That 3 Breasted Lady

Right, I’m a little confused.
Over the years I have heard several times (what seems like an age old question) if men would prefer a woman to have 3 breasts or one big tit. And most times I have heard men say “well 3 of course”.
Silly question asked to teen boys on the play ground, silly question asked between drunk blokes at the bar- with me awkwardly pulling them a pint as they ponder, and even a silly question that I myself have asked my husband as we lay in bed.
Always the same answer. Three big chachas.

Here is my confusion. With all these blokes dreaming of 3 boobies to play with (even Busted said that it would happen by the year 3000) why are there so many negative comments towards the young lady dominating social media this week who actually went and did it.

Jasmin Tridevil (fab stage name if you ask me) and her three boobies have received some pretty darn nasty comments –
People (men mostly) on FB/Twitter/Reddit are wondering if she has genuine psychological issues. They are calling her gross and even saying that she should have ‘spent her money sorting her mingin head out’! Another calls her a ‘fame hungry twat’. And the golden comment “I wish I had three hands…. So I could give them three thumbs down”.
All of these are genuine comments that I pulled from FB in ye space of around 20 seconds. I didn’t even have to ‘show more’ on the comments box on the page LADbible to find them.

All seem a little harsh when last week I’m sure as hell of a lot of men (and women) had a fair few fantasies about a three breasted woman… All fantasies now blown of course!

Personally I think so what, go for it! Infact, I might book myself into the Harley St to have my 2 average sized boobies made in to one huge tit.
Now that could be fun. Would ruin my chest tattoo though.

But of course, if you hadn’t heard the news this morning, it was all one big elaborate hoax.
According to TMZ news, After her baggage was stolen at Tampa airport it was reported by police that inside the bag was a breast prosthetic worth around $5k according to Tribreast herself.
Well done lady, you blew the minds of a generation (and got them all pretty peed off and confused at the same time) in the space of 3 days.


Here We Go Again

So as most of you know by now through the powers of social media, we are expecting baby number 3!
I am 16 weeks and doing really well (except for those horrible pregnancy niggles that most women experience- think tiredness, puking and feeling like I my chest is on fire. em>) and our scan showed a happy little baby kicking away inside.
It seems crazy that I have only just gotten around to writing this good news post but what with a few issues with the house having structural problems and us taking our first family holiday last week to Clacton, I can honestly say I did not find time to keep my blog updated for a few weeks!

So folks! What do you think… Time Blue or Team Pink???


Bingo: A History

I enjoy bingo. I played most nights whilst on holiday this year, and really enjoy the buzz. Something I’ve never tried is online bingo, but I’d be willing to give it a try. I had no idea that bingo had such a rich and exciting history, until I saw this infographic from Paddy Power.

Incredibly, the game was actually called Beano, until someone mispronounced it in public, and the new name (Bingo) stuck.

Do you enjoy playing Bingo?

paddy power's history of bingo

We Love Compost

Our black waste bin is never full on collection day, because we recycle so much!
Anything that can go to the recycling centre is put in our green bin, any garden waste goes in out green sacks to be collected in bin day and any good waste (not that there is much of it) goes into the food waste compost bags.
At the moment we don’t have a space for a personal compost bin (we are mid move) but we do hope to have one set up soon. In the mean time we send all if our food waste to the recycling centre too. We are given green biodegradable bags that we fill and place into a brown bin that is emptied weekly. I don’t know if this is just Central Bedfordshire that do this or if is a country wide thing.
The green bags are to be placed into a smaller brown bin, which quite frankly, looks mega ugly. It’s big, bulky and brown. In my pretty kitchen it doesn’t look that great if I’m honest.
So, I decided that I needed an alternative. The DotComGiftShop sell this beautiful little retro compost bin.

It’s big but not too big. It perfectly holds the green bag, has lovely carry handles and has a lid that fits with a nice seal to keep any odours from sneaking out and making the kitchen smell gross!
The bin has an extra little bin inside that you easily lift in and out to change the liner and the whole bin can be taken apart and washed and bleached.

I think it adds a perfect little retro touch to my kitchen, us stylish and practical. So much better than that old brown box that looked ugly!!

IMG_5519 IMG_0876 IMG_0059

I Vanished For A While

Anyone notice?
There are some things that I cannot go into detail about right now, and full posts will follow this one explaining the situations a little more in details, when the times are right.
But, this very brief post is to quickly say sorry I vanished and I am now back! In full swing!
I have had some health problems and housing problems, something to do with bad estate agents and my own bad health aswell.
Trust me when I say… ALL IS GOOD. ISH.
Full blogging service will now be resumed.
Lots of Love.
Thanks guys xxxxxxx