Move over kids, I can do that! Frenzy Scooter review

Starting up the car just to pop to the shops, the pub or even for the school run not only burns a hole in your wallet every time the key is turned, but it’s also no fun at all. Driving from A-B is boring. You’re also damaging the environment. Oh, and if you’re planning on driving through the city it’s also time consuming and quite often blinkin’ expensive.

Kids love scooters. They are fun, they annoy old ladies on foot paths and they get you cool friends down at the park. Why should it just be kids that get to do that? I wanna do that!!!!!

Frenzy scooter

The Frenzy 205mm scooter brings that little crazy spark back into our dull boring adult lives. The super tough, foldable adult scooter means you can still annoy those grannies, even if you are in a suit on your way to that yawn-tastic meeting with your CEO.

The scooter folds in a matter of seconds and can be slung over a shoulder with ease due to it’s wide shoulder strap and easy to use folding system. Perfect when hopping on the train and using the stairs about town, without having to leave your scooter somewhere bit dodgy when not in use. When you’re ready to hop back on, a simple release button means the scooter can be secured safely, quickly and reliably without the fear of it crumbling under your weight. Even though I KNOW the scooter is made for adults, I still need to get over my fear of it folding in on itself. This fear may stem from the fact I have been known to ‘borrow’ my 4 year old’s scooter when heading to the shops, and it really did not feel like it would support my weight- probably because the manufacturers never intended a 26 year old to just hop on to My First Scooter and take that bad boy for a spin.

The Frenzy scooter folded.

The Frenzy scooter folded.

The Frenzy scooter is an exceptionally smooth ride, thanks to it’s decent sized wheels- not big or chunky and equally not so tiny and near non-existant. The scooter also has a handy kick stand, so no need to leave your scooter laying across shop doorways like most teenagers do these days. We all just love to pretend we are in the Royal Marines when manoeuvring ourselves over 6 micro-scooters when popping into the shop for a bag of flour and a scratch-card.


From the postman’s arms the Frenzy arrives all ready to go. All you have to do is pop the handle bars into place, unfold the scooter and quickly adjust the handlebars to your preferred height and you are ready to have fun. It literally took around 30 seconds from the scooter being delivered to my house, to my husband whizzing around the block in an excited frenzy. I pinched it to go on the school run the next day and my normal 20 minute walk home (this time does normally including bribing toddlers to ‘keep up’) took me around 6.5 minutes on the scooter (alone, obvs). The scooter easily went very, very fast, and I managed to frighten myself at how smooth and speedy my ride home was, taking corners like a pro. I may have also been grinning like some crazed child which may have been noted by some of the other school gate mums. Embarrassed? Not at all.

The Frenzy 205mm scooter is available through and is £89.95 including next day delivery. Dads will love re-living their childhood scooter days, and also knowing they can ditch the car for a far more fun method of transportation, especially if it means getting to their work meeting with style and speed.

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Digital Detox with National Unplugging Day

Every kid should experience playing outside making mud pies, pulling worms from the earth and climbing trees. And on a rainy day when the outside may not be quite as appealing, kids should be role playing, building cardboard box castles and stripping the sofa apart to create the ultimate fort. So why do we now have a generation of kids who are glued to their ipads, laptops and even the good-old-fashioned telly? With these tech-y kids we are also seeing a rise in obesity, failing school grades and even health conditions developing from the lack of outside fun, such as Vitamin D deficiencies.


Of course the modern world has bought change, and even in my 26 years a lot has changed when it comes to how kids play than when I was a youngster. I never had a computer to stare at and growing up with my nan and granddad we didn’t even get a coloured TV until I was 14 years old (2004 btw). Everything was better then, spending hours playing by the brook or just walking miles across fields. My daughters now know how to work the iPad. My 4 year old is confident with this, and so is my 2 year old. My 1 year old even knows how to ‘tap and slide’, and I wouldn’t say that technology is in heavy use in our house at all. Maybe once or twice a week the girls get a few minutes on the iPad playing on the Cbeebies app.

On Sunday 26th of June sees the UK’s second ever National Unplugging Day where we are all urged to put down our smart tech for just 24 hours to see how it feels to live life unplugged and pledge to #GoGadgetFree. Traditional families are under attack from this quickly-changing world of technology. And while the 26th of June may be a walk in the park for my family, many modern families may actually struggle without using an app for this, that and the other. Some families may even realise that we can live a normal life without our heads buried in a device, even if it is just for 24hours.

Remember a time when Apple and Blackberry were just fruit? Those were good days (and I’m not saying now that we have technology all is bad- far from it!).
The leading parenting website MyFamilyClub have carried out a study with over 2000 parents from across the UK which had some striking statistics and found that the average parent spends up to 5 hours per day on a smartphone. Typically their children are spending similar times using screens with 80% of children spending 4-5 hours per day on digital devices and with 15% of children spending in excess of 6 hours of screen time across various devices.

Nearly all the parents surveyed (87%) agreed that technology is damaging to their children’s childhood and nearly all the parents surveyed (94%) wanted the tech industry to help educate them and offer guidelines for safe usage. The statistics also show that more than half of parents (51%) would like to go back to the days of no technology or smartphones and a life less complicated.

The survey also discovered that 41% of parents agreed that family times are ruined from digital distractions and 42% of parents said they use technology to calm their children down or to stop family arguments. Parenting expert Gemma Johnson CEO and Founder of says “As a parent I experience the struggle trying to juggle work and family life and the additional demands of existing in a digital world. We all lead busy lives but it is so important to lead by example with our device usage, boundaries are set by the parents first We want to encourage the nation to put away their digital devices, unplug and pledge to spend time doing something different with their children such as going out for a bike ride, going the park, learning a new activity or taking a walk in the woods.”

Johnson adds: We are encouraging people to unplug and engage in life without a digital connection and be present for our children. I’m urging all individuals to check how much they are using technology and look at the impact it is having on those around you. I certainly didn’t realise how much time I was spending on my smart phone until my oldest son pointed it out, this is why this campaign is so important to me.”

The statistics also revealed that more than a third of parents (37%) agree that communication with their children is being harmed by today’s technology.

As smartphones and advances in technology invade our daily activities, parents are increasingly less present and available for their children and mental health officials are very worried on the long term effects this may have on our children. Dr Mark Silvert, Medical Director & Consultant Psychiatrist said: “With the evolution of the internet and smart phones, families can now often be found in the room together but not actually spending any real time bonding or sharing experiences. With modern families comprising of two full time working parents, it can be common to find both parents glued to their laptops or phones and despite wanting to spend more time with their children they are pulled in the direction of work via technology. Work does not end when you leave your office anymore. I fully support National Unplugging day for the health and wellbeing of families throughout the UK.”

Johnson adds: We are encouraging people to unplug and engage in life without a digital connection and be present for their children. I’m urging all individuals to check how much they are using technology and look at the impact it is having on those around you. I certainly didn’t realise how much time I was spending on my smart phone until my oldest son pointed it out, this is why this campaign is so important to me.” The National Day of Unplugging recognises the value and importance of technology in today’s society whilst trying to encourage people, especially families and young children and the connected generations who have grown up with ever-present technology, to be more mindful of their digital usage. This day is not intended to be a one-off, but rather a starting point to encourage people of all ages to embrace a healthy lifestyle by regularly setting aside time away from their digital devices.

To set families up for success during the National Unplugging Day on Sunday 26 June MyFamilyClub is offering tips and advice to families who want to enjoy technology free family time. Individuals and families are invited to get involved with the campaign sharing what they plan to do when not using technology by uploading a photo to MyFamilyClub’s social media platforms using the following hashtag #GoGadgetFree #Unplug2016

Baby bouncy quails

They arrived!

The baby Button Quail arrived 1 week ago. On Monday night we noticed an egg starting to ‘pip’. A tiny bump of shell starts to poke open, before the chick runs it’s egg tooth around the whole shell in a circle zipping open the shell for its arrival. Tuesday morning we woke up to a fresh baby quail laying on it’s side panting away inside of the incubator. We must have missed its arrival by a matter of seconds. Gutted. I was instantly struck by the size of this helpless chick. The eggs are smaller than my thumb nail, so I knew the hatchlings would be small but I was not prepared enough to see them THIS small. The size of a bumble-bee and a ‘cheap’ so very quiet. Suddenly my back yard hens resembled t-rex’s.

Our first quail egg starting to 'pip'

Our first quail egg starting to ‘pip’

Button Quail are the smallest of true quails and can also be known as Chinese Painted Quail and really are petite, quiet, funny things to watch. Almost resembling tiny drunks as they stumble around their home. Not to mention that they are nosey too, watching your every move… especially if they think food is involved!

1 hour later another baby arrived. Again I missed it’s birth. I had not even noticed that another egg had zipped and I felt that the baby quail had just burst its way to freedom with no warning at all. This chick was black, with a little white bib and white tips to the wings. This one was to be called Pingu-Pingu.



The 2 chicks were alone for around 4 hours, before another egg started to hatch. Unfortunately I noticed blood pouring from the little pipped hole in the side that the baby bird had made. I think the baby may have missed the air sac and pecked at a blood vessel causing the baby to bleed out. A sad loss, but these things do happen and not every egg is guaranteed to hatch.

At around 6pm another baby arrived. My husband was desperate to see it hatch, but felt like he had a few minutes to run to the toilet. Of course, the baby had to arrive while he was mid-pee so he missed the birth, but me and Willow got to see the whole thing and it was just mind blowing. Then at 6:30 another arrived! They were definitely syncing their arrival times.

Seconds old!

Seconds old!

At 11pm a 6th and final baby was starting to emerge as we headed off to bed. The next morning we were so excited to meet them, but sadly we awoke to find it had only managed to get half way out of its shell before it passed away. Exhaustion maybe or humidity wasn’t right and the baby had dried out too quickly as it was arriving. It’s just so heart breaking to have lost another baby as they were so close to being born and joining their brothers and sisters.

The chicks are now in their brooder and growing nicely. They are still little balls of fluff and very, very fast to catch although with daily handling they are slowly getting used to being handled and in 6 weeks they shall be ready to leave the brooder house and put in their run. Button quails typically start laying after just 6 weeks too so the kids won’t have long to wait before we can start frying teeny tiny eggs for a little fun. They live for around 5 years, so we are really looking forward to getting to know our new little friends over the years.

1 week old!

1 week old!


What To Consider When Adding A Pet To The Family

Having a pet can be a great addition to the family. They can add a new dynamic you never knew existed. For young children, they can give a sense of responsibility and teach valuable lessons. But without proper care and attention, they can become hard work. There is a lot to consider before you bring a pet into your home. So if you are thinking about it here’s a few helpful hints before you go ahead.



What type of pet should you get?

The first thing to think about would be the type of pet you want. What would be suitable for your family life? Each pet has their set of responsibilities to think about. A dog would require being walked everyday, whereas a cat is a little more low maintenance. A guinea pig or rabbit would need regular cleaning out, whereas a hamster might be a little easier to handle. It would be unfair to get a pet that requires more attention than you will be able to give. So think about all aspects before making that decision.

Is there a financial cost?

With every pet, there is financial cost. There is the initial purchase of a pet and everything they need. This could be a cage or a bed and feeding bowls. Then you have the ongoing cost of food and supplies. You need to make sure you have room in your budget for the additional cost each month. There is no point putting yourself under unnecessary pressure or going short each month.

scrapper dog

Where will the pet sleep?

Another thing that needs consideration would be where the pet will sleep or stay. Some animals have cages and hutches so you will need to work out where they will go. Other animals may just require a bed which might be more easier to accommodate. If you are tight on space anyway, it may not be possible to get the pet you had decided on. It’s not just where they will sleep but also where you will keep all their foods and the things they need. There is plenty of information online on blogs like to help you further.

Who will be responsible for what?

If you want a family pet, then it needs to be just that, a family thing. Too often families get pets and then it is down to the mother to take care of it. Getting a pet is a big commitment and a valuable lesson to teach children. They can learn about responsibility and take care of something. It will be reminding them to feed or exercise the pet. It would be a great idea to work out who will do what before the pet arrives, so the children have set boundaries and are aware of what is required of them. A pet can also be fulfilling for a family, walking a dog each day can give you all time to spend together without distractions of phones or technology.

I hope these things help you consider your decision carefully. Having a pet can be a great thing, but it’s also worth remembering that it is a commitment.

the newhouse hens


Clubbing when you’re Old AF

Sorry it’s been a while. I’ve been a busy lady, including taking a few days away to T’ Midlands for a dear friend Gemma’s hen party. I’ve known Gemma for a few years now after she started working with my husband and brother-in-law, turning up at my house every morning to share the journey into work, quickly becoming a good friend who sees me just as I am. Shameless plug: check out her awesome fashion and beauty blog Oh My Gemma! 

Last night I went clubbing for the first time in around 5 years. This has left me feeling (and there’s no other way to put it) fucking old. Let me start with the fact I own absolutely no photo identification. I don’t drive and I don’t go on holiday. I was mass panic as we were heading off into Nottingham centre that I would be ID’d in every bar going and it would be a very dry night and that I would let my mate down because I was just so crap. I already felt guilty because I had been really ill all week and I was moments away from cancelling even going, but I just couldn’t see her get let down. It was her night and I was going to be there! Even if I was sober, sat waiting for her outside of a club because of refused entry. 

Now, I’m just going to put this as it is. NOT ONE BIG HEADED BRUTE OF A BOUNCER ID’D ME! WTAF?! Do I actually look 26?!  Ok, 26 is not ‘aged’ at all. 40 isn’t aged at all. 99… Well if you’re still clubbing at 99, good on ya. But at my 26 I’m slightly more weathered than my peers. The toll of 3 kids, menagerie of animals, all weather school runs and the stress of running a home to an acceptable (if dusty) standard is starting to add a few lines to my once smooth face. Oh well, at least I got to drink all night, thank you crows feet. 

We started off having just one drink in Yates, then moved to Revolutions (referred to as Rev’s in my younger more danceable days, whom no longer exists). Once we were in Revs I sat and observed the beautiful people while slowly self inducing myself into an Espresso Martini haze. I started to make some observations that threw me. 

1- Holy shit. Other than The Hens Mum I could quite possibly be the oldest person in here. In fact I’m pretty sure the manager might be a year younger and the bouncers. Maybe even 2. No wonder they let me in. 

2- Are they literally reverting back to fetal status? Sat opposite us was a table of 6 boys. BOYS. At first I figured that they could be first year students at the Uni. They were fumbling, very spotty and most certainly owned no music produced earlier than the millenium. Then a horrible thought arrived in my head. Maybe they wern’t first year students. Maybe they were 6th formers!!!!!! 

3- Ooooh look there’s a group of older women having a dance, and they are seriously flaunting it! Go girls, your dancing is sassy af. Way better than those younger models twerking. No. Don’t go. And they’re gone. Just like that. Don’t know where.  Probably bingo or something.

4- 2 of the ladies in our party decided to buy a ‘made for sharing’ drink. 

Now in the football club I work in, to share a drink means buying a pitcher. A pitcher is 4 pints. As many glasses as needed. Or a straw if you’re classy. I swear down this £12 multicoloured ‘sharing drink’ the hens treated themselves to was served in a mason jar. A FUCKING JAM JAR. FOR 12 QUID. What was it? A good year vintage? I dread to think what a Revs in London should have charged for it. With more ice than Elsas palace that wasn’t going to go far. 3 small sips each it was finished. I assed the situation and shook my head. What an ‘old’ thing for me to do. 

5- Girls skirts are way to short these days and boys no longer wear nice shirts. And she will get kidney problems having her back out like that. 

6- Half way through the night I learnt what Netflix And Chill really meant. And no, not by experience thank god. I suggested it to the hens mum before being informed of it’s true meaning. I certainly do NOT want to Netflix and Chill with my mates mum. No offence Nic.

7- Girls danced in skyscraper stilettos all night and looked amazing. I wore converse all night and my feet really fucking hurt by bedtime. Why? Probably because of my history of bunions and gout. I wish I was joking but my medical records strongly suggest I only wear Converse or Birkenstocks for the rest of my life.  

8- Despite being aged before my time, I had a wonderful night with the girls, and it was great fun to see one of my most precious friends celebrate that fact she is marrying one of the loveliest guys I know. She looked just beautiful, happy and surprisingly not that drunk. I wanted to see her look beautiful, happy and her make up a mess for once. Or at least a bit of vomit on her chin. 

After we have made our way back from Notts to Bedfordshire. I’m going to slip into a nice warm bath, then catch up on my telly in my slippers and carry on knitting myself some bedsocks. 

Or I might take a leaf out of those hipsters books and invite the hubby for some Netflix and chill. If I can stay awake long enough. BAHA!