Age-Precision Temperature Monitoring With Dr. Ranj and Braun

ThermoScan7SplashScreenDid you know that research shows that the definition of a fever changes with age?  What can be a normal temperature for a 4 year old can actually be a fever in a newborn baby.

Braun have created a handy thermometer that you can actually adjust for the age of your child to get a much more accurate reading for looking out for nasty fevers. A unique piece of must-have kit for your first aid box!

An infant running a fever can be a scary thing to witness. A high temperature can be a sign of a bacterial or viral infection and can be a warning sign to scary situations such as meningitis and a rapidly rising temperature could lead to febrile convulsions.

It’s a huge worry as a parent to remember exactly what a ‘normal’ temperature is exactly and add in the stress of accurately trying to take the temperature of an upset baby just makes things more difficult. It can take such a long time to get a reading under babys arm, and I personally am too afraid to try and get a totally safe oral reading.


Braun, the number 1 thermometer brand recommended by doctors have worked hard to overcome these problems. The new Thermoscan 7 ear thermometer with age precision is it seems, top dog when it comes to reading a poorly childs temperature.

“An ‘elevated’ temperature indicates that you should monitor your child more closely for further rise or other symptoms. A high temperature should alert you to talk to your doctor or take your child to  healthcare professional to get them checked if you cant get advice promptly. The readings at which these instructions apply vary according to the age of the child, which is why Braun’s new ThermoScan 7 (IRT6520) thermometer, with its age precision technology, can be really useful and a great indicator of the best course of action to take.” – Dr Ranj Singh

Dr Ranj who is a TV favourite in our house with the kiddies, is running a special Q&A session on Monday the 26th of January and Wednesday 28th, 12-1pm on Twitter. Just tweet using @DrRanj and using the hastag #askdrranj to ensure your questions get to him! And don’t forget to follow @braun_therms too!

Firstly this thermometer is so easy to use. With its big easy to read screen, that lights up (so you can use it in the dark if you fear waking a sleeping baby!) You simply select which age range the child falls into; 0-3 months, 3-36 months, and 36+ months. Ensure a clean lens filter is in place, and simply place the thermometer into the ear. A reading will have been taken in a matter of seconds (I even had an accurate reading from my little girl in 1 second with this thermometer). If their temperature is normal the screen shall light up green, if there is reason to be aware because the temperature is a little elevated then the screen will shine amber and if their temperature is high then a warning red screen shall appear.

braun themoscan 7

The thermometer also has a patented pre-warmed tip which ensures accuracy. The tip on other thermometers can often be cold, giving variable and therefore inaccurate readings. The soft speculum tip on the ThermoScan 7 also ensures comfortable use on a child, making the whole experience a little easier for them to handle.

The thermometer comes with new BPA and Latex Free disposable lens filters for hygiene reasons, and these can easy be stored in the case so they re always at hand. It has a super ExacTemp guidance system that makes sure you have safely secured the thermometer into your childs ear, and lights up green when in the correct position, Again insuring the best possible reading.


Brauns ThermoScan 7 works by measuring the infared heat generated by the eardrum and surround tissue in the ear. This is the best way to get an accurate reading of the bodys core temperature as the heat read by the thermometer is created from the blood supply shared by the brain.

You can also store up to 9 previous temperature readings on the thermometer using its memory function, very useful when a childs temperature is rising and you need a note of what previous temperatures were.

Remember, it is totally normal for children to get temperatures, it is natures way of fighting off a baddie in their bodies, but if you are concerned or other symptoms start to develop such as rash, convulsions etc please seek medical advice ASAP. Also, if your child has symptoms such as irritability, weakness, diarrhoea, loss or appetite or changes in activity you should always consult a doctor regardless of temperature reading.

Braun’s ThermoScan 7 Ear Thermometer  IRT6520 is available for the RRP £49.99 and is available at Boots.



Boosting Smoothie & The Aggrolites

banana and peanut butter smoothieI LOOOOOVE this smoothie and its been a favourite of mine for a long time now.

Before having babies (and after) I used to make this smoothie to give me a boost after a good workout, I drink it often during pregnancy because it’s full of energy and goodness and it soon became a favourite if mine while breastfeeding- again for the fab energy and nutrients that it gave to me (and my baby!). The kids are now starting to request this as a yummy sweet midday snack too!

Of course Bananas are good for us. They are packed with potassium and fibre,  they work as a prebiotic, they help you sleep at night, they also give you loads of slow releasing energy, they are full of antioxidants… my list can go on and on. But at the end of the day they are a cheap family favourite that everyone loves- except for my husband. He has an absolute fear of them and refuses to go near me or the kids if either of us are eating them. Freak.

I don’t follow any actual recipe, a common theme in my kitchen! All I do is slice up 2 bananas, about half a pint of green top milk (Blue top for the kids) handful of ice, and a tablespoon of peanut butter. I could probably go less with the peanut butter, but I’m not trying to loose weight so I’m not fussed about its fat content (NOTE: This is not how I treat other foods. I just really love peanut butter).

Blend until smooth (it’s a smoothie- duh). Pour. Serve. Or just drink it straight from the blender cup if you’re as sick as me.


Oh Yeah, the Aggrolites. Enjoy.


Owl Babies Scrap Art


owl babies activity for toddlersMy 2 year old came home from nursery with Owl Babies by Martin Waddell & Patrick Benson
this week. It was her first full session and she proudly showed me this wonderful book when I met her out of class. Owl Babies isn’t a new book to us and is actually a family favourite in nannys house. I decided that this week we should therefore make Owls our subject of learning. We started by reading Owl Babies and discussing the book (how many owls there are, what food was mummy owl out collecting, and various other little easy facts for owls.)

Owl Babies was first published in 1992, and has definitely earned it’s place on what I can only imagine to be every childs book-shelf ever since.

By the end of the book Willow wanted to make her own Owl picture. I suggested that it could be fun to use the front cover as inspiration and using old paper scraps (and even some cotton wool) we could make a collage picture.

I think that it is fair to say that baby Sarah, Bill and Percy are the cutest and fluffiest little owls around!

scrap paper art

Owl Babies activity

Anything that involves glue stick is a win for toddlers!


You can purchase Owl Babies cheaply, in hardback, paperback and hardboard formats below


Fluff Everywhere!

I LOVE using cloth nappies. But… and yes there is a but, When its raining outside I need to think of inventive ways to dry them.


My house suddenly transforms into a crazy laundrette with makeshift washing lines (we even made 3 in the boiler cupboard in the kitchen as its so hot in there), fancy sock airers from the pound-shop hung over ever curtain pole, each and every radiator in use and I’ve recently come up with a way of drying 10 nappies at once with just one coat hangar.

Please, someone tell me that their house also looks like this on nappy washing day. I can’t be alone surely!?

That's just one radiator!

That’s just one radiator!


And that is how you use a coat hangar! ;)

And that is how you use a coat hangar! ;)

Yet another radiator!

Yet another radiator!

look at all of those inserts!

look at all of those inserts!

Oh no! I forgot about my wipes! Where do I put those?!

Oh no! I forgot about my wipes! Where do I put those?!

Got A Toddler? Get a Good 1st Aid Kit.


I have 2 toddlers and they are constantly falling over, bouncing off of tables, pushing each other over and trapping fingers in cupboards. Its what they do and gaining a great tarmac graze is just a way of reminding us that they are adventurous and brave explorers.

childs first aid kit


At home we have a well stocked first aid box. I am very hot on the case with my first aid, as I used to work in health care as a HCA. I regularly had to update my training, and even put all of my knowledge into practice many, many times. After having my 2 girls I then trained to be an infant first aid trainer- working towards delivering first aid classes to parents, teachers and playgroups, but unfortunately I never continued to work as one after falling pregnant with baby number 3- due in just 7 weeks!

But, in the car (and even in my changing bag) my first aid stock is running very low indeed. We have a very outdated first aid kit in the car and the most I carry in my changing bag is a few plasters and a gauze. Not good.

I decided that we needed a nice new child friendly first aid pack for when out and about on day excursions and long drives. One that contained the things we could need if a little fall-over-and-cry situation should ever occur.

kids plasters steroplast

It is important to stock your first aid kit with the essentials. Plasters in a variety of shapes and sizes are a must, And if you have kiddies try to choose a fun pack of plasters that will lighten their mood. You can easily buy funky multipacks of plasters from supermarkets with their favourite cartoon characters or animals on. A few pods of Saline solution to wash any wounds (and flush eyes if needs be) is also a good idea, along with some gauzes to gently clean any grub out. A gauze can also be used to press against wounds to help slow bleeding. A sterile dressing tape to fix any small dressings in place, Vinyl gloves for infection control are very important when dealing with bodily fluids and make sure that you wash your hands before and after putting them on! A good mix of different sized and shaped bandages, thermometer, alcohol free cleansing wipes, safety pins, eye patches, tweezers and even a chid friendly antiseptic cream are also useful to keep in the pack. Remember when dealing with burns that you shouldn’t apply any creams onto the wound. Keep creams as a relief for simple grazes.

first aid kit for children

You can easily buy ready prepared first aid kits from many places. I decided to buy one readily made up for children that contained lots of extra room to add my own extra bits in too. This Steroplast first aid kit can be found on the Premier Healthcare & Hygiene LTD website and is created specially for kids. It also has a very useful carry handle and attachment strap so you can easily attach it to your belt or bag- great for days out walking or to the zoo! At just £4.60 it is so affordable ensuring that you never need be without.

kids first aid kit

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