Why You Should Get A Bigger Pet

First things first, this post is not going to suggest you run out and buy a Great Dane or a Llama… although, I would f***ing love a llama.

Perhaps you’ve been perfectly content with guinea pigs or chinchillas running around your home or the budgie happily chirping away in its cage, but you could be missing out on a whole world of other lovable, furry animals. I can understand the hesitation when it comes to the prospect of buying a bigger pet. We naturally imagine that a huge dog or even a small cat, with the freedom to run around and do as they please in your house, is going to be much more difficult to handle. You may think that they are more expensive or a more stressful companion over your small, manageable pet. This isn’t the case however, and I’ll explain why having a bigger pet such as a cat or a dog will make your life so much better.

We have a dog called Scrapper, we did have Suzie too but she’s gone to Nanny Judith’s house. They lost their Labrador last year and Suzie was beginning to struggle with such a loud household. She’s still in the family, but she’s much happier now. We also have 2 fish, 3 cats and 9 chickens. Chickens make THE best pets!

Our little Scrapper.
Our little Scrapper.

They’ll get you up and moving

It’s hard to maintain a regular exercise routine. You come in from work, go to feed your parrot or hamster, and then collapse in front of the TV and watch Netflix. There’s no energy left inside you to go for a run, let alone a walk. If you owned a pet such as a dog, however, you wouldn’t be able to laze about when it takes your fancy. You’d have to take your furry little friend out on a walk at least once every day, which might seem like a burden, but as mentioned on money.usnews.com, it’d actually keep you much healthier given that you’d be getting so much additional exercise each day (or perhaps the only exercise, depending on how busy your routine may be on weekdays). I like to squeeze in a little extra walk by taking our dog Scrapper on the lunchtime nursery pick up. I also get extra popularity points from all of the 3 year olds. Thanks Scrap!

It doesn’t even have to be a “huge” pet – even a rabbit could keep you active. Who’s to say you can’t put your furry little friend on a leash and take him out for a walk? The point is that owning an active, larger pet can have benefits for you, as it’ll kick you into action and get you moving the more you get them moving. Your goldfish might be sweet, but you can’t exactly join them for a swim in the fishtank (I wouldn’t recommend it, anyway). Bigger pets challenge us and help us grow as they grow too. They’re the perfect companion when it comes to improving our health, as I’ll explain further.

Our chickens keep us healthy! We get yummy, fresh eggs every day and cleaning them out weekly gets us working our muscles. Then, when they scatter across the garden and we have to round them up, we get some extensive cardio session going.

2 of my 10 ladies.
2 of my 10 ladies.

There’s a strong emotional connection there

I’m not saying you can’t have an emotional connection with your pet fish, but there’s something warm and comforting about a pet which can roam around with you. It’s been proven that dogs feed off of our emotions as we feed off theirs. There’s just more of an opportunity to form a friendship.

We share our sofa with the dog and cats of an evening and I think they enjoy Netflix as much as we do. They often sleep at the end of our bed, and Scrapper becomes our personal body guards.

They’re not as high-maintenance as you might think

You can still go out and have a social life. Perhaps some animals require a little more care than others, but you could check out www.friendsforpets.co.uk for dog walkers or dog sitters. There are always ways to go out and have fun, and that should be no different whether you own a huge, hulking dog or a tiny guinea pig. Even the largest pets can be left to their own devices now and then.

They’re good for your health.

On www.petsmag.co.uk, it’s noted that pets are good for our health. Now, whilst this might apply to any pet, whatever their size or however much we can involve them in our day, it’s undeniable that a pet you can have by your side whenever you go for a walk is a pet which can become your companion and enrich your life.

Whilst all manner of animals are worth having as pets, given that they can all enrich our lives in different ways. Elderly people who might need a companion on lonely days, dogs are the best bet to bring people true happiness. Perhaps it’s simply because active and free pets force us to be more active. Elderly who exercise will keep their body’s in tip-top shape, keep arthritis at bay, BMI’s at a healthy number and their minds sharp. Exercise also lifts moods, and they can feel emotionally better.

You’ll make new friends

Your parrot might be great, but it’s probably rather awkward and dangerous to take him out with you into the outdoor world. Although there is a local bloke I know who pops to the bank with a buzzard on his shoulder.  An adorable dog, on the other hand, can invite you into a whole world of likeminded individuals whether it’s out in the local park, where you’re bound to strike up an excitable discussion about the joys of owning a pets. hey, you might even find love… 101 Dalmatians showed us how it’s done! You’ll find that so many doors open up to you in terms of social events, whether planned or simply by walking through the street, and you no longer have to wait for guests to visit your house to show them your pet frog or hamster, as now you have a pet that you can take out with you and show off to the world.

Less stress

Finally, as mentioned above, animals affect our minds and heart, but larger animals such as dogs and cats have been proven to have a closer link to us emotionally than many other creatures in the animal kingdom. You might love your guinea pigs, and I’m not suggesting that they’re an unworthy companion, but bigger pets such as dogs demonstrate their love back to us in proactive and independent ways. As explained on www.lifespan.com, dogs, cats and other animals which strive to be more of a companion than a pet help soothe our minds and make our day easier in a stressful world; whether that involves jumping at us when we come home from work or forcing us to chase them through the park whenever they see another furry friend.



COMPETITION: Win A Star with Star Name Registry

I have a superb and unique competition for you all today, and I’m really excited!! Star-Name-Registry.com are offering you the chance to win your very own star, personalised to exactly your wishes. This one off, official and unique prize is not to be missed.

Our Stars


At Christmas my Father-In-Law got the girls a star each as their Christmas gift. I cried and cried and cried. This was such a beautiful idea and something that was a completely new gift idea for me. The girls are still little, but Willow understood exactly what it meant; Grandad had bought her a star for Christmas. Her very own star, that was hers forever. My 3 daughters all have their very own special place in the most beautiful thing known to man… the sky.

I had a superb idea that I would like to name a star after my husband, as an extra special gift for him. But then I realised that I felt left out as every member of the family would have their own star… except for me :'( So, I had a better idea (and a slightly selfish one!) I would name a star to celebrate the marriage of Jay and myself. Now, that was cool!


I couldn’t wait until our wedding anniversary which is all the way in December to present the gift to him (also I had this competition to host!) so when the post-man arrived with a parcel last Saturday, I knew exactly what it was in the package and I let him open it. This time it was his turn to cry!

I ordered the Extra Bright Star package, Which comes in a gorgeous presentation box with lovely wooden roses and leaflets that explain exactly what our star is, where it is and what it all means. The gift was beautiful and absolutely perfect. The official certificate also arrives in a lovely silver frame too, which makes it ready to display. We went out and purchased some silver frames for our other certificates so that they all matched and would look amazing hung together on the landing wall.

My personal message: You are what happened, when I wished upon a star.

About Star Name Registry

Star-Name-Registry is an easy to use website where you can name a star visible in the UK for someone special. Naming a star is as easy as filling in a short form and then waiting for your pack in the post. When you purchase a star, you star will be logged into the official star name registry record. No star will ever be named twice and you can rest assured that the star is unique to you.

Naming a star is easy. You simply choose what package you would like to buy, what your choice of name shall be for the star, a memorable date, which constellation you would like your star to be in and a personalised message. Filling out the form took a few minutes (I had a browse through the constellations and their meanings for a while) and double checked my spelling!

All star packs are sent out same day via first class delivery, by Royal Mail for FREE if placed before 2:45pm. Expect 1-3 working days for stars to arrive. You can choose guaranteed next day delivery too, but there is an extra charge for this.

A standard star package costs just £14.99 for entry into the star registry, an A4 certificate of authentication, sky atlas star maps and a confirmation letter. My Extra Bright Star package above costs £44.99 and includes registry, framed A4 certificate, silver presentation box, blue tissue paper, confirmation letter, Star maps atlas, your extra bright star gift explained.

There are 6 different packages to choose from so there really is a perfect gift for everyone to suit all budgets.


Star-name-registry have given me the chance to treat my readers to a very special prize. You could win your very own star, logged on the star registry, an A4 certificate and constellation map. You can choose to name your star after whoever you like (or name it whatever you like!) and would make the perfect birthday, anniversary or even a memorial gift for someone special.

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*The Extra Bright Star package was send to me as a gift, in exchange for this post*