As soon as October 1st arrived the kids were super excited about Halloween. They wanted to drag out the storage box of plastic spiders and cobwebs, which we keep ready for each year. I may have also accidently mentioned a Halloween party, which they instantly thought would be happening right there and then.

So… On Sunday it had to happen. A very early Halloween party. It was just my daughters and a friend (I wanted to keep it small as it was a Sunday and school was in the morning). The evening party was a ‘warm-up’ for the 31st rather than a full blown party. We tried on costumes, painted our faces and made masks. Oh and there was some cake!

Have an Aldi Halloween!

We usually make our own Halloween costumes each year, and it’s always been huge fun. This year we decided to try out the new Aldi Halloween range. I haven’t had time to make costumes, what with moving house and most of my fabrics are still boxed away somewhere. This year Aldi saved the day when Ivy became an adorable pumpkin, Olive was a cute girly skeleton and Willow and myself were vampires! The costumes from Aldi felt so well made and actually appear to be better quality than another leading fancy dress costume brand. The materials used were lovely, the stitching was well done and the little attentions to detail were fab! Willows vampire costume even came with a choker necklace (complete with a ruby jewel!). On each of the costumes, the materials used were wonderful, and the little extra trimmings really made the costumes stand out and look high quality!

Our little vampire!
Our little vampire!

Olive has worn her skeleton costume nearly every day since the party too, and I did have to explain to her that she couldn’t wear it to school on Monday morning. Ivy spends most of her time in the nuddy when at home, so playing dress ups is a little out of her comfort zone, but she absolutely adored her new pumpkin costume. You can’t see in the photo below but the costume is hooded and has a super cute leafy top, which when coupled with the googly eyes looked superb.

Adult costumes: £7.99, Children's costumes: £3.99
Adult costumes: £7.99, Children’s costumes: £3.99

Every party needs decorations! Aldi have covered all things spooky for inside and outside of the house with Halloween tinsel decorations, canvas wall hangings, signs, tableware, cobwebs (complete with spiders), window stickers, Halloween inspired door wreaths and bunting. Every corner of the house can look scary! Keep your eyes peeled for a decorations review coming soon.

All kids love having their faces painted and all parents love seeing kids happy at their finished pieces. Aldi even sell a superb face painting set, ready to get any face ready for party time. The set consists of 6 pallet paints, 4 face crayons, 3 tube face paints, black nail varnish, black lipstick and sponges. The paint is quite oily, so don’t expect to create masterpieces, but as far as basic face painting kits go it’s wonderful and keeps toddlers very happy indeed! The kids lined up for a go and loved flicking through the booklet choosing who they wanted to be. The booklet came with the kit and even had some useful tips for painting successfully, a handy extra to find in the box.

Aldi facepaints

For those who don’t fancy dressing up to the nines, there are some much simpler wearable items to have fun with in the Aldi Halloween range. Sometimes as a mum (and my husband can agree with me on this) you often forget about yourself when you are putting so much effort into the kids costumes. Before you know it, time has ran out and you’re left in just jeans and a t-shirt. I discovered a lovely ladies t-shirt to wear with ease, and no effort needed. The T-shirt is so soft and has a really nice fit. The shirt is made from the same material which leggings are normally made from, so it feels super warm as well as soft to touch. There are a few different t-shirts available in the ladies Halloween range, including cat and spider tees which are both adorable. This ghost t-shirt is embellished with tiny sequins, which sit flat against the tee. Me being me (a complete grunger) will definitely be wearing this all year round. It’s just superb! I love it!! I am tempted to go and treat myself to the other ladies tees in the range as well. The Halloween ladies t-shirts are just £5.99.

Say BOO!
Say BOO!

We love going Trick or Treating, and this year the girls are all so excited as they are older now and really get it. Finding a house lit up and inviting is part of the fun, and so is shouting “Trick Or Treat” at the top of their lungs to homeowners… apparently. Willow did ask me yesterday though why we never play tricks, and I had to explain that it’s because all of our neighbours are so lovely. Every Trick Or Treater needs a good bag to hold all of their swag, and the scarier the better! With Frankenstein, bats, spiders, pumpkins and a witch to choose from in the Treat Bag range you are spoilt for choose. The bags are wonderful! They are each made from a wonderful sparkly material and padded out too for a 3D look. Attention to detail on each of the bags are fantastic. The witch has to be my favourite with her long legs, googly eyes and one tooth! The bags have a great amount of space inside too for holding all of those tasty sweets. Sorry mums, no excuse to fill your pockets this year.

Just 3 of the Treat bags available from Aldi. They cost just £2.49… that’s a real treat!!

Lets not forget about headwear. I’m not talking about spooky top hats or creep brides veils… we all need stupid boppers in our lives. Every opportunity we can we reach for the bouncy headbands. Hen parties, Christmas work do’s, summer fetes and Halloween. Aldi have a fun range of head boppers, that are cheap as chips, well made and hilarious. Even my hubby wore a pair to the party. You can choose between pumpkins, ghosts, bats and skulls to ‘bop’ with and each pair only cost £1.79!

Please excuse the bare plaster! Still decorating :)
Please excuse the bare plaster! Still decorating 🙂

If you’re not too busy eating sweets and jumping around why not do some fun colouring with one of the wonderful colouring-in books from Aldi (I told you they had everything covered). I discovered 3 books to keep the whole family busy. Children shall enjoy the book of monster masks to colour while adults may enjoy the Colour Me book or the Day Of The Dead book. All 3 books are well printed and the masks are easy to pop out. The books also come with elastic too so you can wear your finished masks right away! A superb idea, and cheap too at £1.99 per book. The monster masks book even has some very funny jokes to tell your friends on each page for added fun. A wonderful idea and I really am in love with these books. I would have loved these when I was little.

aldi colouring in masks book

If you’re a complete grunger like us, you won’t resist popping along to Aldi and stocking up some new decorations for your house which are also hot on the shelves right now. Because Halloween isn’t just for October 31st… it’s all year round!

I genuinely love Aldi and have a huge love for all of their products (my ultimate fave Aldi buy has to be their coconut oil!) and I am never let down by their quality and style. You can shop the Aldi Halloween range online and in store and there are so many more products to explore than I have mentioned above.

Keep your eyes peeled for a video review of the Aldi Halloween decorations range which I aim to publish tomorrow. Don’t miss it!


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*Aldi products featured were sent to me in exchange for an honest review*



A healthy and well balanced diet means we get all of the nutrients and energy we need to see the day through. A crappy diet means a crappy day, and worst of all, crappy health. We all need a little oooommpphh once in a while.



3 meals a day is recommended, but we also need a few smaller snacks during the day to keep us going. All new brand Real Handful have come at us, with a new snacking revolution. Real Handful have created an exciting new spin on the classic Trial Mix, that many of us know. The high energy dried fruit and nut mix give out slow energy with an extra kick to keep you working hard. Whether that’s going up a mountain or working through a mountain of paperwork.  There are 6 flavours to choose from and each being and flavoursome and tasty as the next. Blood Orange & Dark Chocolate, Go-Go-Goji Berries, Blueberry Blitz Mix, Strawberries and Cream, Mixed Berry Crunch and Mochaccino.

TheNewhouseFamily have put Strawberries & Cream, Blueberry Blitz, Mixed Berry Crunch and Go-Go-Goji Berries through the taste test and we have been very impressed so far. The kids loved Strawberries & Cream. The dried strawberries were packed with flavour, chewy and gooey and the extra bonus was little chunks of creamy white chocolate yumminess. My favourite had to be Go-Go-Goji Berries, due to its crunchy variety of nuts and seeds and a sweet surprise was the dark cholate chunks hidden inside. The packs were a nice size and unlike some trial mix packs there was a decent sized portion. My 4 year old did polish off a pack in (what felt like) under a minute flat, but I suppose that is a sign that she liked them. I decided to grab a pack just before the 3:30pm school run when my energy was flagging. I had the energy boost needed the get to both schools with a smile on my face. I am known to get grumpy when I’m tired. Not good when you’re surrounded by hundreds of screaming children.

The packs are 40g each and are small enough to keep in your handbag or pop into your child’s lunch box with ease. The fast and slow releasing energy is perfect brain and body food to keep anyone going through the afternoon until home time. I am still breastfeeding Ivy, who is now 19 months old. That takes up a lot of energy in itself, so keeping a cheeky pack in the bedside draw is a great snack to grab for replacing those calories burnt from feeding and ideal to keep myself feeling energised too… perfect when I’m having to run around after her… 24/7.

Real Handful strawberries and cream

Real Handful was created by a lovely couple; Joe and Carly (and support and cuddles from their 2 young sons) after a hike across the Grand Canyon. Joe snacked on trial mix, but after the holiday wondered why the famous mix wasn’t available in the UK. So… he decided to make his own. Booooosh! Real Handful was born.

Available via the Real Handful online shop, or available to buy in store (and online) at Boots, Holland & Barratt, Ocado, Harris and Hoole and Booths. Packs of 4 and 10 are available.

Real Handful


*sample packs of Real Handful were sent to me for review purposes*

#BLOGTOBER16 DAY 14: The Meaning Behind My Blog Name

Oh dear. Another question where I give you a crappy answer.

Well… I married a Newhouse man, so I became a Newhouse. We had tiny Newhouse babies. And we are a family.

*Holds down head in shame for not having a crazy, witty, eye catching, ear tantalising epic blog name*

I’ll be back tomorrow with a better answer to a question.



#BLOGTOBER DAY 13: Whats In My Fridge?

Quiet honestly, nothing much. Not because we are poor and we can’t afford food but we just don’t really use it that often. When we decided to become a much more self sufficient family, we got rid of quite a few things. The microwave went as it just wasn’t being used. We gave away our electric kettle and swapped it for one we could head on the hob or over the fire, and we downsized our fridge freezer. It was a waste of electricity as it just wasn’t being used that often. We have a big chest freezer where we buy most of our food in the 10p reductions and bring it home to prepare and freeze.

We stopped eating milk and dairy, so the fridge was no longer home to a pack of ham, milk or cheese. Fruit and veg is eaten so quickly in our house that it doesn’t need to be sat in a fridge for longer periods of time. Instead we keep it in our nifty retro larder cabinet, which is only really used to keep the flies away from it. We do still have a fridge, but I am now considering swapping it for an even smaller one. Just a little counter top beer fridge style would be enough for us. So, to answer your question: What is in my fridge (ATM)…

  • Vitalite
  • 7 tins of Strongbow
  • A pack of mushrooms (that I MUST freeze before they go mushy)
  • Some floppy swiss chard (that I MUST give to the chickens)
  • A jar of chutney
  • A Jar of pickled beetroot
  • A cabbage
  • Alpro yoghurt
  • Jars of homemade quince jam
  • Cough syrup.


Ta Da! Told you we were boring.



#BLOGTOBER DAY 12: Whats In My Handbag?

I recently had a clear out of my handbag because I managed to buy a new one. When I say ‘new’ I mean old. It’s a 1970’s Nova handbag picked up at a vintage fair for… *drumroll*… 50p. Awesome! I know 😉

vintage nova handbag

The current contents of my bag are as follows:

  • My purse
  • 2 pens
  • 2 hair bobbles
  • A lip gloss
  • Spot ointment
  • Basic First Aid information
  • And a DVD which I’ve been meaning to give to my pregnant friend for some time now. Doh!



That’s basically it. My purse is way more exciting. Lets talk about that instead shall we?

I did have a receipt detox 2 days ago, after realising that my purse was too fat to close… and there wasn’t even any money in there. Instead I now carry my array of reward cards including my 15 year old Boots card that no longer words properly; I can add points but heaven forbid should I try to use them. I MUST order a new card. I’ve been meaning to do this now for around 3 years. I also have a mini sewing kit in there just-in-case. I also have a few photographs in there, including a newspaper cutting from our local paper announcing my birth and a passport photo of my husband because I think he looks well sexy in it.

I can honestly say, that my handbag is really really boring. When my girls we younger my bag was crammed with all sorts of junk. Toys, cloth baby wipes, packs of seeds (don’t ask), cotton wool, spare clothes, a spare pair of knickers, tissues, and empty food packaging. I remember my changing bag so vividly because it was such a nightmare to lug around, being so full of crap.

I know that tomorrows #Blogtober16 question is ‘What is the contents of my fridge?” I can tell you all now, it’s even less than the contents of my handbag.