Puddles The Homeless Kitten

On the 14th of November a lady found a fluffy kitten covered in mud, starved to death and eating dirt. The kitten was found by the train station and was near to death. The lady posted onto Facebook if anyone knew who the kitten belonged to, or if someone could help her find a temporary home until the possible owners came forwards.

The night that she was found

The night that she was found

Fast forwards over a week and a half, a massive vets bill, and a ceiling high pile of medication later, and the kitten has found a permanent home. WITH US.

The Saturday night that the kitten was found we offered to take her in with us just until she found a home. It was 10 pm and I stood in the middle of the street during a gale waiting for the lady to bring her to me. It was freezing cold and the winds were blowing at 50mph. We did not realise quite how unwell she would be. She was flea ridden and blood was in here eyes and around her little nose, that despite her grubby appearance was the most beautiful pink you would ever see. Every time she opened her bowels, she was passing bright red blood.


We were unsure if she was blind, and she was still very weak.

She spend Sunday curled up in her bed, unwilling to meet us. She was very scared and so fragile. She was eating well, but her tummy was bloated despite her bones being very visible through her fluff.

Monday morning I rushed her to the vets in town. She had a bleed behind her right eye and we were unsure if her sight or eye would be saved. Her eye was massively swollen and not reacting to light at all. Blood was also found in her ear and her head was tender. The vet was convinced she had been kicked in the head. She was lucky to be alive.  This makes my blood boil. I thought she was only about 6 weeks old, but the vet recons she was more like 12 weeks old, but just tiny because she was starved.

We went to the vets for the second time 3 days later and her eye is now reacting to light, and slightly less swollen (we have yet another appointment on Friday to see if the swelling has gone down anymore), the blood had drained from the back of the eye, she had put on weight, and all clear of fleas. Although she was still passing blood and round-worms in her faeces.

She is currently still on antibiotics and an armful of other medications, but she is happy and playing! The difference is amazing. Some kind soul anonymously posted £20 through our door addressed to ‘The found kitten’. That made me cry. There are some good folk around!

She's a happy kitten now!

She’s a happy kitten now!

I doubt anyone will come forwards for her now, and I’m sure I wouldn’t hand her over either. How anyone would toss a 12 week old kitten on the street, and KICK her is beyond me. She most certainly would not have survived the night, if she hadn’t been found on that Saturday. We have spent a lot of money out of our own pocket that we couldn’t really afford, but we just could not see her homeless. She now has a happy life at ours, sleeping on our bed and playing with our other 2 cats Poppy and Boo. This is her home now, and none of us would have it any other way.

she's a completely different cat now!

she’s a completely different cat now!

Have you ever rescued an animal? Let me know in the comments below.

Monster High Gore-Geous Ghoul Anti-Styling Head review

Many kids over the years have grown up playing with the much loved Barbie Styling Head. In 2015 we welcome a new and fun twist on this classic toy with the Monster High Gore-Geous Ghoul Anti-Styling Head. Monster High has been rising in popularity since 2010 and the brand consists of a lovely range of dolls, TV series and movies with a super punky and spooky twist. The films and TV series follow the popular girls at school; Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf and Frankie Stein amongst others, and have appealed to children who might not otherwise like the classic Barbie doll.


This year Mattel have released a superb new styling head, where girls and boys can create their very own monster. Clip in hair extensions, earrings, tattoos and even neck bolts can all be used to create a new monster every time! The head comes in a coffin shaped box (so verrrry Monster High), and the head is displayed in a beautifully patterned bell-jar. The head glows in the dark too, so once play has finished children can display their creations and spook everyone out through the night on their bedroom shelves.

The 33 piece set comes with lots of fun accessories, and can all be stored in the draw on the bottom of the bell-jar, so they are always to hand when playing. The transfer are very easily applied to the monsters head, with a damp sponge. They stick on well and don’t easily flake off. They are still easily removed though, by rubbing a dry cloth over the transfer. It takes a little elbow grease but nothing un manageable for a child. The transfer pack includes different eyes, eyebrows (the leopard print ones are my favourite), facial decorations, stars, studs and even cobwebs. There is also a sheet of silver stickers too with monster scratches and cobwebs.

monster high transfer tattoos

There are 3 clip in hair extensions in pink, yellow and white that can easily be clipped into the monster head easily. The monster head already has medium length black and blue hair that can be styled however your child wishes. I think the hair could have been a little long so more hair styles could have been achieved but I think the real focus of the toy is the make-up and accessories rather than her hair.

Monster High Head hair extensions

There are 2 pairs of ears to put on top of the head, 2 pairs of ear rings, neck bots, and horns. As well as 2 necklaces and a beautiful heart shaped eye-frame (is that what you would call it?!). A lovely set of accessories, that just push into the holes on the head. I did find attaching them a little tricky at first when the product was first opened, but after little play it did become easier.

monster high head accessories

The Monster High Gore-Geous Ghoul Anti-Styling head is a well made and sturdy toy that would last well, under heavy attention from 6 year olds and 25 year olds alike! I am very impressed with this modern twist on such a classic toy that I know of so well. I would like to have seen the lips changeable with lipstick transfers within the pack, And maybe some more transfers as I think my girls would go through them very quickly. It would be nice to see the transfer and sticker sheets sold separately too so play can last longer.

Monster High Anti Styling head

The Monster High Gore-Geous Ghoul Anti-Styling head is £29.99 RRP and is available in many stores and online including Smyths Asda and Argos. Do shop around for best prices, and let me know in the comments below what you think of this modern spin on such a classic toy.

The Spider Catcher- A nicer way to say goodbye to Incy Wincy

I HATE spiders. Only the really massive hairy ones though. I’m not too bad with any spider under the 1cm diameter size frame, but any bigger and I’m done. I panic, I get sweaty, I call for my husband, and I refuse to go anywhere near it. I have never removed a spider from my house, because I just cannot bare the thought of little Incy Wincy freaking out, attacking me and touching my skin.

Now, despite how much I hate spiders, I would never kill one. That’s just not fair. Spiders are on this planet for a reason. They eat flies and are a huge part of our eco system. My husband feels the same and when he removes a spider from the house, he always lets it go free outside at the bottom of the garden. Same goes for moths (although I’m not particularly sure what their involvement with the eco system is. Dusty, flappy, evil b******s), Despite how much I hate them flying around my bedroom on a summer’s night, I could never harm them.

Source; Spider Catcher via Amazon

Source; Spider Catcher via Amazon

You know I literally just said that I have never removed a spider from the house before, well that little fact about myself became void earlier this week. I DID IT! I safely removed an 8 legged creature from my hallway, with no sweats, no swearing and without my husbands help. The Spider Catcher is a nifty little gadget that removes creepy crawlies from your home and it doesn’t squash them, but instead softly catches the spider and I can release them back outside, at arms length.

The Spider Catcher is super easy to use. You simply squeeze the handle which opens up the bristles on the catcher, place the bristles over the spider (or any other annoying insect), release the squeezy handle which then closes the bristles around the spider, it is then securely held while you walk the spider outside for release (by squeezing the handle again). The Spider Catcher boasts a long handle that is just under 26 inches, so you can rest assured that you are not too close to the spider! Scroll to the bottom of this review for a video showing how the Spider Catcher works!

The bristles are surprisingly soft, and very flexible. They easily hold any sized spider securely and when I did a ‘shake test’ the plastic spider (that came free with The Spider Catcher for perfect practice) did not shake free. The base of the catcher is made from a soft foam, so spiders cannot get hurt on any hard plastic either.

The Spider Catcher

The Spider Catcher also comes with a hook to simply stick to any wall, so that your Spider Catcher is always to hand quickly, and can be hung up high so no damage can occur to the product. There is also a hard plastic cover to go over your bristles, so they wont be bent or damaged when not in use.

A superb product, that has been well designed. No need for batteries or nasty chemicals, The Spider Catcher works perfectly and keeps everyone happy… even little Incy Wincy! The designer has not only created a product that is great to use, but as also included a couple of features that will keep your catcher working well for years to come. You can have fun practicing with the free plastic spider until you big heroic moment arrives. My 3 year old could also easily work The Spider Catcher, so it is great for any kids that may be scared of spiders too, to make them feel a little safer and in control.

The Spider Catcher by Brainstorm, is available from Amazon for an RRP of £11.99



The New Nuby Natural Touch Digital Breast Pump

As a breastfeeding mum, I know I have to rely on a quality breast pump to express milk for times that I am away from my 7 month old baby, Ivy. When I am out of the house without my baby, my husband gets to feed Ivy. I need a pump that is comfortable, effectively collects my milk, and my husband needs a good bottle that Ivy can easily feed from. It makes all 3 of us happy when this task is done well.


Family trusted brand Nuby have just launched an all new electric breast pump that is ideal for mums planning on expressing every day. I like to pump daily so I have a good supply of milk in the deep freeze ready to grab when I head out of the door to defrost, but now that weaning has started we can use my expressed milk in her porridge or even making breast milk ice lollies to soothe her teething pain. Before putting the Nuby pump to the test, I had been using a smaller electric pump from the brand Medela that was not designed for daily pumping, only for occasional expressing sessions. I have also been using an Avent manual pump for times when I am not near a mains supply… like when rocking it a few feet away from the Reading main stage during the Royal Blood set back in the summer. Possibly my most awesome pumping session to date. 😉

Nuby Natural Touch Breast Pump

Why is it special?

The new Nuby Natural Touch digital breast pump has a series of special features. It has 2 different pumping modes. The first mode stimulates milk flow and the second is the active expressing function, both modes working on the breast like a baby would, meaning that you get more milk expressed in the most efficient way. The speeds and strength of suction can easily be adjusted too to suit your comfort at the simple touch of a button. There are 5 settings for each (speed and suction) and if preffered you can have a fast suction speed but with a low suction strength, or mix and match between the 5 different settings. Anything goes!

Nuby Breast Pump suctions

The digital screen is bright and easily read in both daylight and at night in the dark. Everything is displayed clearly and easy to understand. The top of the screen shows which mode you are using the pump, and the bars show what strength or speed you have the pump set to. There is also a handy timer that shows how many minutes you have been pumping for.

Nuby pump screen

The horn of the pump is covered with a super soft silicone shell, what feels very comfortable on your breast tissue and gives extra comfort when pumping. Unlike the Medela pumps which just has bare plastic against your skin, this pump is much more comfortable. A Nuby bottle is supplied with the kit that is easily held, and has a great 9oz capacity. Great for women who produce a lot of milk.

The pump also comes with a handy bottle stand, to minimise the risk of knocking over your bottle and spilling your liquid gold. They say never cry over spilt milk. Unless it breastmilk and you worked hard to get it!

nuby breast pump

How easy is it to use?

So easy. It doesn’t take long to initially set the pump up and is simple to do. The pump comes with some great instructions to follow too. I don’t know if I found it so easy to use because I’ve been breastfeeding and pumping for 3 children now, or if it really is just a simple pump to use. Lets go with the latter.

The pump is simply just plugged into a mains socket when in use. I would have liked to see the pump come with an option to use batteries instead of the mains when needed, But Nuby do sell a couple of fantastic manual pumps for very low prices.  When finished expressing the pump is very easy to disassemble and clean. All parts of the pump (except the digital bit, obvs) are easy to sterilise, whatever method of sterilisation you choose. The pump does not take up much space, and as electric pumps go it is not too big at all. As I mentioned previously, I have been using a Medela Mini which is a very small pump, but the Medea Mini is not recommended for daily use. The Nuby Natural Touch breast pump is a fair bit bigger, but it has been designed with a much bigger work load to take on, being a daily-use pump.

The Bottle

The Nuby  Natural Touch Breast Pump came with 1 Natural Touch bottle. I found the bottle lovely to feed Ivy from. Ivy rarely takes a bottle and it has been hard to find bottles with teats that she finds appealing to feed from. We had no problems with the Nuby bottle at all. The teat is breast shaped, and a size 1 (slow flow) designed for new born babies. The silicone teat is very soft hand has the natural texture and flex of mothers breast.

Nuby Natural Touch bottle

Ivy is now starting to want to hold her bottle by herself and she found the bottle very easy to grip, despite being quite a large bottle, holding it on her own seemed very easy for her. The bottle and teat were easy to wash, with no fiddly-to-clean grooves to work around. A lovely bottle for new born babies and older babies alike.

Final thoughts.

I honestly think that the Nuby Natural Touch breast pump is a wonderful design that is excellent value for money and has easily become my favourite pump that I have ever used. Now I have a pump for every occasion! The new Nuby Natural Touch Breast Pump for at home, or when staying away in hotels etc, my mini pump for stashing in my handbag when at work or taking a long journey and my manual hand pump for when I am rocking it out at a music festival!

It is comfortable, soft, easy to use (even when sleep deprived), easy to clean and assemble. The new Nuby Natural Tough Digital Breast Pump is available for £89.99 and can be purchased directly from Nuby’s online shop.



I was sent the product in exchange for my honest opinion.

Is Your Period Poisoning You? Find out more with Reusable Menstrual Products Week 2015

Having a period each month not only starts to cost us a fair amount, but the amount of disposable pads and tampons clogging up drains, landfills, oceans and beaches are starting to create a scary amount of waste. It is estimated that a menstruating woman will go through around 15,000 pads or tampons in her life, costing her around £2000! Gross on the environment and on our bank accounts. BUT we rarely ever hear about the nasty side affects our periods have against our health. Is your period literally poisoning you?

Yesterday marked the first day of the first ever Reusable Menstrual Products (RMP) Week. From 12th- 18th of October 2015, Go Real are helping to spread the word about ditching the disposables for a more eco friendly (and purse friendly) way of facing our monthly bleeds.

What’s Your Poison? Cloth Sanitary Protection (CSP)

CSP is growing in popularity very quickly. Women are seeing and feeling the benefit of switching to cloth protection and many of us may well know a woman who uses CSP monthly, even if she does not admit to it!





Cloth pads are shaped almost identically to disposable pads, and fix into place with poppers on the wings of the pad. They tend to be made from around layers of absorbent fabric, and are less prone to leaks. Unless you have seen a reusable pad you may the inclined to think that they are thick and bulky, and would make you feel like you are wearing a big cloth nappy. Far from the truth! The first time I got my hands onto a pad I was surprised by how thin the pad was. Not much thicker than a disposable, it didn’t rustle when touched, and it felt 100x softer… and of course it would, it was made of cotton, not plastic!

Cloth pads are relatively inexpensive, and last a very long time. You will certainly notice a saving when using cloth pads over a very quick period of time (no pun intended!). Cloth sanitary protection also reduces the amount of nasty chemicals that you expose your body to monthly.

Many disposable pads now contain perfumes (just walking down the female hygiene aisle in a supermarket you can smell the perfumes radiating from the packets- made from carcinogen’s BTW). Your skin is the largest organ of the human body, it is also the thinnest. It absorbs the chemicals that it comes into contact with. Those chemicals enter your bloodstream and can cause significant harm to your overall health. Worryingly, the companies that manufacture sanitary pads are not required to disclose the ‘ingredients’ that they use in manufacturing these pads. It has been widely reported that a couple of Always Infinity reps stated that 2 of the ‘ingredients’ were foam (not shaving foam, but more sofa foam) and a patented chemical called infinicel. Infinicel is a material that absorbs and holds 10x its weight in moisture. Why any woman would want to avoid changing her pad until that much blood had been expelled, beats me.

We all know that exposure to plastics such as BPA’s increases the chances of developing cancers and heart disease, which is why many of the plastics that contain our food must state if they are BPA Free. But we still continue to put these plastics against of bodies, and on very sensitive parts of our bodies. We are advised to only wear cotton underwear because the use of synthetic materials can increase the chances of getting yeast and bacterial infections, and many women report getting thrush when on their periods or just after. I wonder if many women realise the link between a plastic, non-breathable pad against their vulvas and thrush occurring around the same time? Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

When you looks at a disposable pad, the centre is lovely and white. What do you think makes that plastic white? Usually Chlorine Bleach. I don’t know about you but the thought of putting bleach on my vagina makes me feel really uncomfortable… literally.

So not only do pads contain mostly plastics and bleaches, but they also contain crazy moisture absorbing gels (soak a pad in water then cut it open. That jelly sh*t is against your skin. WTAF. It’s also in your babys nappies, but that’s a whole different blog post!), sticky glues, disgusting smelling perfumes and heaven knows what other undisclosed chemicals. That you expose yourself with day and night once a month for a whole week. constantly.

CSP contains none (or at least very minimal, depending what brands you buy) of these chemicals. They are washed in the machine just like your clothes, and reused. The amount of toxins you expose your body to is drastically reduced and many ladies who previously reported heavy and painful periods have been relieved of their symptoms with lighter, less painful bleeds and even shorter bleeding times. It really does make you wonder what these chemicals are doing to our bodies.

You can buy many pretty cloth pads from companies such as Moon Times or Cheeky Mama. There are starter sets for those who are wanting to give them a go for the first time, and lots of pretty designs available. There are panty liners, regular sizes, night pads and even post-partum pads designed for the first few weeks after giving birth. Once you start to explore the world of CSP you will find many ladies who make beautiful pads for all budgets and tastes.

Getting the poison deep inside of you. Cups and Sponges

If you are not a fan of pads, and cloth doesn’t appeal to you, you can explore the world of menstrual cups, natural sea sponges and even crocheted tampons! Anything is possible. All serving the same purpose as the cloth pads; saving money, your health and the environment.

Disposable tampons are normally made from cotton or rayon, or often a blend of both. The cottons used in tampons are not pure, unbleached cotton, but rather a cotton grown from pesticides, and bleached for that pure white colour. Rayon is made from wood pulp, and also contains a cocktail of chlorine gasses to purify the pulp during manufacturing. Far too many chemicals or my vagina’s liking! These chemicals you are literally inserting directly into your body. Nice.



Menstrual cups are not a new invention. Cups have been around for years, and much like CSP they are gaining popularity quickly. Worn internally like a tampon, they sit over your cervix and collect your blood. They can be worn internally for up to 12 hours, and when you need to empty you just simply remove the cup, rinse out and refit. Made from medical grade silicone, menstrual cups are not quite as eco friendly as cloth pads, but considering it is estimated that a woman will use around 16,000 tampons in her menstruating lifetime the environmental impact by using a cup will be significantly less, while just 1 menstrual cup will last the user for around 5 years before replacement is needed.

Because cups collect blood rather than absorbing it, users of cups report less vaginal dryness and irritation than using tampons. Tampon users also carry a risk of developing Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS),  a rare but life threating bacterial infection. By removing tampons from your life you can significantly (almost entirely) reduce the risk of developing TSS, which says something about the effects of tampons and your wellbeing. Much like disposable sanitary towels, tampons also contain a cocktail of chemicals and bleaches that really should not be in contact with the body, and unlike pads, tampons are worn inside of the body meaning that even more of these chemicals are going to be absorbed by the thin walls of the vagina.

Another alternative to tampons, is a natural sea sponge. Yup, the sponges that grow in the sea and more often used for washing your body in the tub are also great for your period! These natural sea sponges, when dampened, go so soft and are easily inserted into the vagina. They absorb menstrual flow, and contain absolutely NO chemicals. They are picked from our oceans (try to choose a sustainably sourced sea sponge for peace of mind), washed and worn over and over again.



The use of menstrual cups, such as the Moon Cup, and natural Sea Sponge’s like the Jam Sponge have been found to have no health risks if used correctly, unlike tampons. No reports of TSS have ever been linked to the use of menstrual cups or sea sponges.

Why Risk It?

So, why risk it? Why spend money on something that could potentially really hurt you? Women bleeding is a multibillion pound industry. These companies want us to keep bleeding, for heavier and for longer, so why would they not lace their products with chemicals that make our bodies do just that? We need to ditch the taboo of talking about periods and start realising the massive health benefits we can gain but just making a few simple changes. We need to learn that our bodies are beautiful and not dirty, Periods are not a curse. Start loving your body that little but more, and looking after it. After all, it’s the only one we are given when we are born. Who knows what damage we shall start seeing from using these disposable poison-infused products in the near future. We teach our daughters not to smoke, or take drugs, we teach them to eat healthy and keep active with sport. So lets start teaching them to stop using chemicals that are now sadly seen as ‘essential’. Afterall, the top-dogs won’t care what happens to our vaginas, as long as they get paid.