely over, just to reduce the risks of choking. They may be confused or drowsy and may just feel the need to sleep for a while after, this is fine but try not to leave them unattended just in case another fit happens. Call 101 for advice, and they may send you to your local hospital for a check up for to the nearest medical center. Cuddles and love (as well as medical professionals) are the best medicine, your child will just want you to be there for them.

For more information on first aid for Children and Babies, The British Red Cross run some fantastic courses across the UK. For more information, click here.

British Red Cross first aid show

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The Baby Show, Birmingham NEC

Back in February we visited The Baby Show at London’s Excel. I was heavily pregnant and we were spotting for super bargains for our new baby. Fast forward to 3 months later and we were back visiting The Baby Show, but this time in Birmingham and with baby Ivy. We were still looking for bargains, and this show certainly delivered the goods.

Birmingham baby show 2015

The NEC is a superb arena that houses some very famous shows, such as Crufts and Gardeners World Live. We were welcomed into the Show by some lovely staff, and some gorgeous Cosatto buggies on show, as the Front of House sponsor. The buzz in the arena was high, and the sheer size of the event was clear. Hundreds of brands exhibiting were proudly giving demonstrations and talking to parents-to-be through huge choices of products. It was soon clear that The Baby Show really did have everything that you would ever need, or ever need to know about welcoming a new life all under one roof. From Buggies to baby carriers, bottles to breast pumps, each brand had well trained and knowledgeable staff discussing your buying options and answering any question that you may have.

NEC Baby Show

The buggy giants Quinny, Maxi Cosi, iCandy, Britax and UppaBaby were all demonstrating their huge ranges of prams and buggies for parents to try and even take for a test run around the show. iCandy were revealing their new Designer Collection for the very first time at the show. As a celebration of the 5th anniversary of their iconic Peach pushchair, they were revealing the 2 new pushchairs from the new designer collection: The Black and The Classic. Both pushchairs are newly designed with new features, beautiful style and are proudly manufactured from the most quality of materials. Both of the new pushchairs are available to buy from August 2015 but pre-orders were being taken at The Baby Show for eager parents to be the first to get their hands on the stunning new prams.

iCandy NEC Baby Show

Tommee Tippee were once again hosting the superb feeding areas. There were lots of different flavoured food pouches to try for free, including free spoons and bibs and there were food heating and preparation apparatus free to use. A private breastfeeding area was also available for those mums who needed a little peace and quiet to put their feet up and breastfeed their babies in comfort and out of the public eye, should they feel more comfortable to. There was lots of seating space, and each table had the amazing Stokke highchairs for the kids to eat their lunch in style and comfort.

Aldi Mamia were supplying the nappy changing room. You didn’t even need to bring nappies and wipes with you as these were supplied by Mamia, giving you more room in your changing bags to put all of your shopping and free samples! The changing area was clean, with sanitary nappy bins, Stokke changing tables and plenty of sinks to wash your hands in.

The main stage had a huge host of excellent speakers and demonstrations throughout the day. The British Red Cross were demonstrating life-saving infant first aid (they were also teaching classes on their own stage all day during The Baby Show.) Author Sarah Beeson MBE was discussing her new book Happy Baby, Happy Family and was very interesting to listen to, I could have sat and listened all day to her wonderful information. Sarah was also available to meet and chat to, and even get a copy of her book signed.

British Red Cross first aid show

With so many amazing and too-good-to-miss offers to be taken advantage of at The Baby Show, Emmas Diary had a wonderful role with the drop off and collect point. You could drop off your shopping, at any point during the show, to empty your hands and simply ‘drive-thru’ and collect your goods on your way home after the event. For an extra fee, you could even have your shopping delivered to your own home! Perfect for those traveling to the show via public transport of those with smaller cars.

emmas diary dop and collect service

Tommee Tippee kept kids busy with their TTBigAdventure play space, the theme this time was ‘space’, and their were lots of activities to keep kids busy while mums and dads chat about the all new Tommee Tippee cup range, perfect prep machine and sterilisers. This year Tommee Tippee were also proud to work alongside Arla Big Milk, with lots of yummy tasters and bottles for parents to try. Big Milk is the all new fresh, 100% British whole cow’s milk enriched with nutrients that your growing children aged 1 to 5 years need to be healthy and happy. Naturally rich in calcium Big Milk also offers Vitamins D and A and Iron added into the milk, offering a convenient way for kids to meet their nutritional requirements for these essential vitamins, all supported and created by top dieticians and nutritionists.

I went zooming off on a #ttbigadventure with Tommee Tippee

I went zooming off on a #ttbigadventure with Tommee Tippee

There were fun and games to be had over at the Count The Kicks stand, including a tombola with some superb prizes up for grabs… better still, everyone was a winner! Count The Kicks are a superb chairy empowering mums-to-be with knowledge and confidence, helping to reduce the still birth and miscarriage rate amongst unborn babies. The famous Kick Counters were also on sale at a special show price of £2 (RRP £3.50), and are a must-have for every expectant mum, to help keep track monitioring your baby’s movements.

At the Heart FM Pamper Zone, mums (and dads) could treat themselves to a lush makeover, while listening to some feel-good tunes. Huggies and staff from Little Folks Day Nursery were offering a helping hand with the shows’ crèche. The crèche was FREE(!) full of amazing toys and activities and let parents do the shopping, child free. Just perfect!

Joie and Made For Mums were demonstrating their wide range of lightweight pushchairs in the Central Café, so you could take a break, while still checking out the cool buggies! Joie were presenting the all new i-AnchorSafe system featuring the new i-Size compatible car seat, the i-Anchor. The i-AnchorSafe System has been thoroughly tested and has certified side impact protection and offers rear facing travel for children aged from Birth to 4 years. Rear facing car seats are by far the safest way for young children to travel, offering much more protection during a crash than forward facing car seats. The expert team on hand were answering all your questions to do with the new i-Size regulations and car seat safety.

Mothercare had a huge pop-up store and were also offering an expert bra-fitting service, for mums-to-be and new mums alike. Getting a well-fitting bra is essential during pregnancy and those breastfeeding months post-birth. Your breasts change a lot during pregnancy and getting a proper supportive and comfortable bra is something that cannot be ignored, so popping by the Mothercare show store was a must for all the expectant mums. Mothercare were also hosting a fun maternity, baby & toddler fashion show on the main stage throughout the weekend.

mothercare fashion show

Whether you are planning on attending The Baby Show to pick up a few last minute buys for baby or if you plan on attending to buy everything you would ever need all in one day, the event certainly catered to your buying needs. With so many free samples (From MAM, Arla Big Milk, Lansinoh, Nutrimum to name a few) be sure to take a buggy with a big basket or make use of the Shop & Drop service from Emmas Diary because you will be surprised at how much you end up carrying. I also recommend using a light weight buggy for the show if you can as there are a lot of people to weave in and out of, and space really is tight.

Once again, I have been thoroughly impressed by all at The Baby Show and cannot recommend attending one of the events enough. The next shows are at London’s Olympia 23rd – 25th of October 2015, London ExCel 19th– 21st of February 2016 and Birmingham NEC 13th – 15th of May 2016. Tickets are available through the show’s website and if you book now there is a 40% discount from the door price (£20). Children under 12 go FREE and show guide is included with each ticket.